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2003-10-01 Overseas work shifts from West to East
Doing business is now moving toward the East, thus reversing the usual flow of engineering manpower.
2004-06-01 Managing staff turnover
The cause of, and therefore the solution to, staff turnover is one of the most complex personnel issues any company seeks to unravel.
2003-01-13 Making a case for the analog designer
The debate has been raging as to whether or not digital technology should reduce the need for analog circuitry, said Microchip Technology's Rich Simoncic.
2004-07-30 Engineer who grew up with Korea's IC industry
Fairchild Semiconductor's Kim Kyoung Soo digs up memories in Bucheon, where Korea's electronics industry took off.
2015-06-01 Understanding HMI: Taking closer look at recent trends
Touch-enabled human machine interfaces offer a more intuitive means to operate electronics hardware, and are now at the forefront of it being used in a much wider scale
2008-03-14 UI must go beyond skin deep
Dan Dodge of QNX Software Systems notes that designers must work closely with users to gauge which mode of interaction (or which combination of modes) works best and then fine-tune the interface accordingly.
2014-11-21 IC companies use more ERP systems, put on unhealthy weight
By removing the unhealthy ingredients from their revenue management landscape and managing these processes as a single connected continuum, manufacturers can manage their pennies and capture the dollars.
2014-08-13 Assessing 8bit MCU communication interfaces for IoT
While 8bit MCUs may not be the right fit for every IoT-connected device application, they are good choices for applications requiring small packages, small memory footprints, high functional density, determinism, and speed of response.
2008-05-19 Actel rolls out HMI, motor control daughter cards
Actel has unveiled two plug-in daughter cards developed to manage HMI and miniature motor control functionality.
2014-12-15 Thailand lays down plan to extend ICT infrastructure
The government must make an ambitious investment of at least $6.1 billion in ICT infrastructure and human resources within two years if it wants to get the digital economy off the ground
2006-05-11 IC centers remain afloat despite China's rise
Despite the country's exponential growth and reputation as a low-cost manufacturing base, policy and human resource shortfalls are likely to prevent China from eclipsing the traditional centers of the semiconductor industry for the foreseeable future.
2010-09-09 Top 31 tech startups named by World Economic Forum
The World Economic Forum names the top 31 startups based on how well they have answered a basic human need with their innovative technologies
2003-10-01 Wages slightly rise amid economic uncertainty
Electronic Engineering Times - Asia found out that despite the economic uncertainty brought about by various factors, Asian companies in general rewarded engineers with higher salaries.
2006-02-16 The comfort zone
Leaving one's comfort zone is seen as too unsettling. However, to grow, one must move the wheel and move out of the comfort zone without thinking that it can hurt.
2008-04-17 Synopsys enables first Vietnam-spun IC
Synopsys has enabled Vietnam's IC Design Research and Education Center to achieve first silicon success with SigmaK3, the first IC designed entirely in Vietnam.
2014-12-19 SRAMs in nextgen IoT and wearable embedded designs
In this article, we will discuss the technology advances that necessitate SRAMs and also the evolving trends in SRAM technology that make it ready to service the needs of the future.
2007-05-02 Semicon equipment supplier taps Singapore as global HQ
Semiconductor process equipment provider Novellus Systems Inc. has chosen Singapore to be its international headquarters for its operations outside the U.S.
2002-07-22 Report of EE shortage stirs 'boom-or-bust' debate
A call for cranking up the number of engineering grads just as U.S. EEs are facing the worst employment picture in years sparked a pitched debate over engineering supply and demand.
2005-12-22 Omron dissolves HK affiliate company
Omron Corp. announced that it has decided to dissolve its overseas affiliated company Omron (China) Group Ltd, which is located in Hong Kong.
2005-04-21 North America to have fewer developers than Asia-Pacific
North America is expected to have fewer software developers than the Asia-Pacific region beginning in 2006, due primarily from automation techniques and increasing productivity in North America and the trend among companies to move jobs to low-wage countries, a market research firm said Tuesday.
2003-01-17 Making that old-fashioned "teamwork" happen
= President of e-MDT Inc. has a well sense of warm-heartedness and friendly approach to colleagues, making him as the fifth ASIC Design-company Association (ADA) chairman.
2001-04-01 Internet redraws the recruiting equation
The Internet has become a potent tool in the rush to help employers find engineers who might want to switch jobs. But who is most fit to select the likeliest candidate? Corporate HR teams or the breed of outside recruiters commonly known as headhunters? Adam Marcus of EE Times shares his insights regarding this matter.
2003-05-20 Infineon inks deal for North Carolina facility
Infineon Technologies AG plans to expand its East Coast presence with the acquisition of a facility in North Carolina stemming from an investment deal that could provide $9.5 million over 11 years in exchange for 400 jobs.
2008-07-17 India overhauls technical education system
The government is launching a three-year initiative to boost technical education to improve the quality of education by expanding the capacity of institutions and creating new ones.
2007-05-08 India eyes production of world's first $10 laptop
India plans to introduce laptops that would cost $10, $90 cheaper than Negroponte's OLPC notebook PCs.
2005-07-22 IMI, Sanyo Epson inaugurate LCD manufacturing plant
Philippine EMS provider, Integrated Microelectronics Inc. (IMI) and Sanyo Epson Imaging Devices Philippines Inc. (SEPH) have inaugurated an LCD module processing facility at the Laguna Technopark in Laguna, Philippines.
2005-09-27 IBM, amid layoffs, scours globe for IT talent
Even as IBM completes plans to lay off 14,500 workers, Big Blue is continuing to scout for new IT talent and hiring professionals around the world.
2005-05-16 HR management at the sharp end
An appraisal is a tool for managers to use and from which they will benefit. If there is no benefit, then where does the problem lie?
2014-06-26 How to implement RAID 0/1 using USB 3.0
Without any modifications or changes, USB 3.0 provides an alternative RAID implementation for applications such as server virtualisation.
2007-04-18 China tops mobile phone manufacturing market
The latest report from Research and Markets found China has the world's largest mobile phone manufacturing base with around 46.9 percent of world's mobile phones made in the country in 2006.
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