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2010-03-12 Troubleshooting I?C bus protocol
When using the I?C bus protocol, the designer must ensure that the hardware complies with the I?C standard. This application report describes the I?C protocol and provides guidelines on debugging a missing acknowledgment.
2002-07-25 Toshiba LSI suits HDD-equipped consumer devices
The TC86C001FG LSI integrates support for PCI, ATA, ATAPI, USB host, USB device, and I?C controllers to simplify the design of consumer products equipped with HDDs.
2007-11-20 Tiny ADC warrants 16bit performance
The LTC2453 from Linear Technology is a 16bit I2C-compatible delta sigma ADC in a 3mm x 2mm DFN package.
2008-09-25 Tensilica users receive IP core supports from Aftek
Aftek Ltd, India-based IC design and embedded systems services house, has introduced three IP cores to support Tensilica users and speed up time-to-market of SoC design based on Tensilica processor cores.
2007-05-28 Temp sensor enables 27 addresses on an I?C bus
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the low-voltage DS75LX, a digital temperature sensor that allows up to 27 addresses on one I?C communication bus.
2005-03-17 ST enables slimmer end-products
The two 512kb EEPROM devices from ST are engineered for apps that have a large amount of rapidly changing parameter data.
2000-06-02 Software Implementation of I?C Bus Master
This application note describes the software implementation of I?C interface routines for the PIC16CXX family of devices.
2009-06-03 SMBus compatibility with an I?C device
An I?C device usually can be controlled by an SMBus host, but there are hardware and software differences with which a designer must deal. This app note offers solutions for this issue.
2006-12-01 Simple devices for meeting voltage tracking requirements
This application note discusses different techniques and architectures for tracking voltages during power-up and power-down.
2006-01-23 Serial analyzer doubles as exerciser, EEPROM programmer
Corelis' new I2C bus analyzer packs a JTAG controller that supports data rates up to 5Mbps.
2006-09-01 Saving power in portable applications
Power requirements and power-saving challenges call for new manufacturing and process technologies. These methods must work together to optimize performance and maximize battery life for the customer's benefit.
2007-11-22 Quad-channel buck converter has dual output
Linear Technology announces the LTC3562, a quad channel, high efficiency, 2.25 MHz, synchronous buck converter that can deliver dual 600mA and dual 400mA continuous outputs from a 3mm x 3mm QFN package.
2002-11-08 PTN3500/PTN3501 provides simple card maintenance and control using I2C
This application note describes how PTN3500 and PTN3501 function as general-purpose maintenance and control devices using a fully programmable I2C serial to 8-bit parallel port expander and an internal 256x8 EEPROM.
2001-03-23 Programming the EZ-USB I?C interface
This application note describes the programming of the I?C interface of the EZ-USB devices by dealing with the 8051 interface and presenting the assembly language code for 8051-byte read/write to the I?C bus.
2010-08-30 Programmable PMIC designed for 1-cell Li-ion polymer systems
Linear's LTC3675 features seven rails with I2C control and fault monitoring
2010-10-27 Power protection controllers combine hot swap, digital monitoring
Texas Instruments debuts new controllers with hot swap control and digital current monitoring
2009-03-23 Power monitor packs digital I?C interface
International Rectifier has launched the IR3725 input power monitor IC with digital I?C interface for low-voltage DC/DC converters used in energy-efficient CPU, server and storage applications.
2007-07-10 Power monitor offers high-accuracy current sensing
Using a zero-drift, auto-zeroing architecture, TI's INA209 provides a high-accuracy current sensing solution that offers one percent maximum accuracy over the -40C to 85C temperature range with 100?V maximum offset.
2006-12-01 Port expanders for flip-cell phones save cost and space
This application note discusses the features available in recent-design port expanders, which are particularly relevant for the design of space-limited, cost-sensitive flip phones.
2005-10-28 Plug Beagle analyzer into a USB 2.0 port and its ready for action
Total Phase rolled out a low-cost analyzer that can non-intrusively monitor high-speed I�C and SPI.
2003-10-09 Philips LED dimmers, blinkers eye comms apps
Royal Philips Electronics has announced two series of I?C General Purpose I/O expanders that are designed for cellphones and servers.
2004-02-10 Philips launches I?C bus buffers
Philips Semiconductors has announced a family of I?C devices that will help designers build bigger I?C systems for maintenance and control applications in CompactPCI (PICMG2.9) and AdvancedTCA (PICMG3.X) architectures.
2002-02-28 Philips expands I?C/SM port expander product line
The company has announced the expansion of its I?C/SM bus port extender product line with the release of the 8-bit PCA9554 and PCA9954A, and the 16-bit PCA9555 GPIO port expanders.
2005-10-27 Philips announces 'industry's first I�C/SPI to UART bridge chip'
The new SC16IS7xx family of bridge ICs from Philips promises to provide designers with a compact, seamless bridge across the most widely used protocols.
2014-09-19 Passive sol'n allows NFC interaction with electronic devices
The NXP NTAG I2C solution combines a contactless NFC interface with a contact I2C interface and on-board non-volatile memory to enable advanced device pairing and personalisation of electronic devices.
2012-11-15 NXP, Murata reveal dual interface RFID sol'n
NXP's UCODE I2C technology enables a wireless communication link between the application processor and the UHF reader, enabling bidirectional and unlimited data transfer.
2013-11-08 Murata 1.2kW power supply boasts 94% efficiency
The D1U54P series comprises two models, both providing a 12VDC 1.2kW output and an auxiliary 5VDC 15W output.
2008-07-09 MSP430 interface to TPS60250 via I?C master software
This application report written by Randy Wu describes a simple hardware and software platform to demonstrate a Texas Instruments MSP430 MCU implementing an I?C master interface using two general-purpose I/O pins via I?C software emulation.
2003-12-01 MSO resolves clocking issues in serial bus system debugging
MSO solves the difficult problem of triggering on the specific protocol conditions encountered when one uses a separate logic analyzer and oscilloscope.
2005-01-24 Mini USB board bridges to I?C bus
Saelig's new product can help consumers use and embed USB in their next instrumentation and/or DAQ and control project.
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