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2002-12-11 Using ispLSI5000VE Devices in a Hot Swap Environment
This application note describes the I/O behavior of ispLSI 5000VE devices in hot swap applications.
2008-05-01 TI unveils hot swap controllers for AdvancedMCs
TI has introduced the industry's first single-chip, dual-slot hot swap controllers for AdvancedMC used in wireless, telecom and computing systems.
2004-01-14 TI hot swap controllers have power limiting feature
Texas Instruments has disclosed that its TPS2490 and TPS2491 are the industry?s first hot swap power managers to feature programmable power limit functions.
2005-10-04 Summit Micro's active OR-ing hot-swap IC is also programmable
Summit Microelectronics touts its SMH4814 as the industry's first programmable dual-feed active OR-ing hot-swap controller.
2010-10-27 Power protection controllers combine hot swap, digital monitoring
Texas Instruments debuts new controllers with hot swap control and digital current monitoring
2009-12-04 Power managers support hot swap, sequencing apps
Lattice released two new power managers that integrate higher voltage charge pumps with programmable current to control MOSFETs in hot swap and sequencing applications.
2011-03-17 Power controllers with Hot Swap
Linear Technology introduces the LTC4227 and LTC4225 with Hot Swap controller and ensure smooth current transfer between supplies in diode-OR applications.
2013-11-19 Picking out FETs for hot-swap source connection
Know what needs to be considered when selecting FETs for hot-swap source connection.
2011-01-06 Output voltage clamping with hot swap IC
Read about LM5069 hot swap controller, besides inrush current limiting and fault monitoring, is that the controller supplies a voltage to the load that is between defined limits.
2003-12-02 NSC hot-swap controller saves board area
National Semiconductor Corp. (NSC) has unveiled a -48V hot swap controller that delivers board area savings and long-term system reliability for comms systems.
2005-04-01 New standard in hot-swap reliability
Improve your devices' hot-swap controller to avoid the hassles of interrupted power supplies. Here's how.
2005-10-05 New negative high-voltage hot swap controller from Linear Tech
Linear Technology unveiled a negative high-voltage Hot Swap controller that features an onboard 10-bit ADC and I?C compatible interface, allowing sophisticated power monitoring by measuring card voltages and currents.
2004-11-15 Maxim unveils hot-swap controller for PCI Express
Maxim introduced a fully integrated, dual, hot-swap controller for PCI Express hot-plug slots.
2004-09-15 Maxim hot-swap controllers eye IEEE1394/FireWire apps
The new MAX5943 and MAX5944 devices from Maxim allow the safe insertion and removal of IEEE1394/FireWire peripherals from a live IEEE1394/FireWire port.
2006-09-11 Low Voltage Hot Swap Control
High Performance Analog Solutions from Linear Technology
2012-11-09 Linear Tech unveils dual Hot Swap controller
The LTC4226 controls external N-channel MOSFETs to gently power up the board, avoiding sparks, connector damage and system glitches, enabling safe board insertion into live 4.5-44V backplanes.
2004-08-04 Linear Tech Hot Swap controller with dual-level circuit breaker
Linear Tech launched a dual Hot Swap controller that features a dual-level circuit breaker and the ability to control a core supply voltage as low as 1V.
2003-02-19 Intersil hot-swap controllers operate in live backplanes
Intersil Corp. has introduced the Endura ISL6117 and ISL6120 low-voltage, hot-swap controllers that allow hot-swapping from live backplanes.
2008-09-08 Integrated controller delivers compact Hot Swap solution
Linear Technology Corp. introduces the LTC4217, a 2A integrated Hot Swap controller for protecting low power boards with load supply voltages ranging from 2.9V to 26.5V.
2010-08-10 I2C hot-swap controller aims for high-availability
The device, which handles 0 to 16V rails, integrates a circular buffer, high-side current sense, 10-bit ADC, and I2C-compatible interface.
2005-10-14 Hot-swap ICs from Freescale cut board space by 60 percent
Two advanced, highly integrated power management ICs from Freescale Semiconductor, the MC34652 and MC34653, facilitate an easy hot-swapping solution in -48 volt backplanes for telecommunication and networking equipment. The company says these chips cut board space by 60 percent over most competing solutions.
2011-05-03 Hot-swap controller integrates power limiting technology
Texas Instrument Inc. has launched a 3-mm x 3-mm QFN package to protect server and telecom equipment from overcurrent, overvoltage, and short circuit events.
2008-10-13 Hot-swap controller handles 16V backplanes
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX5961, claimed to be highest-integration, quad hot-swap controller for 0 to 16V backplanes.
2004-01-16 Hot-swap circuits for digital comms boards
The basic hot-swap circuit consists of a hot-swap controller, a power N-Channel MOSFET and a power sense resistor. There are two types of hot-swap controllers, voltage-controlled and current-controlled.
2011-02-08 Hot-swap chip delivers 1% accurate current
Maxim Integrated Products' MAX5977 hot-swap controller features an integrated current-sense amplifier that provides a 1% accurate current output over a 10mV-to-50mV input voltage range.
2005-06-16 Hot swap protection IC with charge pump, temp sensing circuitry
ON Semiconductor expanded its SMART HotPlug family with the release of the NIS5102 high side, hot swap protection IC with built-in charge pump and accurate temperature sensing circuitry.
2004-10-20 Hot Swap controller provides 'sophisticated' power monitoring
Linear Tech introduced a positive high voltage Hot Swap controller that features an on-chip 8bit ADC and I?C compatible interface.
2006-11-08 Hot swap controller protects from in-rush current
National Semiconductor has introduced a positive hot swap controller with power limiting for use as in-rush current protection and as a solid-state circuit breaker.
2010-07-06 Hot Swap controller packs MOSFET, sense resistor
Linear Technology Corp. is rolling out the LTC4219 5A Hot Swap controller that integrates a power MOSFET and sense resistor in its power path to limit inrush current.
2006-02-21 Hot swap controller includes ADC
Linear Technology introduced a 2.9V to 15V hot swap controller that features an onboard 8bit ADC and I2C-compatible interface.
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