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2007-04-03 DC/DC converters deliver up to 180W
FDK Corp. released Sensei series converters, which provide up to 180W of output power with minimal derating at elevated temperatures.
2007-11-12 DC/DC converters deliver 30A at 75C with no derating
FDK's new DC/DC converters provide 30A output current at regulated voltages of 3.3-1.2V with little or no derating at elevated temperatures.
2012-05-30 DC/DC converters claim double density
Enpirion's EN2300 family of fully integrated 12V DC/DC converters integrates the controller, power MOSFETs, high frequency input capacitors, compenzation network and inductor to offer up to 95 percent efficiency.
2003-07-30 Dawning selects AMD processor for supercomputer
Dawning Information of China has decided to use Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron processor in designing its Dawning 4000A supercomputer.
2004-12-03 Datang expands core licensing agreement with LSI Logic
Datang Technology Co. Ltd has extended its licensing agreement with LSI Logic to include the ZSP540 digital signal processor (DSP) for use in its 3G wireless applications.
2011-05-16 Data center offers hosting and net solutions
Extreme Networks has unveiled the Open Fabric data center solution with its Cloud-scale architecture that enables managed hosting and cloud service providers to set up network solutions.
2011-06-15 DAC highlights diversity, innovation
The DAC event is a venue for the research community to distribute the most recent results from design automation tool developments.
2006-08-11 Cypress unveils clock generator for Cell processor apps
Cypress has introduced a clock generator designed to provide high-performance clock signals for XDR memory systems and the FlexIO processor bus interface that support applications employing the new Cell processor architecture.
2013-01-03 Cypress incorporates Ramtron FRAM devices
Ramtron's ferroelectric random access memory (FRAM) products claim to offer the market's widest range of densities for fast-write non-volatile memories.
2014-08-29 Custom ASICs run towards datacentre finish line
Firebox, a UC Berkeley prototype system in development, targets to bring warehouse-scale computer based on ASICs and optical links to datacentres.
2004-02-24 Crypto chip choices confound PC makers
As PC makers gear up to build desktops with hardware security, they face tough choices about how to implement a small but significant cryptography chip crucial to their architecture.
2008-06-25 Credence, LTX join forces, ink merger deal
ATE firms Credence Systems Corp. and LTX Corp. have entered into a definitive agreement to combine the two companies in a tax-free, all-stock merger of equals.
2012-04-12 Counterfeit parts: A billion-dollar risk
The five most prevalent types of semiconductors reported as counterfeits represent $169 billion in potential risk per year for the global electronics supply chain.
2012-12-05 Cortina unveils 28nm EDC PHY architecture
The CS4343 from Cortina claims to drive dramatically lower power and support higher bandwidth to scale to 100G and 400G applications.
2012-10-02 Contract price decline for 4GB module worsens, says report
Average transaction price of the module fell from $17.25 to $16.25, with a low of $16, close to the lowest price reached in 2H11, stated TrendForce.
2012-11-23 Context is King, says Sensor Platforms exec
Chen is part of a team that has transformed Sensor Platforms from a semiconductor company into a software company, one that aims to bring a lot of intelligence to your phone.
2015-01-12 Consumerisation could cut the cost of industrial wearables
Wearable computers provide hands-free way for users to operate the data collection device thereby improving the productivity and efficiency of users, but come at a great price.
2004-01-01 Consumer electronics donning more video apps
TV-related video application has become the key attention among this year's consumer electronics.
2006-08-02 Consortium preps chips that "refuse to fail"
Semiconductor Research Corp., a university-research consortium for semiconductors and related technologies, recently announced the development of chips that "refuse to fail."
2008-11-17 Consider power early in the design process
Power management is becoming a necessity everyday. Many reasons are provided justifying the designers' need to care about power and the list is getting longer.
2007-08-24 Connectors offer flexibility for backplane designs
By combining FCI's BGA technology with its shieldless high-speed connector design, the new AirMax VS vertical BGA headers offer system designers greater flexibility in backplane design and improved electrical performance.
2007-05-23 Connectivity solutions conserve power, space
SMSC has rolled out the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 USB251x hub controller and USB331x ULPI transceiver families featuring space and power saving capabilities.
2003-10-17 Computer CPU makers debate multithreading, security
Computer microprocessor makers debated the merits of multithreading and hardware security at the Microprocessor Forum.
2008-03-06 Computational litho tools roll with Cell B.E. tech
Mentor Graphics has rolled out the Calibre nmOPC and OPCverify computational lithography tools accelerated with Cell/B.E. processor technology.
2014-03-05 Competition heats up between two duelling chip vendors
The launch of separate smartphone chips by MediaTek and Qualcomm at the Mobile World Congress marked the start of an interesting duel between the Asian and Western vendors.
2003-01-30 Companies test prototype wireless-sensor nets
Self-organizing wireless-sensor networks, a realization of the Pentagon's "smart-dust" concept, have reached the prototype stage worldwide.
2003-01-22 CompactPCI seeks life beyond telecom
As telecom companies wrestle with the repercussions of a disastrous economic slump, engineers at the Bus & Board/2003 Conference will look for ways to undo the downturn's crippling damage to the computer board market.
2006-10-06 Codec software driver brings HD Audio to modern PCs
IDT has announced the availability of a high-definition audio (HD Audio) codec software driver that enables advanced audio capabilities in Windows Vista-compliant systems.
2010-12-21 CMSIS 2.0 with DSP Library for Cortex announced
Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M4 processor-based systems benefit from CMSIS. Instruction extensions boost execution speed by a factor of 2 for fixed-point and a factor of 10 for floating-point DSP algorithms.
2011-06-08 CMOS platform cuts power use by 50%
SuVolta Inc. develops a new energy-saving CMOS platform which promises at least 50% cut in power use.
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