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2003-02-24 ALi USB controllers pass USB-IF compliance test
ALi Corp. has announced that both its latest USB2.0 products have passed the USB-IF compliance qualification and bus-power certification test held at the recently held USB Compliance Workshop.
2004-03-22 ADI RF/IF IC measures 3mm-by-3mm
The RF/IF (radio/intermediate frequency) IC from Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) is an active receive mixer designed to address the demanding signal processing requirements of wireless infrastructure designs such as cellular GSMs and CDMAs.
2014-11-13 ADI receiver can digitise IF frequencies from 70-450MHz
The AD6676 is a single-chip wideband IF receiver subsystem that can be configured to achieve a noise figure of 13dB, IIP3=36dBM, noise spectral density (NSD) as low as -160dBFS/Hz.
2002-01-21 ADI IF converter consumes less current
The AD9874 integrates the IF-to-digital conversion process onto a single chip that consumes only 21.2mA compared to the 45mA of previous-generation chips.
2003-04-15 ADI demodulator eyes IF-to-baseband conversion
The company's broadband quadrature demodulator IC enables IF-to-baseband conversion from 50MHz to 1GHz.
2007-04-17 A WiMAX double downconversion IF sampling receiver design
The design approach and implementation procedures are presented to allow designers to easily modify the receiver chain to address other bands such as Wireless Broadband (WiBro) and other cellular standards such as TD-SCDMA.
2001-04-19 A dual-band switchable IF VCO for GSM/PCS handsets
This application note discusses the design of a dual-band switchable VCO, which utilizes Alpha's PIN and varactor diodes, suitable for GSM/PCS cellular phones.
2001-04-02 933MHz low-power downconverter with 60MHz IF
This application note describes the performance of a 900MHz, 3V downconverter intended for wireless applications, such as GSM, AMPS, TACS, CT1, CT1+ and NMT.
2001-04-19 6-bit 63dB IF digital attenuator solution 1-500MHz
This application note describes a 6-bit, 63dB IF digital attenuator design that utilizes Alpha's AD260-85 and AA104-73 plastic-packaged GaAs ICs.
2003-03-10 5100-Series IF-Band Fiber-Optic Links Perinstallation Guide
This application note discusses the configuration and installation of the 5100-series fiber-optic links.
2005-04-20 50MHz IF signal analyzer is Windows-based
Interactive Circuits and Systems is rolling out an FPGA-based product called the ICS SignIFy that works as a portable low-cost IF signal analyzer.
2006-12-04 Wave-shaping IC enables efficient data transmission
The NJM2299 wave-shaping IC from New Japan Radio enables data transmission without wasting power.
2015-02-20 USB batt charging protocols in Android-based design
Here is a walk-through on the process of incorporating effective power management into a design using the Android distribution of the Linux operating system.
2008-03-04 Ultra-low-cost, medium impedance RF probe is rugged and wideband
This application note describes how simple it is to construct a rugged, low-cost RF probe in the lab.
2003-02-03 Toyocom three-pole MCF measures 2.5-by-2mm
Toyo Communication Equipment Co. Ltd has announced the development of a three-pole MCF that measures 2.5-by-2mm.
2002-12-30 Toshiba ships 5GHz WLAN chipset
The company has presented a 5GHz WLAN chipset that comprises of a baseband LSI and IF IC.
2004-10-18 TI sharpens decoder chip for high-end displays
The TVP5160 chip translates analog video signals and deploys image improvement features for high-end DVD recorders and TVs.
2010-09-22 Third Fujitsu USB 3.0 compliant IC allows high-speed hardware encryption
Fujitsu launches the MB86E50 USB 3.0-SATA bridge IC.
2000-02-01 The USB: A universal bus architecture?
USB is a new connectivity standard that enables computer peripherals to be connected to a computer without reconfiguring the system, giving a better perspective to plug-and-play. But, consumers are asking is this technology enough to solve issues such as bandwidth allocation and compliance for more PC-based applications?
2010-04-21 The advantages of using a quadrature digital upconverter (QDUC) in point-to-point microwave transmit systems
This application note briefly reviews the pros and cons of each approach and also offers an architectural option that is well suited for IF generation in the indoor unit (IDU) section of a microwave point-to-point radio.
2006-10-11 Testing tools roll for Certified Wireless USB devices
Agilent announced it is shipping key test equipment and software necessary to verify operation of devices based on Certified Wireless USB.
2013-06-12 Sub-harmonic pumped mixer supports 14-32GHz range
The MAMX-011009 from M/A-COM Technology Solutions is packaged in an ultra small 1.5 x 1.2mm TDFN surface mount, promising customers an efficient and space-saving broadband solution.
2007-03-01 Startup preps chip support for China 3G
It's still in startup mode, but China's RDA Microelectronics is aggressively pursuing several applications for its RF and power amplifier chips, including 3G, PHS and FM tuners.
2004-12-16 Space-based GPS lowers costs
Developing a satellite may be expensive, but integrating a GPS receiver may trim down costs.
2004-04-16 Software-defined radio comes of age
Software-defined radio allows one radio platform to service multiple cellular standards. However, availability, cost and the diverse market have limited its deployment.
2001-08-09 Software radio techniques offer new options in basestation design
This conference technical paper focuses its discussion on the specifications and limitations of data converters, as well as wireless architectures suitable for software-defined radios, and the pros and cons of their implementation.
2001-08-09 Silicon germanium ICs target wireless basestation transceivers
This conference technical paper describes high performance active silicon germanium components designed specifically for wireless basestation applications.
2005-05-16 Signals predict Serdes jitter behavior
By measuring and characterizing a series of jitter response curves, it is possible to anticipate jitter frequency sensitivity
2000-11-01 Signal leakage mires conversions
This article reviews superheterodyne tuning techniques and offers pointers for more streamlined implementations.
2005-02-01 SiGe direct modulator for multiband upconversion
Recent advances in RF chip technology lead to a resurgence of interest in direct conversion architectures.
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