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2010-03-22 Toshiba focuses on LEDs, drops incandescent lamps
Planning to focus on LED lighting, Toshiba Corp. and Toshiba Lighting and Technology Corp. has stopped production of general-use incandescent bulbs
2004-12-06 The Intelligent incandescent lamp switch
This app note describes the smart incandescent lamp switch.
2004-12-03 BivarOpto offers incandescent bulb replacements
BivarOpto introduced a new Wedge-based warm-white LED featuring accurate color output of industry standard T-1 3/4 Wedge-based incandescent bulbs
2006-08-28 Wedge-based LEDs offer cost benefits over incandescent lamps
Available in 12V and 24V versions, the new wedge-based LEDs from JKL Components are offered in T 1-3/4 and T-3-3/4 sizes.
2014-03-04 Lower prices drive LED lamp uptake in Indonesia
While fluorescent lamps have dominated the Indonesian market, promotion of environmental issues in addition to reducing prices aid in boosting LED lamp revenues
2008-10-03 Low-cost LED lamp renders high capacity
DDP has launched a 120Vac line voltage lamp that lowers power use and maintenance costs in many indicator applications
2006-06-02 Lamp-based LEDs to replace incandescent bulbs
DDP's new lamp-based LED series was designed to be a direct replacement for incandescent bulbs.
2004-01-27 BivarOpto LED lamp features multiple lens design
BivarOpto has introduced its Inifinite 1 LED lamp that features an all-in-one LED-based lighting alternative for incandescent spot and flood lamps.
2010-05-26 CFL drivers enable energy-efficient bulbs
NXP Semiconductors has released two new generations of compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) light bulb drivers and controllers, based on its GreenChip technology.
2015-01-13 Busting the big LED lighting myth
Consumers may have yet to experience the touted primary benefit of LED, which is long operational life. This article explains why LED lighting fails earlier than we might expect.
2002-05-27 Welch Allyn halogen lamps last longer
The miniature high-pressure xenon (HPX) halogen lamps from Welch Allyn Inc. are claimed to burn whiter and last three times longer than standard incandescent lamps
2009-01-20 Trouble in CFL land
These little wonders of engineering have improved the efficacy of lighting over the incandescent bulb by quite a bit, but are still relatively expensive and have serious issues with lighting systems and dimmers
2007-01-25 Rocker switches come in two light options
E-Switch has introduced its R5 series of illuminated rocker switches with neon lamp and incandescent bulb options.
2011-07-27 Luminous flux to push LED bulb adoption
Many LED light bulbs introduced as replacement for 40W incandescent bulbs are unable reach the minimum luminous flux of 450lm
2012-10-24 Lighting OEM Market to reach $108B by 2016
The global lighting market is reaping rewards from a "Perfect Storm" of solid-state technology development, high energy prices, economic turmoil and social factors.
2008-08-08 LEDs deliver even illumination in backlighting apps
DDP Engineered LED Solution has introduced a series of wide-angle, bayonet-based LED retrofit lamps that deliver bright and even illumination in backlighting applications.
2011-10-25 LED sol'n reduces lighting system cost, complexity
Bridgelux has announced the release of its newest LED solution, the Bridgelux Micro SM4, which aims to address the demands for 20C40 watt replacement lamp market
2015-10-30 Filament LEDs flaunt up to 150lm/W luminous efficacy
The Soleriq L 38 from Osram is geared for aesthetic lighting applications in the home and in hotels and restaurants, featuring a colour rendering index of over 80.
2011-11-14 Exploring greener lighting options
Learn how to thrive in the future filled with LEDs and how to optimize today's CFL technology for better performance.
2009-11-03 CFL driver extends lifetime beyond 15,000 hrs
specifications are emerging for CFLS such as better color, faster start-up, better dimming and longer life.
2011-08-08 CFL bulb teardownWhat makes it a green solution?
Here's a product tear down that focuses on a dimmable CFL demonstration lamp made by Chinese manufacturer, Baishi
2010-05-19 12W LED displaces 60W standard bulb
Royal Philips Electronics has unveiled its 12W EnduraLED light bulb, claimed to be the first LED replacement for a 60W incandescent light bulb
2009-12-08 OLED surface-emitting panel emits 25lm/W
Weighing only 24g, the Orbeos OLED panel has a round lamp surface of 80mm diameter and 2.1mm thickness
2013-01-02 Metric for evaluating dimmable LEDs' performance
Learn which aspects of phase-cut dimmable LED lamp electronics should be considered in evaluating performance in terms of dimmer compatibility
2008-07-16 Hysteretic converters for multiple LED lighting
Hysteretic converters are used to drive LEDs in lamp replacement and emerging lighting applications. The ease of use and inherent stability of the topology make it a first choice for efficient inductive switching regulator solutions. The simple topology can be used in different configurations or other unintended external applications
2002-02-01 LSICSI offers "no-touch" dimmer IC
The LS7232NT lamp dimmer from LSI Computer Systems Inc. features an optical user interface that allows for smooth variation of the lamp intensity without the need to physically touch a sensor or mechanical switch
2010-05-11 LED controller enables power rating, dimming flexibility
NXP's SSL2103 LED controller is designed to bring complete flexibility to lamp designers in terms of power rating, form factor and dimmer control
2014-05-12 Is start-up's bet on induction tech worth the risk?
Finally Light Bulb Company is coming out with a $19m-funded 60W, 800lm A19 light bulb that is said to replicate the popular glow of incandescent light bulbs, but is cheaper and more energy efficient
2008-05-05 700mA LED power supply using monolithic controller, off-line current boosted buck converter
Unlike a conventional incandescent filament type of lamp, LED requires a special type of power source in which the current is regulated over input line changes and for tolerance variations in the LED's forward voltage drop.
2013-05-15 Understanding link between PFC, efficiency in LEDs
Learn why high-power LED drivers must come with power factor correction.
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