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2015-01-26 Managing peak-to-average ratio
Know the trade-offs between providing excellence and excellent value for money in different situations, and find out if there really is an art to striking a practical balance in the peak-to-average ratio.
2000-09-07 Low-voltage reset operation
This application note shows how a Z8 MCU's low-voltage protection circuit preserves RAM contents and sets the controller to a known condition and power if disruptions occur.
2009-11-17 Low-frequency interface ensures stable communication
Ti offers the first passive low-frequency interface device designed to wirelessly supply an ultralow-power MSP430 MCU with energy to operate even if the optional battery is empty.
2005-08-25 Linear Tech's new log detector promises superior sensitivity
The new log detector from Linear Technology promises superior sensitivity, allowing more accurate measurement of lower levels of RF and IF signals
2004-10-19 Linear Tech demodulator's SFDR surpasses 80dB
Linear Tech said that its new I/Q demodulator provides the performance needed for direct conversion and IF conversion of radio signals to baseband.
2009-04-29 LED TVs to hit 11% market penetration by 2012
LEDinside projects that if all LCD TVs feature LED backlight, the consumption of LED in TV section would be 8x larger than that in the 1-billion-a-year cellphone market.
2004-09-30 Lamp shortages could stunt microdisplay growth, says report
Ongoing shortages of UHP-type lamps for projection products are not likely to ease even if lamp manufacturers increase production capacity, according to a report by market research firm Insight Media.
2009-02-06 Keeping the control ramp right
If the ramp driving your PWM-based controller isn't linear or monotonic, or just plain noisy, your DC/DC converter isn't going to work up to its capabilities. Here's what you need to know to get the best performance from your system.
2007-10-11 Japan chip industry up for painful restructuring
Amid a sluggish cycle in semiconductors, Japan's IC industry is moving towards a new round of restructuring if not a shakeout among the weaker players there.
2007-09-18 Is Sanyo selling its mobile business to Kyocera?
The question came up again last week in various media outlets in Japan: Is Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd indeed selling its mobile phone business? If so, is Kyocera Corp. the likely buyer?
2011-03-28 Is it goodbye for Itanium?
Oracle has opted to discontinue all software development for Intel's Itanium, prompting many to wonder if the microprocessor's days are numbered. Intel has however reiterated its commitment to Itanium.
2005-04-01 Is EDA's world too provincial?
If EDA wants to come out of its current stagnation, it may be time to broaden the focus.
2012-06-11 Is Computex losing luster?
The demise of Computex will likely happen sooner rather than later if the trade group continues to fill exhibit halls with products that are readily available from other sources.
2008-05-12 Is AMD's hope of recovery in asset-lite?
If AMD were to spin off or combine its manufacturing operations into a standalone company with any of its current production partners, the microprocessor supplier could dramatically alter its cost structure and reduce this enough to improve its competitive stance against rival Intel.
2008-07-15 iPhone 3G still packs some surprises
Aside from some very surprising component choices in key parts of the upgraded communications section, the old adage 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' has clearly shaped the design of the iPhone 3G.
2002-04-18 Intersil DACs perform up to 210MSa/s
Intersil Corp. has shipped its ISL5X29 family of 3.3V dual DACs consisting of 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-bit versions that perform either 130MSa/s or 210MSa/s and support baseband or high IF applications.
2010-02-10 Intel, AMD techs go head-to-head at ISSCC
Intel Corp. is holding a significant, if temporary, edge over archrival Advanced Micro Devices based on news and papers emerging at the International Solid State Circuits Conference (ISSCC).
2011-12-29 Intel's Medfield chip specs unleashed
Based on the purported specifications, the Medfield's performance figures are set to rival, if not beat, current chip market leaders in the tablet arena.
2009-06-12 Integrated receiver subsystem trims design time
Linear Technology Corp. has released the LTM9002, a dual IF/baseband receiver subsystem that includes a high performance dual 14bit ADC sampling up to 125MSps, anti-aliasing filters, fixed gain differential ADC drivers and 12bit, trim DACs.
2007-02-09 India needs to develop IPs to move up design chain, says Tensilica exec
If an Indian company wants to get involved with the intellectual property business, then there are models to make that successful, said Tensilica's Daniel Weed during the recent ISA Vision Summit 2007 in Hyderabad.
2005-05-19 India considers free 3G licenses
Pricey 3G wireless licenses auctioned for millions elsewhere could be given away to Indian mobile carriers if a recommendation by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is approved by the government.
2008-09-16 Improve code review with shorter checklists
Code review checklists are usually a pain. They're often ridiculous in length or content. They're not fun to use. If we expect reviewers to think about the entire checklist when reviewing a file, we have to keep the checklist short. Five items sounds good; maybe as many as 10. So that's the first rule: List no more than 10 items.
2003-09-01 Implementing effective provider-provisioned VPNs
If done correctly, PP-VPNs have the potential to greatly simplify a network and to open new revenue streams for carriers.
2003-04-25 IMEC official sees tough sledding to 45nm
Cross-discipline and cross-regional communication need to improve in electronics design if the industry is going to reach 45nm design rules without stumbling badly, an executive with the European technology R&D company IMEC said.
2008-08-18 IIC-Taiwan: New take on IC design
If you think Taiwan is missing in semiconductor action, think again. It may not be generating as much buzz as mainland China, India or Vietnam, but there is no denying that Taiwan is still a prime destination for key industry players.
2007-09-03 IC firms tread unfamiliar platform terrain
Scott Grant of Accenture says that the platform trend will be the primary growth engine for IC players going forwardif engineers aren't already in this game or preparing to join it, they'll likely be left out.
2007-05-08 IC analysis tool adds connectivity definition features
Chip Estimate has upgraded InCyte, a what-if analysis tool that helps users refine chip architectures.
2002-07-01 IBM technologist sees convergence of biology and IT
Nicholas N. Donofrio, senior vice president of technology and marketing at IBM Corp., told a group of IT professionals at TechXNY on Tuesday (June 25) to brush up on their biology if they expect to ride the next wave of technology innovation.
2010-08-09 IBIS study favors replacing multi-crystalline silicon in solar cells
Research shows that the global PV market could achieve savings of over $646 million by 2015 if they replace 500MW of multi-crystalline silicon usage with the CIGS-based solar cells from XsunX.
2010-09-13 Hurd at Oracle: another ethical issue
"The whole Hurd mess may now rain problems down on both company's users. Ethical issues are like this, in my experience. One small misstep if unchecked can snowball into a big fat mess," says Rick Merritt.
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