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2008-07-15 High-voltage I/O library integrates ESD protection
austriamicrosystems business unit Full Service Foundry announced that its state-of-the art 0.35?m high-voltage CMOS process technology "H35" is now offering 4kV ESD protection.
2007-04-26 High-speed digital I/O modules offer connector type options
Adlink Technology announces the High Speed Link (HSL) U series digital I/O slave module, a compact-size distributed I/O module with connector type options.
2006-11-20 High-speed digital I/O boards for PCIe deliver 200MBps
NI has unveiled what it claimed to be the first high-speed digital I/O instruments for PCIe to deliver up to 200MBps dedicated throughput per direction to and from the host processor.
2005-07-18 High-side driver includes error monitoring programmable I/O part
The iC-JX from iC-Haus is a 16-fold, 24V high-side driver with error monitoring programmable I/O device with diagnostic function and A/D converter.
2011-01-28 High-bandwidth optical I/O affiliation program launched
Imec has launched a new industrial affiliation program on high-bandwidth optical I/O. The primary objective of the new program is to explore the use of optical solutions for realizing high-bandwidth I/O between CMOS chips.
2000-12-07 H124, 125, 350-352 translator I/O SPICE modeling kit
This application note provides the SPICE information necessary to accurately model system interconnect situations for designs, which utilize the translator circuits of the MECL10KH family. It includes information on the H124, H125, H350, H351 and H352 translators.
2004-06-01 Grasp the ins and outs of high-speed I/O
While serial I/O would seem to solve the interconnect dilemma facing high-speed designs, parallel interfaces still have their place.
2009-03-30 GPU core controllers handle wide I/O voltage ratios
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX17007A/MAX17008 dual, synchronous, step-down, switch-mode power-supply (SMPS) controllers.
2014-06-26 Google I/O 2014: Facing tough competition
Amazon, Apple, and Samsung updated their respective developer communities with product and platform plansall aimed at shooing Google from their products.
2005-02-01 Freeport Resources I/O connectors rated at 3A
Freeport Resources announced the general availability of its 54U I/O connectors.
2008-03-24 FPGAs showcase highest I/O density for programmable devices
A family of 5?W I/O-optimized FPGAs has been launched by Actel Corp. for power-conscious designs. Actel claims that the Igloo Plus family of FPGAs has the industry's best power-, area-, logic-, and feature-per-I/O ratios in programmable devices.
2015-11-23 FPGAs promise high I/O ratio for cost-sensitive apps
The Spartan-7 FPGAs from Xilinx are aimed at markets such as automotive, consumer, industrial IoT, data centre, wired and wireless communications, and portable medical solutions.
2006-01-11 FPGAs embed secure digital I/O for faster product development
To help consumer electronics designers accelerate product design, QuickLogic is embedding an SDIO host controller IP core in its Eclipse II microwatt FPGAs.
2004-09-16 FPGA I/O features help lower overall PCB costs
Manage board complexity by exploiting advanced features of modern FPGA architectures.
2012-12-26 Flexible block I/O aimed at industrial Ethernet
Turck's BL compact is a revolutionary I/O solution for collecting a variety of signals in a single, rugged node on a network.
2007-05-09 Flash interface boosts I/O bandwidth by tenfold
Mosaid Technologies Inc. is unveiling a new memory interface that it claims will increase I/O bandwidth in flash by more than ten times today's conventional devices.
2002-12-09 FCI I/O connectors eliminate queues in parallel buses
FCI Communications has released the EyeMax multichannel serial I/O connector system that helps eliminate information queues in parallel buses.
2004-10-13 FCI I/O connector system simplifies PCB assembly
The Densi-Shield I/O connector system from FCI offers 8 pair connectors, which provide a reduced side-by-side pitch of 12.5mm.
2005-06-24 Fast USB module from ACCES I/O packs 32 digital I/O lines
If you need to add lots of TTL I/O capabilities to a USB PC, check out ACCES I/O Products' ruggedized digital I/O and counter module.
2000-12-05 FACT I/O model kit
This application note provides the SPICE information necessary to allow the customer to perform system level interconnect modeling for the Motorola FACT logic family. It is not intended for the purpose of performing extensive device modeling.
2008-05-07 EV-123 AAT4296 Eval: Five-channel push/pull I/O expander with serial control
The AAT4296 evaluation board demonstrates AnalogicTech's AAT4296 SmartSwitch as a microprocessor I/O expander.
2003-09-05 Ethernet I/O gateway provides redundant interface
The ET-GT-ST-3 from Sixnet is an EtherTRAK redundant Ethernet I/O gateway that provides a redundant Ethernet interface for distributed I/O clusters.
2001-09-16 Enhancing computer-based I/O for test systems
This technical article describes a change in the test and measurement arena as computer-based I/O systems makes their debut.
2011-06-06 EMC Basics #5: I/O as crucial circuits
Here's a discussion on input/output circuits during EMI circuit board reviews.
2008-01-22 Elpida tips x64bit I/O Mobile RAM
Elpida Memory has released a new x64bit wide I/O 256Mbit Mobile RAM, the ECK2664JACN.
2008-06-30 Elpida rolls 'first' 512Mbit DDR2 SDRAM with x32-bit I/O
Elpida Memory Inc. has developed what it claimed to be the first 512Mbit DDR2 SDRAM with x32-bit I/O configuration.
2008-09-12 Eliminating I/O coupling effects when interfacing large-swing single-ended signals to user I/O Pins on Spartan-3 Generation FPGAs
This application note describes solutions to receive large-swing signals by design. In one solution (and in the general case of severe positive and/or negative overshoot), parasitic leakage current between User I/O in differential pin pairs may occur, even though the User I/O pins are configured with single-ended I/O standards. This application note addresses the parasitic leakage current behavior.
2008-05-26 Eliminating I/O coupling effects when interfacing large-swing single-ended signals to user I/O pins on Spartan-3 Generation FPGAs
Spartan-3 Generation FPGAs support an exceptionally robust and flexible I/O feature set, such that the signaling requirements of most applications can easily be met. It is possible to program user I/O pins of these families to handle many different single-ended signal standards.
2000-12-07 ECLinPS lite translator ELT family Spice I/O model kit
This application note presents an I/O modeling kit that provides customers with enough schematic and SPICE parameter information to perform system level interconnect modeling with the Motorola ECLinPS Lite Translator ELT family.
2000-12-06 ECLinPS I/O SPICE modeling kit
This application note provides the SPICE information necessary to accurately model system interconnect situations for high-speed ECLinPS designs. It includes information on both the standard ECLinPS family, as well as the ECLinPS Lite products.
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