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2003-07-04 Apache power technology reduces SoC design time
The RedHawk-SDL from Apache Design Solutions is a full-chip cell-based power ground design and verification solution with integrated transistor-level characterization.
2004-07-01 Apache adds power grid generation
EDA startup has unveiled the SkyHawk add-on to Apache's RedHawk-SDL power tool that automates power grid generation.
2003-05-19 AOBA chip inductors suit high current apps
The SWI1008PT series of wirewound chip inductors from AOBA Technology Co. Ltd utilizes a ferrite material with magnetic shielding.
2002-11-04 Ansoft offers free 2D field solver
Ansoft Corp. has released a free subset of its commercial field solver, Maxwell 2D.
2008-11-17 Aim for compact, high-efficiency AC/DC supplies
Like most electronics systems, power supplies continue to get smaller. These systems leave room for added functions and processing power and the supply fits existing physical formats to avoid the cost of redesign.
2004-01-14 Agilent differential probe allows broad connectivity
Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced a 1.5GHz differential probe, which it claims offers unmatched performance at the industry's lowest price.
2012-02-21 Advantages of sine amplitude converter
Know how a new circuit technique using the sine amplitude converter architecture could offer gains in power density, switching frequency and output power.
2012-04-27 Advantages of coupled-inductor SEPIC
Understand the capabilities and subtleties of single-ended primary-inductor converter topology.
2014-04-10 Advances in power converter packaging
Find out how packaging advances are matching semiconductor progress in power converter miniaturisation.
2003-10-15 Adiabatic first silicon cuts power to 50 percent
Adiabatic Logic Ltd has tested first silicon of its Intelligent Output Driver and reports that IOD technology achieved power saving of more than 50 percent compared with traditional I/O schemes.
2011-08-01 Addressing signal integrity issues in high-speed flash devices
Learn what can affect signal integrity and how to model and measure it.
2012-04-17 Addressing integration concerns with SiP technologies
Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of system-in-package technologies.
2002-12-27 ACAD fields hybrid power analyzer
Combining gate-level dynamic analysis with static or "semi-dynamic" transistor-level analysis, the company is rolling its Power tool that is capable of checking IR drops for SoC designs.
2007-08-16 AC current sensors trim board space
Silicon Laboratories has introduced tiny low-loss, high-accuracy AC current sensors that can trim board space by up to 75 percent.
2004-01-21 ABC Taiwan choke coils have low resistance
The company has released its series of low resistance choke coils that is suited for use in dc-dc converters, notebooks computers and flash memory programmers.
2012-03-05 A primer on narrowband PLC and power line medium
Here's a discussion on the narrowband PLC, a communication over power line that is typically operating in transmission frequencies of up to 500kHz.
2015-12-30 A primer on debugging video apps and beyond
Starting with the review of the application and culminating with the submission of parts through official failure analysis channels, this guide attempts to provide as comprehensive a framework as possible.
2007-06-29 A new way to predict LDMOS DC signal behavior
To reduce the design cycle time and cost for wireless applications, it is useful to have models that can help predict and simulate the behavior of RF power transistors, such as ST's PD54003L-E device.
2006-03-16 A designer's guide to CMOS RF models
A BSIM4 model that is well correlated at RF can be highly accurate from DC to microwave frequencies over all operating conditions.
2015-09-15 80A encapsulated digital power module offers POL conversions
The ISL8273M from Intersil is a complete step-down regulated power supply that promises up to 80A output current and operates from industry standard 5V or 12V input power rails.
2006-02-15 5W resistor in 2818 package from Vishay
Vishay announced a new 5W Power Metal Strip resistor which it touts as the industry's first such device to offer 5W capability in the small 2818 package size.
2013-10-23 3-phase MOSFET bridge APM handles 2kW load
A three-phase bridge MOSFET automotive power module can be used to improve the system design for electrified automotive accessories.
2008-01-21 25A step-down regulator fits in 8mm x 8mm TQFN
Maxim has introduced the MAX8655, claimed to be the first switching, step-down regulator to incorporate the MOSFETs and to shrink regulator packaging into the industry's smallest footprintan 8mm x 8mm x 0.8mm (height) TQFN.
2006-08-29 1W current sensing resistor housed in 1206 package
Vishay has released a new 1W Power Metal Strip resistor in the 1206 package size and new molded solid tantalum chip capacitors.
2006-11-08 10GHz socket targets 1mm pitch ICs
Ironwood Electronics' high-performance 10GHz socket, designated as SS-BGA772A-01, is designed for 1mm pitch, 31mm body, 30-by-30 array ICs.
2006-08-22 10GHz socket supports very dense pitch QFP devices
Combining a small footprint with high performance, Ironwood Electronics' SG-QFE-7000 10+ GHz bandwidth socket supports very dense pitch QFP devices.
2005-11-24 100V MOSFET modules offer high frequency operation capability
Advanced Power Technology announced the addition of 100V MOSFET modules to the existing product range in SP3, SP4, and SP6 packages. These new modules are offered in single switch, buck, boost, dual common source, phase leg, full bridge, asymmetrical bridge, dual boost and dual buck configurations.
2008-04-08 .65mm LGA socket runs up to 60GHz
Ironwood Electronics has released the XG-LGA-7000 LGA socket for 0.65mm pitch LGA devices designed for a 12mm package size, and operates up to 40GHz with less than 1dB of insertion loss.
2005-08-08 'Field stop' IGBTs deliver winning punch
Advanced Power Technology's new IGBT modules deliver from 20A to 600A for modules rated at 600V, 50A to 400A for 1,200V modules, and 50A to 300A for 1,700V products.
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