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2002-07-10 Excellence Cat.6 connector has 89N tensile strength
Excellence Wire Ind. Co. Ltd's RJ11 Cat.6 connector withstands up to 2,000 mating cycles and provides a tensile strength of 89N.
2003-05-13 Evernew offers Cat.6 UTP cable
Evernew Wire & Cable Co. Ltd has released a Cat.6 UTP networking cable that uses a 24AWG solid bare copper conductor and PVC jacket.
2007-03-14 Epson unveils Windows CE 6.0-compatible USB 2.0 sample driver
Seiko Epson released a USB2.0 sample driver for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 designed for use with the high-speed USB2.0-compatible Epson S1R72V17 USB controller LSI.
2004-10-01 Epcos capacitors rated up to 6.8mF
Epcos has released its B41605 and B41607 aluminum electrolytic capacitors that are designed for use in automotive electronics.
2011-07-18 Enterprise spending for IT, telecom to rise 6%
According to In-Stat, education, healthcare and social services will push spending for cloud computing and voice and data services in 2011.
2005-05-09 Emcore's gallium nitride spin-off raises $6.0 million
Emcore Corp., a manufacturer of compound semiconductor components, has spun-off product technology focused on gallium nitride power electronic devices into a startup company, named Velox Semiconductor Corp.
2011-06-20 EMC Basics #6: Understanding circuit board "stackup"
Know how PC board layers and their functions affect EMC, and what you can do at layout to minimize problems.
2003-07-09 EDA revenues fell 6 percent in Q1
The design automation industry's Q1 '03 revenues fell 6 percent from the year-ago quarter, according to the EDA Consortium's latest market statistics survey.
2011-10-10 EDA gains 17.6% YoY growth
The EDA sector revenue amounted to $1.438 billion in Q2, but sales declined 0.6 percent.
2002-03-05 DuPont buys 16.6 percent stake in Merrimac
DuPont Electronic Technologies has purchased from Merrimac Ind. Inc. a 16.6 percent equity stake worth $5.3 million.
2004-10-11 DSP controller now in 6-by-6mm, 28-pin, QFN package
Microchip Technology released the first of its digital signal controllers in a 6-by-6mm, 28-pin, QFN package.
2011-11-16 Differences between bq241x0/3/4/5/8/9, bq24170/1/2, bq24133, bq24610/6 and bq24630/40/50
Read about the main differences and the main features of each part.
2013-09-26 DFIG converters to lead market with 1.6% CAGR
IHS predicted that DFIG converters will outpace shipments of full-conversion products to reach more than 9,900 units shipped in 2017.
2009-03-20 Designing with the Eclipse PDD for Windows Mobile 7.0 Windows CE 6.0R2 and 7.0
This application note describes the features and parameters of the Eclipse PDD to unlock the maximum potential for Eclipse devices in Windows Embedded platforms.
2012-12-06 Design issues hamper 6 billion FPGA debut
Achronix's 6 billion FPGA, first to be built via Intel's 22nm process, will be marketed early next year instead of end of 2012 due to design problems, according to Chairman John Lofton Holt.
2011-11-29 DDR3 mobile RAM touts 6.4GB/s data transfer rate
Elpida's 30nm LPDDR3 claims to consume 25 percent less power and has data transfer rate twice as fast than LPDDR2.
2006-08-22 DC/DC converters deliver 6,000Vdc isolation voltage
V-Infinity's VHS1 and VHS2 line of DC/DC converters have an isolation voltage of 6,000 Vdc for medical, mixed analog/digital circuits, and test and measurement equipment apps.
2012-04-24 DC/DC controller touts 6-100V input voltage
The LT3796 is a high-side current sense DC/DC controller designed to regulate a constant-current or constant-voltage geared for driving high brightness LEDs.
2012-09-14 DC link capacitors rated from 0.6-1.3kV
The metalized polypropylene K31 and K32 series from Kendeil features capacitance range of 120-1000uF and targets applications that include solar converters, motor drives, inverters, traction and welding.
2003-10-03 Customizing the Create Distribution Kit Installers in LabWindows/CVI 6.0
This application note describes the methods that you can use to customize a Distribution Kit created in LabWindows/CVI 6.0, a component of Measurement Studio.
2007-02-12 CSR Bluetooth headset chip offers $6 eBOM
The BlueVOX-QFN plus all necessary components for a Bluetooth mono headset will cost OEMs only $6 for the eBOMwhich means that Bluetooth headsets can be produced at a fraction of current costs.
2004-03-23 Cosmo CPU coolers have 6,800rpm fan speeds
The Voluter H10 series of CPU coolers from Cosmo Progressive Technologies features a 60-by-60-by-25mm or 70-by-70-by-15mm fan measurement.
2011-02-02 Controllers enable 884 nodes on 11.6-inch touchscreens
Cypress Semiconductor's CY8CTMA884 family of touchscreen solutions feature 60 sensing I/O channels supporting up to 884 nodes on screen for accuracy, linearity and support for small fingers.
2013-09-13 CO2 Optics for 9.3?m to 10.6?m lasers
Laser Research Optics' CO2 laser optics have a 40-20 scratch-dig surface finish per MIL-PRF-13830 and 1/40 wave max. flatness at 10.6?m on two faces.
2011-01-31 Class-G headphone amp delivers 100dB SNR at 6.5mW
Texas Instruments's TLV320DAC3202 Class-G headphone amplifier integrates DAC and power rails to deliver audio playback quality and extend battery life in moderately priced phones and other portable CE.
2009-02-02 Class-D audio amp handles up to 6.5Vdc
Apexone Microelectronic has launched the A7023 stereo digital volume-controlled Class-D audio amplifier IC that features of up to 6.5Vdc working voltage to meet the requirements of batteries or chargers.
2011-07-20 Cisco's cost cutting slashes 6,500 jobs
Cisco is planning to lessen its operational expenses by cutting 9 percent of its employee workforce. The company is also its selling set-top box facility in Juarez, Mexico.
2003-04-30 Chip sales increase 2.6 percent in March '03
Worldwide semiconductor sales rose to $12.1 billion in March 2003, a 2.6 percent sequential increase from the $11.8 billion in revenue reported in February 2003, reported the Semiconductor Industry Association.
2013-06-21 China's smartphone shipments to experience 6% YoY growth
IDC predicted that China's smartphone shipments will increase sharply this year while in 2017, shipments will exceed 460 million units to reach a market size of nearly $117.8 billion.
2010-03-09 Changing the i.MX51 NAND flash model for Windows Embedded CE 6.0
This application note describes how to incorporate a new NAND Flash model in a custom design using the i.MX51 and Windows Embedded CE 6.0.
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