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2004-12-15 System level design considerations when using I2C serial EEPROM devices
This app note discusses factors when using I2C serial EEPROM devices for both hardware and software.
2002-12-10 STMicro expands serial RTC IC family
STMicroelectronics has expanded its family of serial RTC ICs with the addition of two new devices that are designed for use in white goods, handheld equipment, POS terminals, A/V equipment, and other consumer items
2012-10-22 Tektronix's oscilloscope offer full serial bus decode
The new oscilloscopes are also well suited for education environments where instructors need to keep the classroom and lab experience consistent with real-world industry trends.
2006-01-23 Serial analyzer doubles as exerciser, EEPROM programmer
Corelis' new I2C bus analyzer packs a JTAG controller that supports data rates up to 5Mbps.
2014-01-28 MSP430 Launchpad as I2C host for audio products
Know how to use the MSP430 Launchpad as a tool to evaluate and demonstrate audio products, without the need to be connected to a computer.
2009-10-08 MPR121 serial communication
The MPR121 uses an I?C Serial Interface. The I?C protocol implementation and the specifics of communicating with the Touch Sensor Controller are detailed in this application note
2001-10-12 M37515: Interfacing with EEPROM using I2C
This application note discusses the synchronous serial I2C protocol and the M37515 MCU I2C/SMBus hardware implementation. A discussion on the firmware structure and implementation on the I2C interface to the serial EEPROM and M37515 MCU is covered.
2000-06-08 Interfacing the 24LCXXB Serial EEPROMs to the PIC16C54
This application note is a series of stand-alone programs to perform the basic I?C interface functions on a PIC16C54 running at 4MHz in XT mode.
2014-04-16 Generic timer module I2C bus emulation
Know how to emulate I2C bus Serial Data and Serial Clock output signals.
2007-04-09 Designing with serial E2PROM devices
Here are some do's and don'ts for designing with serial E2PROM devices
2008-08-27 Comparing JTAG, SPI, and I2C
This Spansion application note discusses three popular serial buses: JTAG, SPI, and I2C. A typical electronic product today will have one or more serial buses in them.
2012-10-22 Rohm's latest EEPROMs feature I2C, up to 1Mbit density
Rohm's double cell structure prevents this by allotting two cells for each memory bit, connected in an OR configuration so that the second cell is able to operate upon failure of the first.
2003-12-01 MSO resolves clocking issues in serial bus system debugging
MSO solves the difficult problem of triggering on the specific protocol conditions encountered when one uses a separate logic analyzer and oscilloscope.
2008-05-28 Interfacing multiple CAT24WCXX serial EEPROMs on the I?C bus
This application note by Denisa Stefan presents I?2C bus device addressing solutions and addresses in particular the issues raised by the parallel programming of multiple CAT24WCXX serial EEPROMs from Catalyst Semi
2002-03-01 Microchip Technology EEPROMs have 72 percent smaller footprint
Designed using the company's PMOS Electrically Erasable Cell process, the 24LCXXB and 24AAXX I?C serial EEPROMs are now packaged in 5-pin SOT-23 housings that are 58 percent smaller than 8-lead TSSOPs and 72 percent smaller than 8-lead SOICs
2002-07-08 Microchip offers 128Kb, 256Kb EEPROMs
Microchip Technology has announced the availability of the 24LC128 128Kb and 24LC256 256Kb I2C serial EEPROMs housed in an 8-lead MSOP casing.
2003-12-16 How to add value to MSA optical transceivers
The evolution of today's optical transceivers and transponders is driven by MSA, which establish a standard for optical and electrical characteristics, module form factor, and pin functions of optical transmitters and receivers.
2014-10-14 Guide to RF430CL330H antenna design
RF430CL330H Dynamic NFC Interface Transponder is a NFC Forum Type 4B Tag Platform operating at 13.56MHz. This document provides a short practical guide on the basic antenna design approach.
2000-06-07 Using the 24XX65 and 24XX32 with Stand Alone PIC16C54 Code
This application note discusses Microchip's strategy in solving the 16KB limitation of the I?C serial bus, since this 16KB limit is insufficient with the requirements of sophisticated personal communication devices, such as cellular and full-featured phones, PDAs and palm-top computers
2011-08-10 USB cables transfer data up to 30Mbit/s
FTDI has added two cables to its USB to digital level serial interface portfolio that have 3.3Vÿlogic level interfaces and operate at -40C to 85C
2015-01-13 Total IP sol'n for MIPI SoundWire aimed at mobile devices
Arasan's MIPI SoundWire IP solution is fully configurable for a number of options such as data ports, SoundWire bus lanes and audio sample widths to meet a range of audio applications.
2002-08-06 Toshiba EEPROMs feature 50 percent smaller packaging
The TC9WMB1FK 1Kb and TC9WMB2FK 2Kb I2C bus-based serial EEPROMs are shipped in a US8 package that is 50 percent smaller than current TSSOP and MSOP casings.
2014-01-09 Three easy steps to add USB to your design
Know how to use the CP2130 USB-to-SPI bridge controller to simplify and speed up implementation of a USB bus.
2005-01-24 Mini USB board bridges to I?C bus
Saelig's new product can help consumers use and embed USB in their next instrumentation and/or DAQ and control project.
2013-05-07 Interface ICs from TI ease tablet design
The TCA8424 claims to provide a seamless way to interface keyboards with Windows 8-based systems, while the SN65DSI85 makes it easier for designers to connect graphics processors to LCD panels.
2007-07-02 Integrated MCUs enable system management
MCU firmware and peripherals give designers the flexibility to implement existing system-management functions, as well as ways to integrate these functions.
2011-10-20 Implement protocol converters using MQX comm driver
Know how to use MQX communications drivers to make the job of implementing a protocol converter easier.
2014-08-12 How to isolate SPI in high bandwidth sensor apps
Here is look at the Serial Peripheral Interface Bus, its constraints, and how to deal with those constraints in isolated systems using ADuM3150 in high bandwidth sensor applications
2011-11-01 FPD-Link III SerDes with bidirectional control channel for I2C
Here's an application note that tackles the communication between devices using the FPD-Link III SerDes with a bidirectional control channel using I2C
2000-06-06 Communicating with the I?C Bus Using the PIC16C5X
This application note is intended for design engineers who want to develop their software programs to communicate a microcontroller with a 2-wire bus Serial EEPROM through a general purpose I/O port
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