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What does IC design verification mean?
IC design verification refers to the process of determining whether or not the design of a product, of a given development phase, satisfies the conditions imposed from the start.
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2012-06-11 Understanding common inter-IC digital interfaces for audio data transfer
Know the respective roles of I2S, TDM and PDM interfaces, as well as their differences.
2008-06-05 TSMC stirs IC designs using 40nm node
Paving the way for next-generation chips, TSMC is set to roll out its latest design methodology for IC production at the 40nm node
2014-09-11 Synopsys modelling tool automates photonic IC designs
The OptSim Circuit provides options for design setup, data visualisation, plotting and project resource management, accelerating the design of advanced optical telecommunication systems.
2010-06-23 Software organizes entire IC product lifecycle
Sapient-IC is a collaborative software tool that runs on a Windows platform, providing data-driven insights to direct, optimize, plan and manage all aspects of the IC product lifecycle
2002-11-18 SoC/IP designs need next-gen solutions for integration verification
As the cost of SoC design plus time-to-wolume pressure continue to rise, a next-generation simulator for SoC integration verification is required to ensure functionality.
2010-06-22 Silicon-validated library tailored for 28nm designs
GlobalFoundries rolls a silicon-validated solution to help customers accelerate time-to-volume for complex SoC designs at 28nm and beyond
2010-03-17 Placer, router tailored for custom IC designs
Taiwan EDA firm SpringSoft Inc. has expanded its Laker custom IC design platform with the introduction of Laker Custom Row Placer and Laker Custom Digital Router
2003-02-07 Placement tools criticized for hampering IC designs
Current IC placement algorithms leave so much excess wire that chip designs are essentially several technology generations behind where they could be, according to a recent paper by researchers at UCLA.
2008-10-03 Pact to deliver MIPS core to China IC design houses
Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Design Industrial Center has licensed MIPS' low-power MIPS32, M4K, and MIPS32 4Kc processor cores for next-generation IC designs.
2013-07-25 Non-Chinese foundries to hold 70% of China IC production
IC Insights revealed that IC production in China represented only 11.1 per cent of its $81 billion IC market in 2012 and will increase only about three percentage points to 14.4 per cent in 2017
2005-09-22 No scapegoats found for failed chip designs
Asked who shoulders the blame when nanometer IC designs don't work, panelists at the Custom Integrated Circuits Conference (CICC) here Tuesday evening (Sept. 20) agreed that designers, foundries, and EDA vendors all share the responsibility for ensuring success at advanced process geometries.
2004-10-12 New SSIPEX library for IC R&D patents
The Shanghai Silicon Intellectual Property Exchange (SSIPEX) has recently opened its new library, which will house R&D patents for IC designs.
2006-01-26 Mentor, STARC ink IC design agreement
Mentor Graphics announced a joint development agreement with STARC, a research and development consortium co-founded by eleven major Japanese semiconductor companies.
2007-03-14 Litho optimization solution suits 32nm designs
KLA-Tencor has introduced the latest version of its PROLITH lithography optimization productthe PROLITH 10which enables users to accurately predict lithography process windows for IC designs down to 32nm.
2006-06-29 India registry for IC design protection almost done
The registry for accepting applications in IC design and layout is nearing completion in India
2012-09-06 IC R&D spending to grow by 10 percent in 2012, says report
Analysis of data taken from IC Insights shows that a dozen semiconductor companies spent more than $1.0 billion each on R&D in 2011 for the first time ever
2005-03-16 IC floorplanning moves ahead with Patoma
A new approach to IC floorplanning is said to reduce wire length while running orders of magnitude faster than previous solutions
2005-02-21 FSA: IC design houses eye digital, wireless network solutions
Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA) in Taiwan reports that IC design houses see potential growth in demand from sectors of digital electronics and wireless network solutions this year, as consumers demand more products manufactured in these two fields
2010-06-23 Elpida, PTI, UMC team on 3D IC integration for 28nm
Elpida Memory Inc., Powertech Technology Inc. (PTI), and United Microelectronics Corp. have reached a three-way cooperation to advance 3D IC integration technologies for advanced processes including 28nm
2010-04-08 Electronics firms collaborate to cool down IC designs
The Therminator project aims to enhance existing EDA solutions via thermal-aware add-on tools to enable designers to address temperature issues more effectively using their existing design flows.
2006-09-01 EDA app shows variants of IC design
DFM tool provider Aprio Technologies Inc. has developed an application extension, Halo-Quest, designed to fit on top of EDA design and analysis tools, and to generate accurate silicon image representation of IC designs for use within design flows.
2007-04-24 Data-management platform enables scalable, collaborative IC design
IC Manage has announced Global Design Platform (GDP), said to be the first data-management solution to offer design assembly, derivative management and real-time worldwide delivery
1999-12-01 Correcting IC power-grid problems before tape out
Power-grid voltage drop can adversely effect the reliability and performance of your IC designs. Given that even current signoff processes are unable to account for UDSM effects on a chip's power-grid, incorporating the Power Grid Signoff (PGS) methodology into your sign-off procedure can help you avoid needless over-design or costly respins.
2000-12-07 Converting MC13110/13111 based designs to the MC13110A,B/13111A,B
This application note provides the design engineer with information and techniques to modify existing MC13110/13111 Universal Cordless Telephone Subsystem IC designs to incorporate the MC13110A,B/13111A,B.
2011-06-07 Chip solution automates IC design planning
Pulsic will launch Pulsic Planning Solution, an integrated full-chip solution designed for automated planning.
2004-05-25 China's IC design houses struggling for survival
China boasts more than 400 IC designs houses, but only a few have established themselves in the marketplace and many will struggle to survive, according to market researcher iSuppli Corp.
2006-05-16 China IC design industry reaches stability
After several years of rapid development, China's IC design industry has reached a period of stability, according to the China IC Design House Survey by EE Times-China
2004-09-10 Cadence, UMC create sub-130nm IC reference flow
Cadence Design Systems Inc. and foundry United Microelectronics Corp. have announced an RTL-to GDSII reference flow for digital IC designs implemented in UMC's 130nm and lower processes.
2002-06-21 Cadence custom environment handles mixed-signal IC designs
Cadence Design Systems Inc. has introduced a mixed-signal design environment for custom ICs.
2007-10-16 Brazil, too, wants to be IC design hub
There is a budding realization that meeting Brazil's growing demand for ICs by developing them within its own borders could both stem the tide of illegal chips and bolster the country's competitiveness.
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