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2015-12-14 Imec showcases next-gen devices to supersede silicon
Imec's R&D programme on advanced logic scaling is targeting the latest and mounting challenges for performance, power, cost and density scaling for future process technologies.
2012-02-14 Imec rolls 300mm directed self-assembly process line
The fab-compatible patterning solution can pave the way for scaling EUV lithography to production level, pushing the boundaries of 193nm tech.
2012-03-08 Imec rolls 14nm process development kit
Claiming an industry first, the PDK is targeted at next-generation technologies such as FinFET and EUV lithography.
2015-12-18 Imec reveals significant headway on 200mm GaN-on-Si tech
During the recent IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting 2015, Imec presented three novel AlGaN/gallium nitride (GaN) stacks featuring optimised low dispersion buffer designs.
2013-02-22 Imec reveals 20?W intra-cardiac signal processing IC
The low power chip is aimed at intra-cardiac ventricular fibrillation detection aimed as an important step towards next-generation cardiac resynchronisation therapy.
2004-04-07 IMEC rethinks reconfigurability approach
Network equipment sales are expected to grow at double digit rates next year to be worth $16.4 billion after a more modest 2.3 percent increase in sales to $14.4 billion in 2004, according to just released figures from the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).
2004-04-07 IMEC rethinks reconfigurability approach
The IMEC research center is blending concepts in very long instruction word processing with emerging ideas in reconfigurable computing arrays to form a processing cluster that is at once powerful, configurable, and low enough in power for use in mobile applications.
2007-12-13 IMEC reports progress on high-k metal gates at 32nm
IMEC reported progress in improving the performance of planar CMOS using hafnium-based high-k dielectrics and tantalum-carbide metal gates targeting the 32nm CMOS node.
2011-07-15 Imec reports breakthroughs in DRAM, RRAM
The Imec breakthroughs help bridge the gap in developing resistive RAM as a successor to DRAM technology.
2007-06-27 IMEC ready to license SVC source code
IMEC is ready to license its source code for the upcoming SVC H.264 extension standard, which is due for release later this year.
2008-12-01 IMEC pushes SDR effort forward
A variety of advanced FEC technologies used in a range of wireless WAN and LAN can be handled by a chip introduced by IMEC as part of its effort to assemble a full suite of silicon for software-defined radio.
2009-10-06 IMEC pushes 3D integration of DRAM on logic
IMEC and its 3D integration partners have prototyped a DRAM chip integrated on top of a logic IC.
2005-10-24 IMEC proposes sandwich substrate to extend CMOS era
Researchers at IMEC have proposed that multi-layer substrates comprised of gallium arsenide grown over germanium grown above silicon, together with novel gate dielectrics and metal gates, could be the best way to extend the use of CMOS into the sub 45nm device era.
2005-08-04 IMEC project seeks to develop nanoscale oscillator for wireless devices
Global nanotechnology research center IMEC is seeking to demonstrate the concept of spin torque in a nanoscale microwave integrated oscillator for wireless integrated devices.
2013-06-14 Imec presents RRAM, FinFET innovations
At this week's VLSI 2013 Technology Symposium, Imec presented improved quantitative statistical prediction of the RRAM operation as well as the the first strained germanium devices based on a Si-replacement process.
2006-04-10 IMEC presents 'bendy' packaging for ICs
Leading European research institute IMEC and the Intec laboratory at the University of Ghent have developed a process to produce ultra-thin flexible packaging for ICs.
2013-10-14 Imec outlines roadmap for power generation and storage
During the company's technology forum Imec revealed that it is looking into silicon and organic photovoltaics to develop explores electrochemical solutions for solid-state batteries.
2008-01-22 IMEC opens Taiwan office
IMEC will officially open an office in Hsinchu, Taiwan Jan. 22.
2004-05-13 IMEC opens Belgium nanotech lab
IMEC has launched a nanoelectronics laboratory at its Leuven, Belgium, headquarters.
2003-04-25 IMEC official sees tough sledding to 45nm
Cross-discipline and cross-regional communication need to improve in electronics design if the industry is going to reach 45nm design rules without stumbling badly, an executive with the European technology R&D company IMEC said.
2013-03-18 Imec offers fully integrated silicon photonics platform
The platform claims to enable cost-effective R&D of silicon photonic ICs for high-performance optical transceivers (25Gb/s and beyond) and optical sensing and life science applications.
2014-01-16 Imec modelling tool estimates cost of chip technology nodes
Imec and AlixPartners are co-developing a cost modelling solution to assess the cost of advanced semiconductor technology options. This modelling will assess the cost of various patterning options for N10/N7 nodes, advanced packaging solutions, and 3D NAND memory.
2003-07-18 IMEC launches programs to expand sub-45nm research
The company has commenced two industrial affiliation programs (IIAPs) targeting the sub-45nm technology generations.
2011-11-09 Imec launches IMOLA project
Imec and its E.U. partners have launched the IMOLA project that aims to make large-area OLED-based modules with built-in intelligent light management.
2010-01-18 IMEC joins drive to cut down network energy use
IMEC has joined the Green Touch Initiative, a new consortium initiated by Bell Labs, committed to inventing the technologies that will be at the heart of the next-generation of sustainable networks.
2015-02-20 Imec improves defectivity to near single-digit values
imec and partners, Merck & Co Inc. and Tokyo Electron, have improved directed self-assembly defectivity, approaching single-digit values. Results will be reported at the SPIE Advanced Lithography conference next week.
2010-10-25 IMEC funds Taiwan innovation center
IMEC has signed a co-funding contract with the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs to put up a research center focusing on bioelectronics, MEMS and "green" electronics.
2008-10-23 IMEC favors EUV litho for 22nm node
Kurt Ronse, director of the advanced lithography program, IMEC, has favored extreme UV lithography as most likely how the semiconductor industry will make ICs with minimum geometries of 22nm and finer.
2004-05-25 IMEC extends nonvolatile memory to 9-bits per cell
IMEC, the independent research organization that specializes in IC design and manufacturing processes, has developed a prototype nonvolatile memory cell capable of storing 9-bits.
2007-10-17 IMEC extends CMOS scaling research to DRAM MIMCAP
IMEC announced it has initiated research on next-generation DRAM MIMCAP process technology as part of its (sub-)32nm CMOS device scaling program.
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