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2007-02-23 ADC simultaneously samples 6 differential inputs
The LTC2351-14 from Linear Technology is a 1.5MSps low-power ADC with six simultaneous-sampling differential inputs.
2002-12-06 A wideband linear power amplifier (1.6-28 MHz) for 300W PEP with 2 MOS transistors BLF177
This application note gives a description of a wideband push-pull amplifier for the frequency range 1.6MHz to 28MHz.
2002-12-11 A linear amplifier (1.6 - 2.8 MHz) for 8 W PEP in class-A with the BLF175
This application note describes a wideband linear amplifier intended for driver applications in SSB transmitters for the frequency range 1.6MHz to 28 MHz.
2006-02-14 6.25Gbps lane managers support PCIe, Fiber Channel
A line of high-speed interconnect chips also referred to as lane managers from Quellan transfers data at up to 6.25Gbps over low-cost cabling or chassis to data center equipment.
2015-04-09 6-year academy preps students for STEM careers
The State University of New York, Queensborough Community College and SAP, initiated Btech to fast-track students through a variety of hands-on technology courses and real world experiences.
2009-04-03 6-slot ATCA backplane comes in Mesh topology
Elma Bustronic Corp. has introduced a 6-slot AdvancedTCA backplane in a Mesh topology. The flexible design also allows a Dual Star topology to be implemented.
2009-04-21 6-pin MCUs fit space-constrained consumer apps
Atmel Corp. has developed the picoPower AVR0 ATtiny10, with 1Kbyte of programmable flash memory and 32byte internal SRAM.
2011-07-05 6-channel LED driver offers fault protection
Supertex has released a six-channel LED driver that provides protection from over- and undervoltage supply, overcurrent and overtemperature of LED strings.
2011-08-01 6-channel AFE targets smart metering
Microchip Technology has unveiled a stand-alone AFE that includes 16/24bit Delta-Sigma ADCs and features signal-to-noise and distortion of 89dB.
2002-10-24 6-bit 63dB RF digital attenuator solution
This application note describes Alpha's low-cost 6-bit 63dB RF digital attenuator and how it has solved the difficult problem in attaining the full 63dB in a single package using two individual low-cost, plastic packaged GaAs ICs.
2001-04-19 6-bit 63dB IF digital attenuator solution 1-500MHz
This application note describes a 6-bit, 63dB IF digital attenuator design that utilizes Alpha's AD260-85 and AA104-73 plastic-packaged GaAs ICs.
2013-05-06 6-axis motion tracker combines gyroscope, accelerometer
InvenSense rolled the MPU-6521 MEMS SoC that the firm said is the world's smallest 6-axis solution for smartphones, tablets, gaming devices, motion-based remote control and wearable sensors.
2013-01-16 6,800mAh battery bank touted as world's smallest
Innergie's PocketCell Duo features dual USB power ports that enable users to charge any combination of two tablets or smartphones simultaneously.
2002-05-09 6 PAK demo board
This application note describes the 6 PAK demo board, a 4-inch PCB designed to easily demonstrate how a single 6-PAK controller and up to eight 6-PAK boost SIPs can convert 5V to any voltage from 1.8V to 3.6V and output up to 54A (6A per SIP).
2009-03-18 6 hints for enhancing measurement integrity in RF/microwave test systems
This application note suggests a framework for those tradeoffs and offers six sets of hints that address common problems that may exist along RF signal pathways.
2007-05-07 5W to 6.5W PoE DC/DC converter
A solution to one aspect of PoE is presented here utilizing the ON Semiconductor NCP1031 series of monolithic, high voltage switching regulators with internal MOSFET.
2008-03-12 5.6-inch TFT-LCD module touts programmability
An intelligent 5.6-inch TFT LCD module has been added to the ezLCD family of EarthLCD. The ezLCD-004-EDK offers programmability that provides a quick GUI to new products, eliminating the time typically required for designing customized hardware or software.
2008-11-04 3G dev kit eyes TI OMAP35x, Windows CE 6
BSQUARE Corp. introduces a new 3G Dev Kit for the Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP35x evaluation module (EVM) and Microsoft Windows CE 6 operating system.
2012-02-21 30V MOSFETs in 1.6 x 1.6mm form factor
Vishay's Si8497DB and Si8487DB can be used for load, battery and charger switching in handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, POS devices and mobile computing.
2013-03-13 'Rogue' added to Imagination's Series 6 GPUs
The PowerVR Series 6 family of GPU cores addresses mobile and embedded applications such as smartphones and tablet computers and has been submitted for compliance with OpenGL ES 3.0 API.
2011-09-02 $6.5M funding to boost PV R&D
MTPV claims that its IC can generate electricity using 45 percent less heat than traditional systems.
2005-11-04 $3.6 billion IT research program approved in Europe
Europe has outlined and approved a program of collaborative research in IT, with plans to roughly double the budget of a forerunner program, to more than 3 billion euro (about $3.6 billion).
2014-12-29 Top 10 technical articles and tutorials of 2014
Here is a compilation of our biggest technical articles for the year 2014. Topping the list is the teardown of iPhone 6 Plus, followed by stories on Bluetooth Low Energy and on PCIe-Ethernet clash.
2014-09-08 Samsung unveils phablet with wraparound screen
The Galaxy Note Edge, which is a phone with an AMOLED screen that curves around the phone on its right hand side, can display notifications, icons and news scrolling similar to a 'ticker'.
2014-07-11 Samsung out, TSMC in as Apple's mobile processor supplier
TSMC reportedly signed a deal with iPhone maker Apple last year to supply mobile processors using its FinFET process at the 16nm and 10nm nodes.
2014-09-09 Payments? There's an iPhone for that
Apple is including NFC in iPhone 6a move that turns the smartphones into mobile wallets, and locks users into the tech giant's ecosystem.
2014-12-11 China ousts South Korea as smartphone leader
With a combined global market share of 31.3 per cent, nine Chinese smartphone makers have surpassed their South Korean counterparts for the second quarter of 2014.
2014-09-16 10 things to consider on Apple's new products
The Apple Watch should tempt plenty of people, but not so many as Apple's iPhone, iPad, or iPod. It is just "one more thing" to manage among the many devices in our lives.
2002-07-17 Zoran samples sixth-generation DVD SoC
Zoran Corp. has announced that it is sampling its sixth-generation Vaddis DVD SoC, which integrates DVD front-end servo system with back-end MPEG decoding functions.
2003-09-08 Yinhe resistor networks available to 1.78mm pin distances
Beihai Yinhe Hi-Tech Ind. Co. Ltd has put forward thick-film resistor networks that are available in common terminal and isolated circuit type.
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