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2005-08-16 Will next iPod be a phone?
Cellphones are swallowing the MP3 functionality as it did with digital cameras, leaving little room for standalone MP3 players.
2008-10-17 Welcoming iPod touch's control enhancements
Semiconductor Insights was eager to identify what components were different between the first- and second-generation touches, as well as compare them with the iPhone 3G, which was released only months ago.
2007-12-13 Viewer turns iPod video into big virtual hit
Virtual display glasses are nothing new, but improvements have slimmed the package considerably and brought costs to levels more simpatico with consumer budgets�At $199, Myvu's Solo brings iPod video viewing front and center.
2007-09-07 Video dock makes iPod movies look good on big HD screens
Meridian's new iPod HD video dock claims to make low-resolution video, originally meant to be viewed on Apple's small iPod display, look good on a large-screen HD display.
2007-12-21 Teardown finds design features unique to iPod Touch
While Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch use 90 percent of the same components, there are some unique design differences in the latter gadget, a teardown by a market research firm found.
2006-11-07 SigmaTel out, Samsung in at new iPod shuffle
Apple Computer Inc.'s new iPod shuffle does not contain SigmaTel Inc.'s MP3 decoder chip, as previously thought, according to an analyst.
2009-04-20 Samsung scores big in new iPod Shuffle
A teardown analysis from iSuppli Corp. revealed that Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd dominated the design of the new Apple iPod Shuffle supplying both the memory chip and the controller, accounting for 57.6 percent of the $20.81 BOM of the gadget.
2006-04-28 Samsung grabs iPod design win
Samsung Electronics claimed that they had grabbed a major MP3 chip design win at Apple Computer, at the expense of PortalPlayer.
2006-05-04 PortalPlayer vows to regain iPod biz
PortalPlayer posted a GAAP net income of $6.5 million on a dramatic 62 percent increase in year-to-year revenue during Q1.
2006-06-12 PortalPlayer cuts jobs after iPod loss
After recently losing its key chip design win at Apple, PortalPlayer announced plans to reduce its worldwide workforce by about 45 jobs, or approximately 14 percent of its employees.
2006-06-27 Portable speakers roll for the iPod
Logitech's mm50 portable speakers, the first integrated iPod dock from the company, is examined in this article.
2006-07-20 Nvidia nabs video iPod design win
According to analyst Satya Chillara, Nvidia apparently earned a major design win for Apple's next-generation video iPod product line at the expense of Broadcom Corp.
2006-09-19 No Portal Player chip in new iPod player
Apple Computer's new iPod Nano player has three Apple-marked chips of unknown origin, but no chip from PortalPlayer, according to a Wedbush Morgan Securities report.
2006-08-08 Nike gizmo turns iPod into runner's virtual trainer
Nike+iPod Sport Kit combines inexpensive sensor technology and low-cost CMOS radios with specialized embedded MCUs to serve up a $30 wireless runner's gadget.
2007-09-07 New Apple iPod shines with touchscreen, Wi-Fi
Following the successful launch of iPhone, Apple has unveiled the new iPod touch featuring a touchscreen user interface and Wi-Fi wireless networking.
2006-09-04 KDDI aims to wrestle some local market share from iPod
KDDI Corp., the second-largest mobile-phone carrier in Japan, is hoping to steal a share of the local mobile-music market with the release of 12 handset models with improved audio player capability.
2008-03-06 Japan's 'Temple Switch' controls iPod with a wink
A Japanese researcher claims he has developed a system that will soon allow people to run their iPods with the flick of an eye.
2008-08-21 Japan reports multiple iPod nano fire incidents
Japan has warned users of Apple iPod nanos of a potential fire risk after of two new incidents of the portable music players overheating were reported.
2008-03-13 Japan probes overheating iPod nano
Japan's Industry Ministry has investigated an iPod nano that overheated and discharged sparks, according to Agence France-Presse.
2007-09-24 iSuppli: Supplier shuffle marks new iPod nano
iSuppli Corp. reveals that Apple's latest iPod nano introduced this month is a completely new design, which resulted in significant cost reductions in design.
2006-01-16 iPod's lesson: Please touch
Neonode AB, a startup from Sweden, is selling a mobile phone that features a patented optical touchscreen, using technology based on a grid of infrared light beams that are reflected onto the screen.
2005-08-23 iPod upsets NAND flash Applecart
With the blooming demand for its popular iPod music player, Apple Computer Inc. plans to buy as much as 40 percent of the NAND flash output of Samsung Electronics Co. in the second half of this year, according to market research firm iSuppi Corp. (El Segundo, Calif.).
2013-06-06 iPod Touch 5 teardown shows Apple resting on its laurels
Miroslav Djuric of iFixit notes that apart from the flash memory, the ICs on the 16GB iPod Touch 5's logic board are the same as those found on the 32 and 64GB models.
2006-10-30 iPod to stay on top, analyst says
Apple Computer's iPod digital music player is not expected to lose significant market share in the next 12 to 18 months, despite the challenge from Microsoft's upcoming Zune player.
2006-04-10 iPod slump to impact chip makers
Investment banking firm Lehman Brothers has lowered its shipment forecast for Apple's iPod producta move that spells more bad news for chip makers in the MP3 arena.
2009-02-19 iPod look-alike packs extra surprises
It can be easily mistaken for the iPod Nano, but the less expensive Esolo MP4 multimedia player packs extra features such as FM radio and voice recorder.
2006-09-01 iPod IC drama: Our story continues
While it's clear that Apple will continue to rule the portable music player market, what puzzles many is the company's apparent shuffling of chip vendors for its iPod platforms.
2007-10-25 iPod gives Apple Macintosh second wind
When Apple introduced the iPod six years ago, rival PC makers were probably not aware that Steve Jobs' team was sneaking a Trojan horse into Microsoft's seemingly impregnable fortress.
2006-04-19 Industry experts discuss made-in-China alternatives to iPod
China will be a major supplier of portable media players with cheaper price tags.
2010-05-19 HTC seeks iPhone, iPad, iPod import, sale ban
Google phone maker HTC Corp. has filed complaint with the United States International Trade Commission (ITC) to halt the importation and sale of the iPhone, iPad and iPod in the United States.
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