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2010-06-25 Zigbee modules pack SPI for high-speed throughput
Digi International is rolling out a new line of XBee and XBee-PRO ZB embedded Zigbee modules with SPI to deliver high-speed throughput and optimized integration.
2004-10-13 Zener diode arrays provide ESD protection for high speed I/O ports
CAMD unveiled what it claims as the industry's lowest capacitance families of Zener diode arrays for electrostatic discharge protection.
2005-09-19 Wireless IC combines high speed, ultra-low power and cost
The latest addition to Nordic Semiconductors' portfolio of 2.4GHz wireless ICs promises to merge high speed with ultra-low power and cost.
2009-10-13 Wireless FRAMs boast low power, high speed
The family of wireless memory devices features passive UHF EPCglobal Class-1 Generation-2 wireless access.
2006-09-11 Wi-Fi adapter enables high-speed connection from 300m
hField Technologies said its new Wi-Fi adapter allows users to connect at significantly higher speeds to a Wi-Fi network from up to 305m even in locations where no wireless signal could be detected previously.
2005-06-03 W.L.Gore offers digital cable assemblies for high-speed backpanels
W.L. Gore and FCI announced that they have combined their technologies to offer the next generation of high data rate digital interconnect solutions
2014-09-15 Vision sensor kit offers high-speed part inspection, QA
The Inspector I20 kit from RS Components is able to check parts in any orientation or position and reliably determine in real-time if objects pass or fail.
2015-08-25 Vietnamese company develops low-cost, high-speed 3D scanner
Vietnamese company An Viet Long has created its first 3D scanner, which is designed to be faster and more affordable than other handheld counterparts in order to meet customer demand.
2006-06-02 VFA, CFA, Bipolar or CMOS - Which high-speed amplifier is best for your low-noise application?
Both current- and voltage-feedback amplifier topologies are popular choices for high-speed applications. An understanding of the differences in circuit topology along with basic noise and distortion characteristics is crucial for optimal product selection.
2004-02-02 Vectorless test: Best bet for high-speed I/O
An approach called vectorless test is emerging that offers the best of both approaches: the cost effectiveness of on-chip I/O BIST combined with ATE-based signal integrity measurements.
2001-04-09 Using the high-speed microcontroller as a bootstrap loader
This application note provides examples of how a designer can use an external Flash or NVRAM to add in-system reprogrammability to a High-Speed Microcontroller-based design.
2001-04-11 Using the high-speed Micro's serial ports
This application note describes the setup and operation of the most commonly encountered operating modes of the serial interfaces of Dallas Semiconductor's High-Speed Microcontroller family.
2001-03-23 Using high-speed serial links to supplement parallel data buses
This application note discusses how to use high-performance serial links as a solution to some of the bottlenecks associated with the movement of data in a system.
2005-06-13 Using high-speed op amps for high-performance RF design, part 1
This app note focuses on the actual topology of RF stages formed with op amps and the scattering parameters.
2003-03-17 Using FPGAs for high-speed serial interface design
FPGA provides the bandwidth and flexibility for industry leading high-speed interfaces. Its True-LVDS technology was designed to support the strict timing requirement of up to four high-speed differential I/O protocols.
2003-09-01 Using automatic Emscan in high-speed PCB design
Emscan claims that its system provides an efficient way of evaluating the replacement component's usability, reducing production cost without any compromise to EMI integrity.
2006-09-27 USB controller LSI supports high-speed USB 2.0
Seiko Epson has developed the S2R72C05, the latest product in its S1R72V Series of USB controller LSI products that are compatible with high-speed USB 2.0.
2006-12-22 USB controller delivers high-speed data rate
Oxford Semi's new USB peripheral controller supports communication with PC and laptop host systems at the high-speed USB data rate.
2009-05-04 USB 2.0 OVP device packs high-speed ESD protection
ON Semiconductor has developed the NCP362, claimed to be the industry's first overvoltage protection (OVP) device with both integrated current protection and high-speed ESD protection for USB 2.0 applications in portable, telecom, consumer and computing systems.
2003-10-03 Universal Evaluation Board for High Speed Op Amps in CSP Packages
This application note describes the Evaluation Board for High Speed Op Amps in CSP Packages.
2003-10-03 Universal Evaluation Board for Dual High Speed Op Amps in SOT-23-8 Packages
This application note discusses in detail the Universal Evaluation Board for Dual High Speed Op Amps in SOT-23-8 Packages.
1999-06-29 Understanding the high-speed extensions to IrDA
This paper describes the 16Mbps physical layer and the minor additions to the IrLAP protocol layer.
2007-05-31 Understanding high-speed ADC testing and evaluation
This document describes both the characterization and production test methods used by ADI's high-speed converter group to evaluate high-speed ADCs.
2005-06-16 Understand essentials in high-speed PCB designs
Learn the considerations regarding signal integrity and the preparations necessary in the design of high-speed PCBs
2004-11-24 Ultra-high-speed Microcontroller software SPI
This app note uses a full-featured software SPI master for ultra-high-speed microcontrollers and a simple application that makes use of it to control a Crystalfontz LCD.
2004-06-21 Ultra-high-speed microcontroller software SPI
This app note presents a full-featured software SPI master for ultra-high-speed microcontrollers and a simple application that makes use of it to control a crystalfontz LCD.
2006-02-09 UART supports high-speed data transmission in industrial apps
Exar has released its highest performing UART, an eight-channel device that transmits data at 8Mbps, and targets industrial applications that require high-speed data transmission.
2002-03-05 Tyco high-speed connector family promises performance >10Gbps
Tyco Electronics has launched a new line of high-speed board-to-board connectors for the computer, networking and telecommunications markets.
2008-07-08 TVS device guards high-speed data interfaces
Semtech's TClamp3302N is designed to protect high-speed interfaces such as Fast Ethernet and GbE transceivers from cable discharge, ESD and lightning threats.
2009-10-27 Traveling wave amp fits high-speed comm apps
Avago reveals a DC-80GHz traveling wave amplifier for microwave radio systems and satellite VSAT apps.
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