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2012-06-26 Power tip: Manage conducted common-mode emissions in isolated switcher (Part 2)
Here's a continuation of the discussion on common-mode currents started in the previous power tip.
2012-10-09 Power tip: Improving cellphone charger design
Know how to transform the lowly cellphone charger from a clunky wall wart to a device not much larger than a wall plug.
2014-06-03 Power tip: High-to-low in synchronous boost
There are only a few publications describing the switching waveforms in a synchronous boost regulator. This article explains why the boost labours to handle the high-to-low transition.
2013-01-03 Power tip: Filter for low-noise power supply
Find out what happens when you use a two-section filter for low-noise power supplies.
2014-02-12 Power tip: Boost discontinuous flyback efficiency
Implementation in a discontinuous flyback is a significant challenge compared with a continuous flyback.
2012-07-27 Power tip: Avoid common multilayer ceramic capacitor issues
Learn about the potential pitfalls with ceramic capacitors and know how to avoid them.
2009-04-09 Power Tip #3: Avoiding oscillation issues in input filters
While switching regulators are often preferred over linear regulators because they are more efficient, the switching topology leans heavily on an input filter. This circuit element, combined with the supply's typically negative dynamic impedance, can contribute to oscillation issues. Here's how to avoid the problem.
2008-09-29 Power supply ready for high-speed testing of mobiles
Keithley introduces the Model 2308, a dual-channel battery- and charger-simulating power supply designed to support low-cost testing of portable products.
2004-12-24 Power shielded inductor features small size
Pulse offers a new series of power-shielded surface-mount inductors with a 6.2-by-6.2-by-2mm maximum footprint.
2007-06-26 Power resistors target high-speed pulse apps
TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division's MHP Series TO-247 power resistors in 100W and 140W packages are specified for applications that require accuracy and stability.
2005-12-19 Power resistor operates in extreme conditions
TT electronics BI Technologies SMT Division has extended its range of non-inductive power resistors with a high-density device capable of handling extreme operating conditions in a small package.
2009-04-30 Power resistor improves automated board assembly
Bourns Inc. has developed a new power resistor specifically engineered to meet high temperature soldering requirements that enable improved automated board assembly.
2006-07-26 Power resistor has high-stability film resistance elements
Designated the MHP Series, the 50W power resistor from TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division features high stability film resistance elements.
2005-05-11 Power network sign-off bridges transistor, gate levels
Claiming a new "hybrid" capability for voltage drop and electromigration sign-off, Synopsys will announce PrimeRail, a combination static and dynamic IC analysis tool that spans the transistor and gate levels.
2010-08-24 Power MOSFETS suit car audio systems
The three DirectFET2 devices are optimized with low gate charge to improve total harmonic distortion and efficiency while low diode reverse recovery charge further improves THD and lowers EMI.
2010-10-22 Power MOSFETs offer high performance in compact package
International Rectifier unveils new family of automotive DirectFET2 power MOSFETs
2006-11-06 Power MOSFET promises 95 percent efficiency
The IRF6641TRPBF power MOSFET from International Rectifier is a 200V HEXFET that uses DirectFET package technology and promises an efficiency of up to 95 percent.
2012-05-15 Power module designed to operate at higher switching frequencies
Designed to operate at higher switching frequencies, Fairchild's FDPC8011S dual power clip asymmetric N-channel module delivers 25A output current and doubles output current capacity of conventional 3mm x 3mm dual MOSFETs.
2008-02-25 Power Metal Strip resistors withstand extreme temperatures
Vishay has announced two new high-temperature, surface-mount Power Metal Strip resistors that are said to be the industry's first such devices in the 3921 and 5931 case sizes to offer an operating temperature range of -65C to 275C.
2006-07-21 Power inductors target notebook LCD panels
Taiyo Yuden announced it is offering the NR6012 series of low-profile power inductors for DC/DC converter choke coil applications in LCD panels for notebook PCs.
2007-01-08 Power inductors suit space-constrained apps
Stackpole Electronics has expanded its non-shielded power inductor offering with the low-profile MPE and MPI series inductors that are suitable for space-constrained apps.
2005-09-30 Power inductors suit portable apps
The new NR3012 series of 3-by-3mm power inductors from Taiyo Yuden rounds out the company's low-profile wirewound inductor line for power circuit applications in battery-powered portable electronic equipment.
2007-01-16 Power inductors provide shielding to space-constrained apps
Stackpole Electronics' new power inductors provide a variety of package sizes and configurations for designs limited by height, footprint and performance.
2003-06-17 Power inductors provide high current capability
CoEv Magnetics has released their DXM series of lead-free power inductors that is designed for switching power supplies.
2007-02-09 Power inductors offer tight tolerances
Stackpole said the precise control of core materials contributes to the ability of its DRGH and DRGR power inductors to achieve tolerances as tight as 5 percent.
2014-07-23 Power inductors offer low magnetic radiation
The Bourns devices offer the advantages of wirewound construction, and are designed with an iron powder core that features high saturation current and shielded construction for low magnetic radiation.
2008-01-15 Power inductors load higher current, lower RDC
Taiyo Yuden's new CKP2520 multilayer chip power inductors promise better performance compared to the company's previous CKP series parts.
2005-08-24 Power inductors deliver performance at elevated temps
A new series of shielded SMT power inductors from TT electronics BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division is said to deliver stable electrical performance even at elevated temperatures
2010-04-26 Power inductors boast low DC resistance, high current
From Bourns Inc. come two new power inductors that feature advanced flat wire technology for lower DC resistance and higher current ratings in an ultrasmall package.
2013-04-02 Power inductors boast expanded low-loss range
Pulse Electronics' round-wire coil surface mount power inductor provides high efficiency solutions with a tight DCR tolerance and no thermal ageing.
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