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2006-11-07 Technology firms eyeing Vietnam
China may be the name on everyone's lips when it comes to the preeminent Asian market and production base, but a growing number of major technology firms are taking notice of a new contender to the throneVietnam
2002-01-25 NSW joins ARM technology access program
Japan-based Nippon Systemware Co. Ltd (NSW) has joined ARM's technology access program, ATAP
2002-04-16 MILCOM forms technology alliance with Xilinx
MILCOM Technologies Inc. and Xilinx Inc. have formed an alliance that will explore new technologies and applications in the semiconductor, communications, and IT markets.
2008-05-23 Intel's Barrett: Education, not technology, is key to success
Intel Chairman Craig Barrett said global alliances will be the key to getting the next 1 billion people on the Internet and better education is the best way to achieve this goal.
2010-02-02 Empyra: Cloud computing to redefine information, process use
Vipin Gupta at Inc. talks to Vivek Nanda about the challenges and opportunities facing the rapidly emerging cloud computing market.
2009-08-26 Better information builds 'smarter' smart grids
A quick survey of the prototype smart grids around the world shows that there is no absolute agreement on what a power system must include in order to be considered smart.
2002-01-04 Asian nations propose technology 'belt
Seeking to keep pace with the West, 17 countries in southeast Asia have proposed the creation of an Asian information technology belt that would link key cities into a regional grouping similar to California's Silicon Valley.
2005-01-13 Personal technology' to drive IC industry, says National's Halla
The future demand for ICs will not be driven by information technology (IT), but rather by personal technology, according to the top executive from National Semiconductor Corp. here on Tuesday (Jan. 11).
2002-04-08 Wireless-trench technology for silicon GSM power amplifiers
This article describes the results obtained for power amplifiers designed with the new wireless trench technology
2003-02-18 Wireless LAN technology in Asia
The most significant impact that WLAN technology has on Asia is that it provides the flexibility of sharing information anywhere, anytime.
2016-03-30 Wearables require technology, logistics collaboration
The booming wearable technology industry requires semiconductor makers to work with experienced and reliable logistics providers that can offer multimodal transportation and properly ship items
2003-06-20 Wafer Level Package Technology
This application note discusses the properties and functions of the Wafer Level Package technology
2002-12-11 VistaScape signs Cohu as technology partner
VistaScape Technology Corp. has formed an alliance with Cohu Electronics making the latter its supplier of visible spectrum CCTV camera products
2003-12-16 Using ISSP technology in structured ASIC design
NEC's ISSP technology for designing structured ASIC has become popular with design engineers because of its easy-to-use design flow and clear road map for 90nm
2005-07-01 Unclogging the pipeline toward 3G technology
To make GSM apps work seamlessly in the field, an intimate knowledge of 3G technology's four fundamental blocks is required
2007-03-06 UN, SV leaders to bring technology to developing countries
Members of a special United Nations group recently met with Silicon Valley leaders to explore how the technology industry, government and NGOs can come together to bolster development around the world
2009-07-14 Touchscreen basics: Technology, design
Understand the touchscreen technology ecosystem and availability
2002-06-21 Tomorrow's technology points to present-day solutions
Off-key subjects were at the heart of several emerging technology sessions at the DAC that examined the challenges of next-gen designs while suggesting possible approaches to existing problems
2001-05-16 TMS320C6000 multi-channel vocoder technology demonstration kit target side design
This application note provides an overview of the target system design in the TMS320C6000 Multichannel Vocoder (MCV) Technology Demonstration Kit (TDK
2001-05-16 TMS320C6000 multi-channel vocoder technology demonstration kit host side design
This application note provides an overview of the host-side design in the Multichannel Vocoder (MCV) Technology Demonstration Kit (TDK
2001-05-17 TMS320C6000 multi-channel vocoder technology demonstration kit
This application note describes the content of the TMS320C6000 DSP Multichannel Vocoder (MCV) Technology Demonstration Kit (TDK
2005-03-10 TI to license Telchemy VoIP technology
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced it would license VQmon/EP-DS technology from Telchemy for its voice-over-IP (VoIP) chipsets, enabling service providers and enterprises to monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot complex problems in real-time for higher quality services
2004-09-17 TI develops accurate gas gauge technology for lithium batteries
Texas Instruments Inc. has developed a gas gauge technology the company says calculates remaining capacity in lithium-based battery packs with up to 99 percent accuracy throughout the entire life of a battery
2003-09-25 TI controller powers BEI sensor technology
Texas Instruments Inc. has announced that BEI Systron Donner Inertial Division has selected its TMS320F2812 digital signal controller for BEI's MEMS IMU.
2004-03-11 Three chip giants form European technology project
Europe's three largest semiconductor companies - Infineon, Philips and STMicroelectronics - are teaming up with a network of European technology research laboratories to kick off a new CMOS logic technology development project called NanoCMOS
2000-06-14 The Role of Silicon Germanium in Optimum Technology Matching
This technical note examines the process of Optimum Technology Matching (OTM), which is used to determine which of the available process technologies will maximize performance and minimize cost. This paper also discusses the role of SiGe within that framework
1999-11-17 The role of silicon germanium in optimum technology matching
This paper will examine the process of OTM (Optimum Technology Matching), and discuss the role of SiGe within that framework
2001-06-01 Technology-level simulation of active microwave circuits
This application note discusses the underlying basis of, and need for, technology-level simulation of active microwave circuits incorporating FETs
1999-09-09 Technology economics of standards based WLAN solutions and cost of ownership
Wireless LAN radio technology continues to advance in performance achieving Ethernet like data rates and is becoming ubiquitous serving a variety of voice and data applications in the 2.4GHz ISM band. Standards are starting to emerge, allowing equipment manufacturers to deliver cost effective interoperable WLAN systems. This paper describes the benefits of using integrated chipset solutions over discrete designs, which are standards driven
2007-08-31 Technology comparison: MediaFLO and DVB-H
This document from Qualcomm outlines and highlights the different features and characteristics of both technologies will help clarify what each technology has to offer
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