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2002-01-15 Holtek telephone controllers offer design flexibility
The HT95 series of telephone controllers provides design flexibility through their internal RAM/ROM memory, a flexible pin shared LCD pin arrangement and dual operating frequency mode.
2002-10-07 Holtek SRAM has 70ns access time
Holtek's HT62L256 SRAM chip features an access time of 70ns while operating from a 2.7V to 3.3V supply
2003-02-25 Holtek rolls VFD driver IC
The HT16511 VFD driver IC of Holtek Semiconductor Inc. is capable of driving 8-grid/16 segment to 12-grid/20-segment VFD devices.
2004-11-18 Holtek rolls out another RF transponder IC
The new RF transponder IC from Holtek operates with 13.56MHz RF carrier, providing a low cost battery-less transponder solution
2003-07-18 Holtek rolls caller ID telephone chips
The HT95168 device from Holtek Semiconductor is a high performance and low cost IC that contains FSK/DTMF receiver and real-time clock.
2004-06-22 Holtek regulators with low power consumption
Holtek Semiconductor announced the availability of its higher driving low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator - the HT73XX series.
2004-02-16 Holtek phone controllers have 2880 bytes internal data memory
Holtek Semiconductor has released its HT95A40P and HT95C40P phone controllers in 64-pin QFP and 128-pin QFP packages, respectively.
2004-01-21 Holtek PA features high signal-to-noise ratio
The HT82V735 low voltage stereo audio power amplifier (PA) from Holtek Semiconductor Inc. features high signal-to-noise ratio and low harmonic distortion.
2006-09-11 Holtek opens sales, tech support point in Chengdu
Holtek Semiconductor recently announced the formal establishment of its sales and technology support point in Chengdu, China.
2004-11-26 Holtek offers low cost battery-less transponder solution
The HT6740 from Holtek is an RF transponder IC with 13.56MHz RF carrier, which provides a low cost battery-less transponder solution when combined with an external inductor
2002-08-16 Holtek microcontroller suits multiple LCD apps
The HT49C70-1 8-bit, single-chip microcontroller features a single-cycle, two-stage pipeline architecture and is suited for use in multiple, low-power LCD applications.
2002-10-18 Holtek microcontroller operates down to 1.2V
The HT47C10L 8-bit microcontroller from Holtek Semiconductor Inc. operates from 1.2V to 2.2V.
2005-03-02 Holtek MCUs provide 'excellent' noise rejection capabilities
Holtek's new HT46R51, HT46R52, HT46R53 and HT46R54 devices can be sub-divided according to their OTP Program Memory Capacities of 1K, 2K, 2K and 4K, respectively
2003-03-14 Holtek MCUs feature voice synthesizer functions
The company's HT83XXX Q-Voice series of microcontrollers features voice synthesizer and tone generation functions.
2004-12-22 Holtek MCU devices eye automotive peripheral
The new 8bit MCU devices from Holtek provide three new MCU device solutions in the cost-effective A/D series range, said the press release
2004-10-13 Holtek IC targets CCD sensor apps
The new CMOS vertical clock driver and shutter driver IC from Holtek contains integrated CDS, PGA, Black Level Clamp and A/D functions
2004-11-17 Holtek IC provides low cost transponder solution
Holtek rolled out an RF transponder IC with 13.56MHz RF carrier, which provides a low cost battery-less transponder solution when combined with an external inductor
2002-01-31 Holtek dc/dc converter IC integrates voltage detector
The HT7627 PFM step-up dc/dc converter converts a single 1.5V battery power to a stable 2.7V with an output accuracy of 15 percent, while a built-in voltage detector monitors the output voltage.
2004-03-16 Holtek controller IC stores program, voice data codes
The main advantage of Holtek's HT23B60 personal data bank controller IC lies in its internal ROM structure that can store the program and voice data codes
2004-09-14 Holtek CCD sensor suits black and white, color apps
Holtek Semiconductor has developed a 4-channel CMOS vertical clock driver and shutter driver IC for CCD area sensors.
2002-11-15 Holtek amplifier drives mono speakers
The company's HT82V733 audio power amplifier operates from a 5V supply and is capable of driving low-voltage mono speakers found in portable audio devices.
2014-11-20 Touch key ICs aimed at household appliances
The latest devices from Holtek allow body contact to be detected using external touch keys while internal circuitry offers automatic calibration in order to improve touch detection accuracy
2002-05-30 National Taiwan University establishes SoC center
National Taiwan University's Graduate Institute of Electronics Engineering has established the System-on-Chip Center, which focuses on information electronics, communication systems, optical-electro engineering and bio-medicine.
2005-06-14 MCUs consume very low power
At a working voltage of 3V, Holtek's HT48R52 and HT48R53 MCUs have an operating current of less than 300?A
2005-06-06 MCU provides large memory space
Holtek's new MCU contains 4K of OTP Program Memory and 192 bytes of General Purpose Data Memory, providing the user with a flexible and large app memory space for more complicated apps with larger data requirements
2005-04-28 8-bit MCU with 17 I/O ports
Expanding its portfolio of VFD 8-bit MCUs, Holtek released a new type of Mask ROM MCU device with a program memory capacity of 2K and data memory capacity of 96 bytes
2005-04-26 RadioDesk HID platform from Chipcon offers wider range
The RadioDesk HID platform from Chipcon consists of a ready-for-production keyboard and mouse reference design utilizing Chipcon's RadioDesk advanced adaptive frequency-hopping RF protocol.
2003-10-21 Engineer in Taiwan popularizes card readers
STMicro's B.C. Ho is the one responsible for the growing popularity of memory cards and card readers in Taiwan's high-tech landscape.
2007-02-19 Low-cost PS2 controller matches Sony's version sans the cord
The Game Elements GGE609U PS2 controller from Philips, available for about $22 to $25, matches up in price and function with Sony's own wired controller but dispenses with the cord.
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