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2003-05-05 Samsung HDD technology powers XiMeta storage solution
Samsung Electronics has announced that information storage solution company, XiMeta Technology Inc., has chosen Samsung's HDD technology to be used on its latest network direct storage system.
2014-01-02 Research: MRAM tech boosts information storage in electronics
NUS Researchers developed an innovative technology that will drastically increase storage space and enhance memory, which will ensure that fresh data stays intact, even in the case of a power failure
2003-09-04 Wireless, storage, and computing named as hot spots
At Agilent Technologies, we believe that wireless, storage and computing technologies will have the greatest impact on China's electronics industry over the next three years
2013-04-30 Why flash storage is important to MEMS
Solid state drives operate at higher temperatures, and MEMS devices can withstand that environment because they regulate themselves.
2011-12-14 Using USB host mass storage class driver
Understand how to use the USB host mass storage class driver with Renesas USB Device
2002-03-01 Using the HP200LX with CSI dataloggers and storage modules
This application note explains how to use the HP200LX with Campbell Scientific Inc.'s dataloggers and storage modules
2002-05-07 Using Intel Persistent Storage Manager
This application note describes how to include Intel Persistent Storage Manager in a design that uses an Intel StrongARM processor, Intel StrataFlash memory and the Windows CE operating system
2008-06-27 USB mass storage device reference design programmer's guide
The USB MSD Reference Design utilizes this widespread support by providing device firmware for Silicon Laboratories USB MCUs that complies with the MSD class specification. This USB MSD Reference Design Programmer's Guide describes in detail the various components of the device firmware.
2008-04-28 USB mass storage class on an embedded host
With the introduction of Microchip's MCU with the USB OTG peripheral, MCU applications can easily support USB embedded host functionality.
2008-03-24 USB mass storage class on an embedded device
This application note discusses and provides a mass storage device function driver that can be integrated with almost any application running on Microchip 32bit PIC MCU products with USB peripheral support
2014-12-18 Understanding data storage in NVM
Using non-volatile random access memory in an embedded design is straightforward, but its functionality does need to be carefully accommodated as described in this article.
2006-03-07 Synopsys to highlight mobile storage IP solutions at IDF
Synopsys announced that it will highlight its wireless USB, PCI Express, SATA and mobile storage IP solutions at the Intel Developers' Forum in San Francisco, California
2013-05-09 Synchronised technique for next-gen data storage
The BPMR technique offers much higher storage capacity because it records the data in a regular array of single-grain magnetic islands that can be much smaller than multiple grain bits in continuous media
2008-03-26 Storage system rolls for cable operators, government security
Atrato is debuting a 'Self-maintaining Array of Independent Disks' for the cable TV operator and government security markets.
2009-06-16 Storage system delivers high availability, reliability
Fujitsu has introduced the two entry-level RAID storage systems designed to meet the growing demand from mid-sized enterprises with new features such as reduced power consumption, simplified management and improved redundancy
2008-05-22 Storage solution designed for Virtex-5 FPGAs
Xilinx has announced a flash-based configuration and storage solution for the Virtex-5 family that delivers new levels of configuration performance for meeting today's high-speed connectivity requirements
2006-04-17 Storage processors to sharply boost protocol bandwidth
Astute Networks' Athens, the second-generation family of storage processors named, which consists of AN2000 and AN2004, have been significantly enhanced over its Pericles family of storage devices
2008-05-23 Storage capacitor options for Cypress nvSRAM
The user has a wide range of options in selecting a Cypress nvSRAM, depending on the desired size, cost, reliability and other conditions to which the system is subject to.
2000-12-11 Storage and handling of Drypacked surface mounted devices (SMD
This application note provides ON Semiconductor customers with the necessary storage and handling guidelines to preclude component package cracking during solder reflow procedures
2003-06-17 Standards group to define storage management API
A standards group has kicked off work on an effort to define an application programming interface for management software running on a storage switch
2005-09-01 Stacking up new energy storage options
Fuel cells power up future demands in energy consumption and storage
2010-12-21 Spintronics to enable quantum data storage on individual atoms
University of Utah researchers demonstrated how to store quantum information on individual atoms, rather than electrons, via spintronics. They achieved a refresh time of 112 seconds—thousands of times longer than memorories storing information on electron spin—by reading and writing spin onto phosphorus atoms in a silicon substrate
2004-01-16 SONET well-suited to carry storage traffic
The networking of storage islands using SONET infrastructure presents an opportunity to exploit a proven, widely distributed asset
2013-11-18 Skyrmions could power high-density magnetic data storage
Riken and University of Tokyo scientists showed that structural control of small magnetic vortex structures or skyrmions could lead to a low-power alternative to conventional magnetic data storage
2013-08-19 Skyera teams with SK hynix to work on skyEagle storage array
Skyera selected SK hynix's 16nm technology node for its new skyEagle all-Flash enterprise storage array
2005-02-14 SGI unveils 4Gb Fiber Channel storage array
Silicon Graphics unveiled its SGI Infinite Storage TP9700 RAID storage array, claiming it is the industry's first Fiber Channel storage array equipped with a 4Gbps interface
2008-07-02 Serial ATA and the evolution in data storage technology
Before we can fully appreciate the benefits behind the SATA standard, it makes sense to look back on the history of data storage
2007-09-18 SD media format expands the MAXQ2000's space for nonvolatile data storage
This article demonstrates how to use the Secure Digital (SD) media format to expand the MAXQ2000's nonvolatile data storage
2009-03-23 Re-drivers target storage, computing apps
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced two re-drivers to support the industry's latest high-speed serial interfaces. These protocol-specific re-drivers are intended for use in storage and computing applications
2012-12-27 Quantum magnetism: the next step for comms and storage
MIT's researchers have recently showed off a new state of magnetism which has the potential to create a quantum leap in both communication and storage applications
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