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2009-01-14 Load limits for octal high side drivers
AMIS-39100 and AMIS-39101 are general purpose ICs with eight integrated high side drivers. The device is designed to control virtually any type of loads, such as transistor gates, relays, LEDs.
2010-05-17 High-side drivers boast short turn-on/off propagation time
International Rectifier has developed the AUIRS2117S and AUIRS2118S 600V ICs for automotive gate drive applications including direct injection, and brushless DC motor drives.
2005-07-18 High-side driver includes error monitoring programmable I/O part
The iC-JX from iC-Haus is a 16-fold, 24V high-side driver with error monitoring programmable I/O device with diagnostic function and A/D converter
2007-01-12 High-side driver ASSP controls LEDs, relays
AMI Semiconductor has expanded its family of high-side driver ASSPs with a new device designed specifically for the control of LEDs, relays, solenoids, transistor gates, valves, and other loads in industrial systems
2007-11-29 Quad high-side solid-state relay halves Rds(on
A quad high-side solid-state relay that saves energy by cutting RDS(on) by 50% has been launched by STMicroelectronics
2006-10-31 ON Semi intros drivers for automotive, industrial apps
ON Semiconductor has introduced the NCV7513 and NCV7708 drivers designed for robust automotive and industrial applications
2005-04-06 LED drivers with 'smallest' footprint
National Semiconductor's three new charge-pump-based white LED drivers feature a tiny chip-scale 18-pin micro SMD package, providing one of the smallest footprint in the industry
2011-11-03 LED drivers offer 3% current accuracy
Supertex's HV9861A targets solid-state lighting applications and requires no loop compensation or high-side current sensing
2013-04-29 High-side load switches operate from 1.5-5.5V
The SiP32458 and SiP32459 in compact WCSP6 package from Vishay provide low and flat on-resistance down to 20m and slow turn-on slew rate of 3ms.
2006-12-13 High-side driver ASSP suits 24V industrial apps
AMI Semiconductor's new high-side driver ASSP is qualified for operation up to 28V and suited for designs with nominal system supply voltages of 24V
2008-08-25 HB LED drivers deliver green lighting
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX16822A/B and MAX16832A/C family of 2MHz, high-brightness (HB) LED drivers with an integrated MOSFET and high-side current-sense circuitry.
2007-02-13 HB LED drivers deliver 94 percent efficiency
Maxim has introduced high-efficiency LED drivers, each capable of delivering from 1W to over 25W of output power with up to 94 percent efficiency, while driving as many as six white LEDs connected in series
2008-07-21 Half-bridge MOSFET drivers available from Maxim
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX15018/MAX15019 high-voltage, high-speed MOSFET drivers for high- and low-side n-channel MOSFETs
2013-06-06 Cui launches DC-DC converters for power IGBT gate drivers
The VQA series of DC-DC converters operates at 20kHz over an operating temperature range of -40 to 85C and come in a compact, internally-potted 8-pin SIP case measuring 19.5x9.8x12.5mm.
2008-03-25 ADI debuts 'first' gate drivers with isolated power
ADIhas rolled what it claims to be the first isolated half-bridge gate drivers that incorporate isolated power and isolated gate drivers in one package
2007-10-22 600V gate drivers target three-phase applications
IR has introduced the IRS2336xD protected 600V three-phase gate driver ICs with integrated bootstrap functionality for appliance motor control, servo drives, micro-inverter drives and a wide range of general-purpose applications.
2012-01-12 4A, 5A MOSFET drivers protect from 100V surges
TI's two-output gate drivers can be used in motor drive systems and can improve efficiency and reliability in telecom, server and industrial power supply designs
2006-10-24 3-phase motor drivers integrate PWM capability
Toshiba America Electronic Components Inc. is announcing three high-voltage three-phase motor drivers with built-in power management circuits for direct current brushless motors, air conditioner fans and pump motors
2007-05-28 Tiny LED drivers tackle high-power tasks
Operating under a 6-60V input supply and achieving up to 95 percent efficiency, the ZXLD1362 from Zetex Semiconductors can drive up to 16 high power LEDs with an adjustable output current of up to 1A.
2005-07-21 Powerex' IGBT drivers float new high-voltage solution
Powerex' new HVICs, utilizing the company's BiCMOS junction isolation design, provide level-shifting and floating logic circuits at both 600V and 1,200V.
2009-09-07 MOSFET driver suits automotive apps
The AUIRS2016S high-voltage power MOSFET high-side driver features an internal Vs-to-GND recharge NMOS
2006-10-19 Driver ICs operate in extremely hot environs
Atmel's new driver ICs are designed using the company's high-voltage SMARTIS technology that enables up to 200C chip temperatures.
2006-12-27 Current monitors feature ultrawide operating range
The new high-side current monitors from Supertex feature an ultrawide operating range of 8V to 450V
2006-10-27 Atmel driver ICs operate in hot environments
Atmel's new driver ICs are designed using the company's high-voltage Smartis technology that enables extremely high chip temperatures of up to 200C.
2007-01-29 Tiny DC/DC drives up to 12 white LEDs
Linear Technology has announced the LT3497, a dual, full-featured, step-up DC/DC converter designed to drive up to 12 white LEDs from a Li-ion input.
2007-02-26 Multimode white LED driver delivers 400mA
Linear Technology has announced the LTC3218, an inductorless high-current white LED driver that delivers up to 400mA of LED current.
2010-08-10 I2C hot-swap controller aims for high-availability
The device, which handles 0 to 16V rails, integrates a circular buffer, high-side current sense, 10-bit ADC, and I2C-compatible interface
2007-06-01 3-channel LED driver promises stability, efficiency
Linear Technology has made available a triple-output DC/DC converter that can drive up to 24 x 500mA LEDs at efficiencies up to 96 percent.
2006-11-16 Sychronous buck controller delivers up to 30A
Powerful internal gate drivers allow Micrel's new synchronous buck controller to power external MOSFETs that can provide up to 30A of output current
2007-05-22 Resonant mode controller enables compact power design
ON Semiconductor has introduced NCP1396, a high performance resonant mode controller featuring built-in high side and low side MOSFET drivers.
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