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2011-02-10 Protection for EOS for IEEE1394 lines with TPD4S1394
Learn how to design a late-Vg protection circuit in their systems using the TPD4S1394.
2000-09-27 Multi-view 3D display system using IEEE1394 digital interface, part 2
This is the second part of a paper that presents the results of a multi-view 3D display system based on temporal multiplexing mechanism using IEEE1394 digital Interface.
2000-09-27 Multi-view 3D display system using IEEE1394 digital interface, part 1
This is the first part of a paper that presents the results of a multi-view 3D display system based on temporal multiplexing mechanism using IEEE1394 digital Interface.
2004-09-15 Maxim hot-swap controllers eye IEEE1394/FireWire apps
The new MAX5943 and MAX5944 devices from Maxim allow the safe insertion and removal of IEEE1394/FireWire peripherals from a live IEEE1394/FireWire port.
2000-03-20 Digital PC camera design with IEEE1394 connection
This paper introduces the advantages of an IEEE1394a connection within a digital PC camera. It also gives a brief introduction of general system architecture. A sample design with a currently available 1394a PC camera is also covered.
2000-05-03 Digital PC camera design with IEEE1394 connection
This paper presents the advantages of an IEEE1394a connection within a digital PC camera and gives a brief introduction of general system architecture.
2003-05-20 Matsushita varistors target Firewire, USB2.0 systems
The new series of Panasonic multi-layer chip varistors from Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. Ltd is suitable for measuring ESDs in high-speed interfaces such as USB 2.0 and Firewire (IEEE 1394).
2000-09-27 IEEE 1394 networking
This paper discusses networking data, voice and convergence; the various IEEE 1394 standards; aspects of IEEE 1394 networking including IPv4 over IEEE 1394, MPEG2-TS over IEEE 1394 networking; and implementation considerations.
2003-05-29 ESD Protection IEEE 1394 Data Lines
This application note discusses ESD suppression and protection in IEEE 1394 Data Lines, used mostly in PCI adapter cards, hubs, routers, etc.
2001-09-16 Enhancing computer-based I/O for test systems
This technical article describes a change in the test and measurement arena as computer-based I/O systems makes their debut.
2000-09-27 CE & set-top box
This paper describes today's living rooms while presenting a graphic representation of what a typical consumer's living room will look like in the near future.
2002-04-30 Toshiba fiberless modules transmit up to 125Mbps within 3cm
The TOTX1500 transmitter and TORX1500 receiver optical fiberless (OFL) modules from Toshiba Corp. are capable of supporting data transmissions of up to 125Mbps within a 3cm distance, and are suitable for use with 10/100 Ethernet or IEEE1394 S100 signal transmissions.
2008-04-01 PCIe frame grabber transmits at 800Mbit/s
Adlink's PCIe-FIW62, a new PCIe IEEE1394.b frame grabber designed for area scan color/monochrome inspection applications, provides point-to-point data transmission of up to 800Mbit/s.
2008-10-29 PCIe frame grabber supports up to 3.2Gbit/s data transfer
Adlink Technology Inc. has released its first 4-ch PCIe IEEE1394.b frame grabber designed specifically for digital and high-speed computer-based machine vision applications.
2004-01-08 Zoran technology enables Toshiba's new media server
Toshiba Corp. has selected Zoran Corp.'s Generation9 family of DTV system ICs, software and development platforms.
2005-09-22 Toshiba readies Cell processor design platform
Toshiba Corporation is readying a hardware development platform for applications based on the Cell processor that it co-developed with Sony and IBM.
2004-07-30 Samsung HDTV SoCs comply with FCC standards
Samsung introduced a SoC device for high-definition TVs and digital STBs to meet U.S. FCC requirements.
2003-11-03 Oxford bridge chip offers 88MBps transfer rate
The OXFW912 from Oxford Semiconductor is claimed as the first FireWire800 (IEEE1394b) to IDE (ATA7) bridge chip to maximize transfer rates for both single- and dual-disk drives.
2002-10-02 OPTi sells semiconductor business
OPTi Inc. has sold its semiconductor business to OPTi Technologies Inc. for about $700,000 in cash plus future royalties.
2006-05-04 Microsoft to support 1394b standard
Microsoft will provide support for the IEEE1394b standard "within a reasonable time" after the launch of Windows Vista.
2002-11-22 LSI Logic codecs eye PC peripheral video apps
LSI Logic Corp. has announced two new single-chip multi-format A/V codecs that allow consumers to capture video content from any analog/digital camcorder.
2009-03-27 Line sensor claims enhanced noise performance
Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. has unveiled the C9750 series, which offers a 12bit digital output via RS422 or camera link interface and USB or FireWire interface can be provided for OEM solutions. This model offers enhanced noise performance, wider dynamic range and higher scanning speeds compared with previous line sensors.
2007-08-17 JVC delivers HD-ILA HDTV resolution
The JVC HD-61FN97 is a 61-inch widescreen (16:9) rear projection high-definition TV that features a true 1,080p Full HD Widescreen D-ILA technology.
2006-08-11 Japan preps one-stop patent licensing scheme for DTV tuners
In an effort to accelerate the spread of digital TV broadcasting in Japan, an industry initiative is preparing a one-stop patent licensing scheme for consumer electronics devices with digital TV tuners.
2009-05-29 Integrated EMI filter handles high-speed data line apps
ON Semiconductor has introduced what it claims to be first integrated common mode choke and ESD protection IC for high-speed data line applications.
2004-07-16 FireWire in the automobile market
FireWire is set to become an essential real-time multimedia component in the daily life of car drivers.
2009-07-14 Circuit protection devices employ air gap tech
Stackpole Electronics Inc. has released two new series of circuit protection devices that comply with IEC61000-4-2; both series employ air gap technology that achieves the lowest possible capacitance.
2008-11-26 Chips aim to resolve H.264/AVC issues
From digital TVs to portable electronics, the H.264/AVC next-generation video compression standard is becoming mainstream.
2005-05-17 Board initiative, products address MIL COTS obsolescence problem
General Micro Systems is debuting what it calls a Processing Engine initiative to help solve a knotty technology problem that's impacting military designers everywhere these days.
2007-01-19 Audio platforms deliver fastest time-to-market, lowest development risk
BridgeCo's latest reference design platforms enable consumer electronics OEMs to rapidly create audio products that allow users to network iPods and other portable music players, and manage all of their digital audio content through a new full-color GUI.
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