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2011-03-07 Waveform generator boasts high resolution, wide bandwidth
Agilent's M8190A arbitrary waveform generator boasts simultaneous high resolution and wide bandwidth along with dynamic range and very low harmonic distortion.
2010-04-14 Waveform generator boasts high resolution at 4.2GSps
The Agilent 81180A AWG pushes the waveform envelope further into generator territory, with a sample clock ranging from 10MSps to 4.2GSps and with up to 12bit vertical resolution.
2000-12-07 Universal input voltage range power supply for high resolution monitors with multi-sync capability
This application note describes an easy-to-build, high-performance, low-cost 100W flyback power supply that is capable of working in any mains supply from 85Vac to 265Vac (40Hz to 100Hz).
2001-05-14 TMS320F240 DSP-solution for high-resolution position with sin/cos-encoders
This application note offers a solution for obtaining high-resolution position with sin/cos encoders using Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP controller.
2004-06-24 TI ADC eyes high-resolution measurement apps
Texas Instruments Inc. claims that it has developed the industry's smallest four-channel, 24-bit delta-sigma analog-to-digital converter.
2004-02-04 Tektronix MPEG test system includes high-resolution display
The AD953A MPEG test system from Tektronix allows convenient testing lab to lab or offsite.
2005-07-11 Sharp develops 100GB disk using high-resolution film
Sharp Corp. of Japan has developed a two-layered optical disk that achieves a 100GB capacity using super-resolution functional films.
2009-10-02 Serdes handles high-resolution, 24bit FPDs
National Semiconductor rolls what it claims are the industry's first Serdes chipsets for high-resolution FPDs.
2012-10-30 Semtech IR decoder enables high-resolution sensing
Semtech's SX95xx capacitive touch platform enhances ECO mode in home electronic devices and supports high resolution sensing.
2002-03-25 SEM and AFM: Complementary techniques for high resolution surface investigations
This application note provides a comparison of two imaging technologies: SEM and AFM. It also demonstrates how these techniques provide information to engineers which are complementary in nature.
2007-05-08 Reflective optical encoders offer high resolution
Avago Technologies has announced the expansion of its series of miniature reflective optical encoders, said to be the smallest in the industry, with a new high-resolution encoder.
2006-07-26 PCI board comprises quiet high-resolution DAQ plug-in
All data-acquisition sub-systems on Data Translation's PCI 2.0-compatible DT3034 board can operate simultaneously without data loss.
2007-03-01 Optimize high-resolution DC measurements
The problems with making high-resolution measurements are numerous. This article outlines items that will be significant in solving the total problem.
2004-09-01 NEC develops high-resolution 3D display
NEC unveiled a new LCD structure for 3D displays that promises high resolution at 470 horizontal pixels per inch.
2006-07-12 LVDS signal switches suit high-resolution displays
Pericom said its LVDS devices provide a high-bandwidth, robust and economical digital interface for high-resolution flat panel displays.
2003-02-10 Linear Tech ADC eyes high-resolution imaging apps
The LTC1740 14-bit, 6MSa/s ADC is suitable for high-resolution imaging and high-speed data acquisition systems.
2007-07-25 LCD driver IC rolls for high-resolution handsets
MagnaChip Semiconductor Ltd has begun to ship a new cellphone LCD driver chip that supports QVGA resolution and can be easily mounted on high-definition Low Temperature Polysilicon LCD panels.
2011-05-19 Laser system allows high-resolution image generation
Mobius Photonics unveils 'Rainbow', a novel prototype laser source for super-resolution microscopy applications.
2004-12-01 High-resolution video using the DM642 DSP and the THS8200 triple DAC
This app note gives a brief discussion on the HDTV standards; and demonstrates the hardware requirements/implementation for interfacing the DM642 video port to a THS8200.
2001-04-09 High-resolution temperature measurement with Dallas direct-to-digital temperature sensors
This application note describes the principle of operation of Dallas Semiconductor's line of direct-to-digital temperature sensors, and outlines a method of achieving high resolution with these devices.
2013-09-19 High-resolution PWM generation using DSC
Read about the implementation of a high-resolution frequency and duty cycle PWM generation using Freescale digital signal controllers.
2007-10-15 Flash MCUs integrate high-resolution 12bit ADC
Microchip Technology Inc. announced a dozen new high-performance, 8bit flash MCUs, including its first USB and LCD MCU families to include an on-chip, high-speed 12bit ADC peripheral.
2003-11-11 Fiber-optic image bundles feature high resolution
Nanjing Chunhui Science & Technology Industrial Co. Ltd has released compound glass fiber image bundles that are made by arranging in pairs optic fibers 10?m in diameter into a hexagonal pattern.
2014-05-14 Employ high resolution timer, PWM in S12ZVC
Here's an overview of software tools provided with the Qorivva Fast Start Kit for the TRKMPC5606B.
2014-11-06 DLP high-resolution chipsets boost 3D printing applications
With up to four million pixels, TI's latest DLP chipsets enable designers to build larger designs for various applications. They provide extended wavelength support of 400nm to 700nm.
2008-09-15 CMOS image sensor combines wide range, high resolution
Texas Instruments Inc. announced the availability of a high sensitivity Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) CMOS image sensor for the video surveillance camera market.
2007-05-31 Chip delivers high-resolution graphics
Winbond introduces W55VA75, its new chip targeted at multimedia and interactive toys that provides digital multimedia playback functions and integrates a gaming console for 3D animation effects.
2005-09-14 CCD camera modules deliver high resolution, image quality
Sharp disclosed that they have developed two new 3-megapixel CCD camera modules designed for camera-equipped mobile phones.
2002-07-24 Beijing Fu Guo rolls out high-resolution video technology
Beijing Fu Guo Digital Technology Corp. Ltd has developed Enhanced Video Disc, also referred to as Enhanced Versatile Disc.
2010-02-03 App processor tailored for high-resolution LCDs
Seiko Epson Corp. rolls out the S1C33L26, an application processor designed for product applications requiring high-resolution LCDs.
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