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2013-09-24 Teardown: A7, fingerprint sensor main draws for iPhone 5s
A teardown of the iPhone 5s confirms that along with the fingerprint sensor, the A7 is a major enticement for consumers to pick this unit over the 5c.
2013-09-25 NAND flash, combo radio device in 5s notable
TechInsights points out significant changes to the NAND flash and combo radio connectivity solution in the iPhone 5s.
2014-04-21 Building Galaxy S5 costs more than iPhone 5s at $256
IHS has run the maths on the latest Galaxy model, revealing a BoM that pushes up to as much as $256.52. The amount includes the $5 assembly cost and several hardware upgrades featuring a Snapdragon 801 MPU, a MIMO Wi-Fi module, a power management IC, and a host of sensors.
2013-09-30 16GB iPhone 5s carries $199 BoM
The iPhone 5s features a 64bit apps processor, low-power Double Data Rate 3 (LPDDR3) DRAM and a novel fingerprint sensor, but with a nearly similar BoM as iPhone 5 from last year.
2002-09-09 Zetex MUX has 450V/5s slew rate
The ZXFV302 MUX IC from Zetex provides a bandwidth of240MHz and a slew rate of 450V/5s, allowing the 16-pin SMD to be used in video and other high-speed signal switching applications.
2010-04-05 RF power amp delivers 5s blanking speed
From BC Systems comes Model RF40015, an RF power amplifier for defense applications in which broadband frequency coverage of 20MHz to 305MHz and RF output power of at least 100W.
2003-01-09 ATC RF chip capacitors withstand 625Vdc for 5s
The 600F series of RF and microwave chip capacitors from American Technical Ceramics Corp. is rated at 250Vdc and can withstand 625Vdc for 5s.
2003-07-18 Advantest spectrum analyzer tests at 0.5s
Advantest Corp. has released its Q8341 Optical Spectrum Analyzer for short-wavelength laser diodes that has an expanded wavelength range of up to 1,000nm.
2005-08-26 AC/DC induce a 5s boost
Weidmuller's seven new regulated DC power supplies tout enhanced capabilities beyond the company's traditional families.
2015-03-27 Who are the top MEMS manufacturers in 2014?
In a report released by IHS Technology, Bosch leads the MEMS industry with revenue of $1167 million in 2014, followed by Texas Instruments with $805 million and STMicroelectronics with $777 million.
2014-01-16 TSMC works on fingerprint sensors for iPhone
TSMC is working on fingerprint sensors for Apple's iPhone, according to a report. The sensors are being made using 65nm manufacturing process technology at a 300mm wafer fab, with production expected to start in the second quarter, the report said.
2015-11-09 Is Apple developing a new 4in iPhone?
An analyst predicts a smaller, less-expensive iPhone will debut early next year due to strong demand for compact smartphones. Apple is likely to launch an upgraded iPhone 5s.
2016-03-24 Apple's intro event leaves little surprises
Apple's "Let Us Loop You In" intro event last Monday leaves very little new to patrons with the introduction of the iPhone SE being tagged as 'iPhone 6s in iPhone 5s clothing.'
2002-08-14 TI op amps offer low distortion, unity gain stability
The THS4271/5 series of op amps offers a unity gain stability with 1.4GHz unity-gain bandwidth, 900V/5s slew rate, distortion of -84dBc (2Vpp output, 30MHz) and a 2.8nV/sqrt-Hz voltage noise density.
2002-04-04 Sipex APCs target CD/DVD storage systems
Designed for use in combination drives that feature CD-RW and DVD-RW capabilities, the SP8024, SP8025, and SP8026 APC ICs provide a differential 2V output swing and drive over 50pF of capacitance, while maintaining a slew rate >250V/5s and settling time of <20ns.
2003-02-11 PPF caps withstand 1.4 times their rated voltage
The MPC series of polypropylene film capacitors from Shenzhen Shengxin Capacitor Co. Ltd can withstand 1.4 times its rated voltage for 5s.
2002-07-22 Micrel op amps consume 2.5mA
Micrel Semiconductor Inc. has announced the release of the MIC922 unity gain op amp that has a slew rate of 1.5kV/5s with a 230MHz gain bandwidth product while consuming 2.5mA.
2002-07-19 Linear Tech op amp exhibits -85dB harmonic distortion
The LT1819 unity gain, voltage feedback op amp from Linear Technology Corp. provides a THD of -85dB (5MHz, 2Vpp), gain bandwidth product of 400MHz, and slew rate of 2.5kV/5s.
2003-01-14 Lanhai film capacitors withstand 1.6x their rated voltage
The CL233X film capacitors of Changzhou Lanhai Electronics are available withstand up to 1.6 times their rated voltage for 5s.
2002-07-25 Huichang temperature sensors feature 10 percent sensitivity
The HCS series of temperature sensors has a response time of <5s, sensitivity of 10.75 percent to 110 percent, and is designed for use in household appliances.
2003-12-15 Aerodev EMI filters suit navigation systems
Aerodev Electromagnetic Tech Inc. has announced the availability of its DNF11 series of feed-through EMI filters that are designed to suit communication, navigation and other electronic equipment and systems. Featuring high contact reliability, the product has a 75A to 100A current rating, rated voltage of 440V/50-60Hz or 600Vdc, and test voltage of 1,800Vdc, 5s (L-G).
2014-04-17 Xiaomi edges out giant rivals with cheaper smartphones
The electronics manufacturer overtook Apple with 18.7 million smartphones sold in China last year. It is able to provide competitive prices by maintaining a very low profit margin on hardware, and making most of its revenues from apps, games, and ebooks.
2014-09-24 Unwanted plus: Bigger iPhone 6 pricier to buy than to build
With an 0.8-inch display size advantage over the smaller model, iPhone 6 Plus costs $100 extra for consumers. For Apple, however, the difference only amounts to a matter of $16, with a BOM that totals $215.6a pricing strategy that drives maximum profits.
2014-08-28 The big smartphone bet: 4 megatrends in Chinese market
Major Asian display vendors came together at Touch Taiwan, which brought to the fore the question of who will own the display technologies likely to dominate the burgeoning smartphone market in China.
2013-11-05 Teardown: iPad Air's A7 faster at 1.4GHz
Early teardowns of the iPad Air from Chipworks and iFixit point to a relatively faster A7 processor and a host of components similar to those found in previous generations.
2013-10-11 ST leads combo sensor market with 42% share, says analyst
Yole Dveloppement's latest report puts STMicroelectronics as the global leader in the inertial consumer sensor market, which is estimated to be worth $446 million in 2013.
2013-10-18 Smartphones boost sapphire substrate market
Demand for 2in-diameter sapphire ingots used to make substrates will amount to 84km in 2016, up 166 per cent from 32km in 2012, according to IHS.
2013-11-04 Smartphone shipments to reach 250M units in Q3
TrendForce projects smartphone shipments to grow 11.6 per cent QoQ and 36 per cent YoY, while yearly smartphone shipment volume is forecast at 940 million units, a 33.2 per cent increase over 2012.
2014-11-05 Rethinking memory design for IoT and wearables
The space, power and application requirements of wearables and other mobile connected devices that collectively make up the growing IoT ecosystem require a fresh approach to system design.
2014-09-29 NXP, Avago nab major design wins in iPhone 6
Analogue, MEMS sensors and RF ICs are among the major components that Apple includes in its iPhone 6. Along with the companies already mentioned, InvenSense and Bosch also made Apple's list as accelerator suppliers, but what is an iPhone 6 doing with two of such device?
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