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What is an inductor?
A passive electrical device that generates a magnetic field when current is passed through it. When the current is removed, it "induces" a brief current in the opposite direction of the original; thus, "induction" is caused by the opening and closing of a DC circuit or the continuous changing of directions in an AC circuit.
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2008-07-21 Wirewound power inductors claim low DC resistance
Taiyo Yuden Inc. has introduced the NR6028 series of 6mm x 6mm x 2.8mm height (max) wirewound power inductors for DC/DC converter choke coil applications in LCD/plasma TVs and other flat panel displays.
2005-12-05 Wirewound chip inductors pack performance in small package
Taiyo Yuden offers a new wirewound chip inductor series that is said to simplify designs, reduce part count and lower BOM costs by combining two devices into a single 3218-size package.
2007-11-15 Wire-wound inductors load 3A at 10?H rating
Taiyo Yuden has unveiled the NR6045T series of wire-wound power inductors for DC/DC converter choke coil applications in LCD/plasma TVs and other flat-panel displays.
2005-02-09 Wayter power inductors rated at 55A
The new series of surface-mount high-current power inductors from Wayter Electronics features an inductance range between 150nH and 440nH.
2005-01-05 Wayter chip inductors suitable for reflow soldering
Wayter Electronics announced the general availability of its new series of chip inductors that feature an inductance range between 0.12?H and 560?H.
2002-11-12 Vishay inductors saturate to 84A
Vishay has expanded its Dale IHLP high-current inductor family with the addition of new devices that extend the inductance range up to 10?H.
2005-01-25 Vishay inductors offer 3m? DCR values
A new series of low-profile surface-mount inductors in the 2525 package size has been released by Vishay.
2002-09-23 Vishay inductors limit EMI in power lines
Vishay Intertechnology Inc.'s IMC-2220 series of surface-mount inductors measures 5.6-by-5-by-5mm.
2006-06-14 Vishay adds 2525-footprint inductors to IHLP line
Vishay is extending its IHLP family of inductors with new devices in the 2525-size footprint that promise to offer inductance values from 10H to 0.56H.
2006-10-31 Ultrathin power inductors suit tiny electronic devices
Total Frequency Control's new power inductors feature a magnetically shielded construction with an overall height of 1mm, making them suitable for a new generation of mobile phones and other miniature electronic devices.
2006-07-24 Ultra-thin inductors target portable devices
Combining a miniature surface-mount package with effective EMI protection, Datatronic Distribution's new inductors are suitable for a variety of compact, portable devices.
2004-06-28 Tyco power inductors rated at 50A
Tyco Electronics released its DZM series of lead-free power inductors that are free from thermal aging effects of standard iron powders.
2002-05-14 Tunable RF inductors: WCM 201 series
This application note describes West Coast Magnetics' 201 series tunable RF inductors.
2004-12-16 Tolerance analysis of coaxial inductors
This app note discusses the tolerance analysis of coaxial inductors.
2007-03-13 Thin-film chip inductors save PCB space
TT electronics BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division is offering a series of thin-film chip inductors designed to fit space-constrained applications, thus saving PCB space.
2001-08-27 Testing inductors at application frequencies
This application note discusses accurate measurement of coil parameters at the application frequency.
2005-08-16 TDK surface mount power inductors offer high current handling
TDK Electronics has introduced three surface mount power inductors, suitable for dc-dc converter usage in mobile applications.
2002-04-23 TDK chip inductors have 40 percent less dc resistance
The MLZ2012 series of multilayer chip inductors from TDK Corp. has a dc resistance ranging from 0.12 ohms to 0.4 ohms40 percent lower than that of the company's previous products.
2005-05-25 Taming power inductors for SoC integration
How can we discard power inductors from our designs?
2005-11-14 Taiyo Yuden's thin chip inductors suit ultra-thin portable devices
Taiyo Yuden Inc. claims its new CKP3216 offer the industry's lowest profile for dc/dc converter choke coil applications.
2008-04-23 Taiyo Yuden claims 'smallest' wirewound power inductors
A series of high-current, wirewound power inductors in an EIA 0603 case size has been introduced by Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.) Inc. as the smallest power inductors available.
2003-05-19 Surface-mountable inductors eye high-frequency supplies
The Coiltronics FP2 and FP4 families of inductors are surface-mounted devices with gapped ferrite cores.
2010-03-11 Surface-mount inductors deliver 1?H to 100?H
From Gowanda Electronics comes the SMP1210S series of surface-mount inductors, which combines high current, shielding and small size with inductance values from 1?H to 100?H.
2003-01-21 Sprague-Goodman rolls 0603 chip inductors
Sprague-Goodman Electronics Inc. has released the GLYC series of SMT chip inductors that measures 1.6-by-0.8mm.
2009-12-23 Spiral inductors serve wire-bonded assemblies
Vishay's new series of RF spiral inductors feature low DCR to 0.26?, high Q to 18 at 1,000 MHz, and High SRF to 10.2GHz.
2005-04-04 SMT inductors suit PC notebook apps
Pulse's new inductors are designed for the multiphase VRMs supporting the increasing current needs of Vcore power in PC notebooks and other DC/DC apps.
2003-03-25 SMT inductors eye distributed power
Pulse has introduced two SMT inductors that target dc/dc converter and ac/dc switch-mode supply systems.
2004-10-12 Small-sized power inductors with high current
Taiyo Yuden expanded its NR series to include two types of 3mm? low-profile power inductors.
2003-08-01 Skymos chip inductors target automobile electronics
The HFCI series of high-frequency chip inductors from Skymos are suitable for surface-mount circuit systems in sensor-based controllers.
2003-07-25 Skymos chip inductors suitable for reflow soldering
Skymos Microelectronics has released its CI series of chip inductors that features stable electrical performance and high reliability.
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