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What is an inductor?
A passive electrical device that generates a magnetic field when current is passed through it. When the current is removed, it "induces" a brief current in the opposite direction of the original; thus, "induction" is caused by the opening and closing of a DC circuit or the continuous changing of directions in an AC circuit.
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2006-06-14 Wirewound inductor achieves 47H rating
Taiyo Yuden's LBMF1608 wirewound chip inductors are touted as the first devices to achieve a 47H inductance rating in a 0603 case size.
2002-12-23 Vishay wirewound inductor eliminates EMI in PCs
The IMC-2220 series of wirewound, molded, surface-mount inductor from Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. is designed to eliminate EMI in power lines for PCs, telecommunications, appliances, and other electronic devices. Measuring 5.6-by-5mm with a 5mm profile, the inductors serve as drop-in replacements for industry-standard 2220 (or metric 5650) devices.
2005-01-11 Vishay inductor with 'lowest DCR/?H for its package size'
Vishay announced the addition of a new low-profile, high-current inductor series to its line of space- and power-saving inductor solutions.
2004-12-16 Vishay extends IHLP high-current inductor family
Vishay extended its IHLP family of low-profile, high-current inductors with two new devices.
2004-09-13 Vishay expands IHLP inductor family
Four new additions to the IHLP family of low-profile, surface-mount inductors were announced by Vishay Intertechnology Inc.
2004-12-02 VCO inductor and external loop filter design guidelines for the AT86RF401X
This app note explains the process of implementing a design using the AT86RF401X (RF wireless microtransmitter)
2005-09-02 UMC, EDA firm offer inductor synthesis
United Microelectronics Corp., a semiconductor foundry based in Taiwan, has collaborated with EDA software company Integrand Software Inc. (Berkeley Heights, New Jersey) to improve a virtual inductor library applicable to a UMC 0.13?m CMOS process.
2005-02-07 UMC, Ansoft tackle RFCMOS with spiral inductor kit
United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) and Ansoft Corp. have announced a parameterized spiral inductor design kit based on full-wave simulation.
2002-11-28 Ultracompact drum core inductor fits disk drives
Pulse Engineering's PG0063 series of unshielded drum core inductors is designed for portable handheld devices and disk drive applications.
2007-05-09 Toko, Vishay ink licensing pact for inductor technologies
Toko has entered into a license agreement for the manufacture and sale of high-current, low-profile IHLP inductors with Vishay, whereby Toko will license certain inductor manufacturing technologies from Vishay.
2004-09-16 Toko inductor suits small portable apps
Toko has developed a surface-mount fixed inductor, which features an impact-resistant structure and dimensions of 3.6-by-3.6mm and a height of 1mm.
2005-01-25 Toko fixed inductor with low core noise
Toko rolled out a new fixed inductor designed for dc-dc converters in notebook PCs and other apps.
2005-01-26 Toko fixed inductor tailored for dc-dc converters in notebook PCs
The new FDU0650 fixed inductor from Toko is designed for use in dc-dc converters in notebook PCs and other apps.
2002-06-07 Tiny inductor targets wireless comms
RCD Components Inc. says it has the industry's smallest surface-mount inductor in a 0201-size package.
2012-09-28 TI's power modules integrate DC/DC converter, inductor
The TPS84250 and TPS84259 join TI's TPS84k power module family, which also provide power for DSPs and FPGAs that require lower input voltages.
2001-09-07 The elusive tapped output inductor
This application note discusses the use and benefits of the tapped, output inductor for both the push-pull converter and the single-ended, forward converter.
2002-09-11 TDK power inductor features 2.05mm profile
The RLF5018 power inductor of TDK Corp. measures 5.6-by-5.2mm with a profile ranging between 1.8mm to 2.05mm.
2002-08-27 TDK chip inductor is 80 percent smaller
The MLK0603 series of multilayer chip inductor from TDK Corp. is 80 percent smaller than the company's MLK1005 series, and is suited for use in high frequency mobile communication devices.
2005-08-08 Taiyo Yuden debuts industry first 100nH chip inductor in 0201 package
Taiyo Yuden unveiled two significant performance improvements with the launch of its expanding series of high-frequency multi-layer chip inductors
2002-02-20 Taiyo Yuden chip inductor provides 0.3mm pitch
With a pitch of 0.3mm, the LQ-LBH series of wirewound chip inductors provide OEMs a higher mounting density, high Q value, and non-directional surface-mountability.
2002-01-16 Taiwan inductor maker Mag. Layers to expand capacity
Taiwan maker Mag. Layers Scientific-Technics Co. Ltd will increase its monthly chip inductor capacity from 250 million to 600 million units this year.
2008-02-29 Surface-mount power inductor fits in tight spaces
Its compact footprint makes BI Tech's HM69T inductor series suited for space-saving designs, including those applications with limited PCB space.
2006-09-18 Surface-mount inductor targets high-current apps
Tyco's surface-mount inductor targets a wide range of high-current applications in computers, power supplies, DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters and battery-powered devices.
2004-07-27 Sunlord to expand chip inductor capacity
Shenzhen Sunlord Electronics Co. Ltd has disclosed plans on increasing its chip inductor capacity by establishing a factory in Guannan, Shenzhen, mainland China.
2011-05-17 SMD power inductor targets automotive applications
TDK-EPC Corp. has announced its new SPM6530-H SMD power inductor series with an extended temperature range suitable for automotive applications.
2012-01-25 RF inductor touts 1-32nH inductance range
The MLO 0402 devices are designed RF power amplifiers, low noise amplifiers, filter networks and MRI systems.
2003-03-10 RF inductor line rolls out with shielding
Gowanda Electronics' series of surface-mount inductors, the SMRF 1812S, features shielding to minimize coupling between board components in RF apps.
2008-06-23 RF inductor fits military list for multiple security apps
Gowanda recently launched an RF inductor series that is now on the military's Qualified Product List. The series is designed for RF military, aerospace and defense applications, which may be used in various applications such as space, satellite, radio, sonar, guidance and GPS.
2001-09-07 Push-pull output inductor design using a LPT E2000Q core
This application note describes how to design a push-pull output inductor using Coremaster's E2000Q magnetic core.
2004-12-24 Power shielded inductor features small size
Pulse offers a new series of power-shielded surface-mount inductors with a 6.2-by-6.2-by-2mm maximum footprint.
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