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2002-12-20 SHA iButton API Overview
This application note provides an overview for implementing applications of digital identification and transactions using SHA iButtons.
2009-06-10 OneWireViewer and iButton quick start guide
This application note is a quick start guide. It enumerates the steps for quick setup of hardware and software to evaluate iButtons with a personal computer and Microsoft Windows.
2002-11-26 iButton ID badge mounting options
This application note lists three approaches to making an iButton ID badge.
2010-02-05 iButton data-logger calibration and NIST certificate FAQs
This application note answers typical questions (FAQs) about calibration, software correction, certification, NIST and traceability.
2009-09-16 Alternatives to the DS1994L 4Kb plus time memory iButton
The DS1994L was manufactured in a Maxim 6-inch wafer fabrication facility using a manufacturing process that eventually became outdated and unsustainable.
2009-06-16 Alternatives to the DS1991L multiKey iButton
This application note discusses three alternatives for upgrading existing DS1991L applications. Each alternative takes advantage of these newer products.
2002-10-17 Ultra-Reliable 1-Wire Communications
This application note will discuss techniques that can be used by programmers to increase the reliability of 1-Wire communications.
2009-09-29 OneWireViewer user's guide ver 1.4
This user's guide explains the OneWireViewer software program and how it can be used to evaluate the unique features of 1-Wire and iButton devices.
2003-06-28 Exporting Thermocron Data to Excel
This application note describes the process of exporting the logged temperature data from a Thermochron logger using the iButton Viewer into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
2002-12-20 DS1963S SHA 1-Wire API Users Guide
This application note is designed to familiarize 1-Wire software developers with the APIs for producing secure SHA applications.
2004-10-06 Dallas temp data-logger IC in 24-lead, 300-mil SO package
Dallas developed a high-performance temperature data-logger IC designed for apps where the standard Thermochron iButton version is not suitable.
2012-04-23 Add accurate timekeeping to MCU system
Find out how to add RTC functionality to a MAXQ610-based application.
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