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2005-03-02 NEC plans fast commercialization of 12Gbps I/O scheme
So promising is an NEC-developed serial interface technology capable of sending and receiving digital data at 12Gbps that it is being pushed to commercialization within less than 18 months.
2002-10-21 National ships single-chip I/O controllers for Pentium 4s
The bus-based PC87372 and PC87373 I/O controllers are designed to meet the needs of Intel Pentium 4 systems and integrate the required system control functions into a 128-pin QFP.
2005-05-06 National Semiconductor completes sale of PC Super I/O business
National Semiconductor Corp. has closed the sale of its PC Super I/O business to Taiwan-based Winbond Electronics Corp.
2010-08-02 Multifunction control boards highlight flexible I/O
Measurement Computing Corp.'s USB-2500 series of multifunction measurement and control boards designed for OEM or embedded applications and work with the Microsoft Windows operating systems.
2006-03-13 Multichannel I/O data converter targets basestations
The 12bit multichannel I/O data converter from Analog Devices is said to pack all the functions necessary to monitor and control current, voltage and temperature.
2003-06-28 Multi-Source Solution for 1.8 Volt Intel Wireless Flash Memory with 3-Volt I/O and Toshiba TC58FVT/B321.
This application note describes a dual design with the 1.8 Volt Intel Wireless Flash Memory with 3-Volt I/O (W30) device and the Toshiba TC58FVT321/B321 Flash memory device (FV321).
2004-12-14 Multi-port serial I/O cards are low-profile PCI plug-ins
ACCES I/O Products is rolling out its Model LPCI-COM-8SM serial communication card.
2009-05-25 Multi-I/O SPI flash enables faster data transmission
Spansion Inc. has rolled out a new family of SPI flash memory devices based on 90nm NOR technology.
2009-05-19 Mobile I/O expander packs ambient light sensing
Analog Devices Inc. has launched a mobile I/O expander and QWERTY keypad controller with ambient light sensing for smart portable devices that require a large keypad matrix and expanded I/O lines.
2007-07-11 Mobile I/O companion ICs target portable products
A mobile I/O companion family from National Semiconductor enables designers to easily expand system functionality in portable products such as personal digital assistants, media players, instrumentation, medical equipment and mobile handsets.
2003-07-30 Microchip op-amps have I/O rail-to-rail feature
Suitable for use in automotive and industrial apps, the company's three op-amp families feature an I/O rail-to-rail functionality.
2000-12-06 MC10X1189 I/O SPICE modeling kit
This application note provides the SPICE information necessary to accurately model system interconnect situations for designs that utilize the MC10SX1189 Fibre Channel Coaxial Cable Driver and Loop Resiliency Circuit.
2000-12-06 MC10/100H600 translator family I/O SPICE modeling kit
This application note provides the SPICE information necessary to accurately model system interconnect situations for designs, which utilize the translator circuits of the MC10H600 family.
2007-10-09 Master the I/O planning puzzle
Systemwide I/O planning is an exercise in coordinating device placement with associated pin and net assignments across the chip-package-board system to maximize system quality for the target application. Achieving this goal is a multidomain balancing act of tradeoffs and iterations.
2001-10-09 M16C/62: Automatic serial I/O transfer using DMA
This application note briefly discusses the functions of the DMA controller for the M16C/62 MCU series. Operation of the UART and discussion on the firmware structure and its implementation to the MCU are explored.
2002-08-13 LSI adopts SMSC transceiver for I/O solution
LSI Logic Corp. has selected SMSC's GT3100 USB 2.0 Transceiver (PHY) technology to be used on its ComCentrix peripheral I/O solution.
2007-08-08 Low-cost flash MCU offers up to 24 I/O lines
The ST7LITE49M series expands ST's Lite family by offering small memory MCUs, up to 4Kbytes, with up to 24 high-sink-current I/O lines.
2005-06-10 Less-than-$100 module puts TTL I/O on your network
When installed on any 10Base-T Ethernet network, the intelligent EtherI/O24 module from Saelig comprises a deterministic I/O platform
2010-06-24 LatticeSC PURESPEED I/O adaptive input logic user's guide
Today's high speed synchronous interfaces pose challenges to the designer in maintaining clock-to-data relationships, managing data-to-data skew and sustaining jitter tolerance.
2009-05-20 LatticeECP3 high-speed I/O interface
This application note describes how to use the capabilities of the LatticeECP3 devices to implement the high-speed generic DDR interface, and the DDR, DDR2 and DDR3 memory interfaces.
2010-01-15 Large-capacity FPGA packs higher I/O count
Xilinx Inc. is now shipping the Virtex-6 LX760 device, claimed to be the largest FPGA currently available.
2013-02-14 Is the demise of high-speed I/O near?
High-speed serial interfaces featuring equalisation may be the norm in the future, and high levels of SoC integration may no longer be the best solution.
2000-09-07 Interfacing memory and I/O to the 20MHz Z8S180 system
This application note outlines the speed requirement on memory and peripherals for the Z8S180 by using the Z8S18000ZCO evaluation board as a design example.
2000-06-01 Interfacing for high-speed I/O board designs
The most difficult problem for designers of high-performance real-time DSP and data acquisition systems is simply moving data. Many factors contribute to this data-flow dilemma, and traditional methods of handling these tasks are no longer viable.
2009-12-22 Interfacing Cyclone III and Cyclone IV devices with 3.3/3.0/2.5V LVTTL/LVCMOS I/O systems
This application note provides background information for LVTTL/LVCMOS I/O standard signal integrity issues and describes guidelines for interfacing 3.3/3.0/2.5V LVTTL/LVCMOS I/O standards in Cyclone III and Cyclone IV devices.
2008-07-18 Interface devices tout ultralow voltage, I/O protection
Micrel Inc. has introduced an ultralow voltage CML product family to its growing portfolio of high performance interface products.
2003-04-23 Intel launches I/O interconnect labs in Beijing
Intel has announced the formation of I/O Interconnect Labs to allow the testing of next-gen interconnect technologies.
2002-04-18 Intel cuts flash memory I/O to 1.8V
Intel Corp.'s Flash memory group has unveiled a two-pronged strategy to reduce the operating voltages of its non-volatile devices to 1.8V and churn out more advanced packages.
2001-07-02 Innovative Digital I/O Signal Switching Technology
This paper describes the JAZiO digital signal switching technique for low-latency, high-bandwidth applications, such as DRAMs, SRAMs, CPUs, ASICs, SoCs, etc.
2006-12-05 Indian designers focus on Rapid I/O
Interest in Rapid I/O specifications is growing in India as more designers sign up for conferences on how to implement the spec.
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