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2007-05-02 Market buzz: Apple to buy 500 million Samsung NAND flash chips
Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. have been discussing plans for volume purchase of NAND flash chips that will be used in all iPods and iPhones from June to December 2007
2008-10-17 Welcoming iPod touch's control enhancements
Semiconductor Insights was eager to identify what components were different between the first- and second-generation touches, as well as compare them with the iPhone 3G, which was released only months ago.
2012-04-24 Ultrabooks to benefit global NAND flash market
According to IHS, NAND flash memory market is expected to achieve eight percent growth this year because of major sales drivers such as solid-state-drive equipped ultrabooks
2007-12-21 Teardown finds design features unique to iPod Touch
While Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch use 90 percent of the same components, there are some unique design differences in the latter gadget, a teardown by a market research firm found
2009-04-20 Samsung scores big in new iPod Shuffle
A teardown analysis from iSuppli Corp. revealed that Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd dominated the design of the new Apple iPod Shuffle supplying both the memory chip and the controller, accounting for 57.6 percent of the $20.81 BOM of the gadget
2006-04-28 Samsung grabs iPod design win
Samsung Electronics claimed that they had grabbed a major MP3 chip design win at Apple Computer, at the expense of PortalPlayer.
2008-07-02 Report: 'Apple effect' no impact in NAND market
Semico's reports claimed that the NAND market has not experienced the 'Apple effect' seen in previous years, despite the upcoming 3G iPhone and the SSD option for the MacBook Air
2006-03-30 NAND, NOR flash headed in opposite directions
Sales of NAND flash memory grew 64 percent to reach $10.6B in 2005, while the market for NOR flash declined 13 percent to finish the year at $8B, according to IC Insights
2006-10-26 NAND vendors optimistic despite slowdown
Gartner Inc. last week slashed its 2006 NAND flash memory growth forecast by a whopping $1.5 billion, and predicted a sluggish market for 2007
2007-05-01 NAND market pins hope on video iPods
Rumors of Apple's upcoming launch of NAND-based video iPods and the emergence of NAND-based solid-state drives have fueled recovery hopes for the beleaguered NAND flash memory market
2005-10-10 MP3 surpasses USB in NAND demand
Due to Apple Computer Inc.'s introduction of the iPod nano, MP3 players are expected to emerge as the world's second-largest application for NAND-type flash memory in 2005, according to iSuppli Corp
2006-03-02 Memory Bulletin: NAND prices dive
Spot prices for NAND-based flash memories continue to fall at an alarming rate amid ongoing rumors of product order cancellations from Apple Computer and Sony, according to Gartner
2006-02-13 Memory Bulletin: NAND outperforms the market
Has all the hype regarding NAND flash caused the stock prices of suppliers to become overvalued? iSuppli analyst Nam Hyung Kim comments on why valuations of the suppliers are justified
2007-09-24 iSuppli: Supplier shuffle marks new iPod nano
iSuppli Corp. reveals that Apple's latest iPod nano introduced this month is a completely new design, which resulted in significant cost reductions in design
2006-02-24 iSuppli: NAND glut to depress DRAM prices
The current surplus of NAND flash memory is expected to negatively impact prices of DRAM devices in the near future, according to iSuppli
2006-07-19 iSuppli keeps 'neutral' rating on NAND market
Market research house iSuppli Corp. upgraded its rating for the DRAM market, but remains "neutral" and cautious about NAND flash
2005-08-23 iPod upsets NAND flash Applecart
With the blooming demand for its popular iPod music player, Apple Computer Inc. plans to buy as much as 40 percent of the NAND flash output of Samsung Electronics Co. in the second half of this year, according to market research firm iSuppi Corp. (El Segundo, Calif.).
2013-06-06 iPod Touch 5 teardown shows Apple resting on its laurels
Miroslav Djuric of iFixit notes that apart from the flash memory, the ICs on the 16GB iPod Touch 5's logic board are the same as those found on the 32 and 64GB models
2009-02-19 iPod look-alike packs extra surprises
It can be easily mistaken for the iPod Nano, but the less expensive Esolo MP4 multimedia player packs extra features such as FM radio and voice recorder
2007-11-14 Insights on using NAND flash in portable designs
As the raging success of Apple's iPod still rings in our ears, NAND flash memory is seen as the rising star of solid-state memory for portable and consumer applications.
2006-10-31 IDC sees bleak outlook for NAND flash
The outlook for NAND flash memory is bleak for 2006 and 2007, forecasts research firm IDC
2006-06-23 Gartner: iPod, other PMPs to drive NAND sales
Gartner forecasts that the market for Apple's iPod and other portable media players will drive sales of NAND flash memory in the second half of 2006.
2007-10-01 Flash makers position for NAND surge
Seeking to gain ground on Samsung Electronics, NAND flash rivals Hynix Semiconductor, IM Flash Technologies and Toshiba are quietly expanding their production and readying a new class of sub-45nm devices
2006-03-30 Firm cuts NAND forecast, ups DRAM outlook
In a major turn of events, iSuppli has cut its forecast for the NAND-based flash memory market in 2006, but raised its outlook for DRAMs
2006-06-07 Chipmakers struggle to play Apple's iPod game
Chip vendors are having a difficult time in scoring a coveted design win for Apple's popular iPod MP3 player. Despite news of Samsung's "punishment," SigmaTel is still not assured
2010-04-30 China stays cool amid looming NAND flash shortage
Proven coping measures implemented in the past are keeping suppliers upbeat. These include shorter price validity periods and extended lead times.
2010-10-07 Apple TV teardown reveals same parts as iPad, iPod Touch
A teardown of Apple. Inc's second-generation Apple TV revealed a $61.98 BOM consisting of parts similar to the iPad and iPod Touch
2006-04-06 Apple to buy 20% of Hynix NAND through 2010
Apple Computer has agreed to buy at least 20 percent of South Korean chip maker Hynix Semiconductor's NAND flash memory until 2010
2006-06-02 Apple punishes Samsung for iPod 'gaffe
After an apparent "gaffe" by a Samsung executive, Apple "punished" the South Korean semiconductor giant by maintaining its MP3 chip alliance with SigmaTel.
2007-07-20 Apple flash demand triggers shortage fears
Production glitches in the migration to more advanced NAND flash manufacturing processes have led to a lower-than-expected output, according to a report from DRAMeXchange
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