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2007-05-14 Video platform supports analog HD/SD input/output
Matrox Imaging has developed the Matrox Vio Analog, the newest member of the Matrox Vio family of boards for video capture and display, which supports analog HD/SD input and output.
2004-08-02 Micrel switch regulator offers low input, output ripple
Micrel released a 1.2MHz, PWM dc-dc boost switching regulator with a 2.5V to 10V input voltage range, high efficiency, and <1mA shutdown current.
2009-10-27 LDO boasts wide input, output voltage ranges
Microchip offers the MCP1804 low dropout regulator that delivers up to 150mA of output current and support output voltages from 1.8V-18V.
2001-09-21 ISR Input/Output filters
This application note describes various filters and design techniques designed to reduce both input and output ripple/noise in ISRs.
2003-05-28 Input/Output forges outsourcing pact with Celestica
Input/Output Inc. has entered into an outsourcing agreement with Celestica for the manufacture of cables, connectors, and sensor geophone strings.
2000-08-29 Configuration of 3V/5V input/output cells
This application note describes the configuration of the pad ring of a device containing a mixture of 3V and 5V I/O cells for the Atmel 0.5?m triple-layer metal process.
2012-05-15 Charge pumps provide low input, output ripple
Linear Technology's LTC3261 and LTC3260 charge pumps function in either low quiescent current Burst Mode operation or low noise constant frequency mode at up to 88 percent efficiency, delivering up to 100mA of output current operating from 4.5V to 32V input voltage.
2000-06-26 Bus-Structured Serial Input/Output Device
This application note discusses how to implement an extensive bus structure by using simple shift registers to illustrate how 3-state busses may be used within an LCA device.
2006-12-01 Typewriter teaches timeless lesson
Consistency and keeping the feedback quick and meaningful are still design goals to embed into whatever you design, if it has any sort of user interaction, as was the lesson of the typewriter.
2002-10-24 Toshiba SDIO card integrates Silicon Wave Bluetooth modem
Toshiba Corp. has selected Silicon Wave Inc.'s Bluetooth radio modem IC for its newly launched Toshiba SDIO card.
2003-09-10 SMSC, Intel enter IP collaboration
Standard Microsystems Corp., a fabless semiconductor supplier, and Intel Corp. have enhanced their intellectual property and business relationship.
2002-05-06 SMSC I/O controller targets notebook port replicators, docks
Standard Microsystems Corp. has announced the shipment of the LPC47N237 I/O Controller targeted for notebook PC port replicators and docks.
2004-06-17 SBS establishes major presence in China
SBS Technologies Inc. has announced the launching of SBS Technologies (Shenzhen) Ltd on June 18, 2004.
2007-07-30 PCI card delivers 128 opto-isolated channels
Adlink's PCI-744X high-density DIO PCI card delivers up to 128 opto-isolated channels for industrial I/O control and automation, large-scale test and measurement and relay control apps.
2005-11-03 New GPIO and LED drivers from Maxim
Maxim Integrated Products expanded its serial-bus-controlled GPIO and LED drivers with MAX7319-MAX7329.
2004-09-21 National unveils security ICs for PCs
National introduced security chips for desktop and notebook PC motherboards, with IBM the first manufacturer to use the hardware.
2002-10-21 National ships single-chip I/O controllers for Pentium 4s
The bus-based PC87372 and PC87373 I/O controllers are designed to meet the needs of Intel Pentium 4 systems and integrate the required system control functions into a 128-pin QFP.
2015-01-16 Modelling package parasitics within IBIS
Package parasitics can be modelled within an IBIS file using a number of methods that differ in their complexity and accuracy. Here's a brief look at these methods.
2002-03-25 Interconnection of balanced and unbalanced equipment
This application note briefly explains the hardware and some underlying engineering theories for interfaces that solve many typical system problems.
2005-01-21 I/O expanders simplify MCU-based system upgrades
Microchip Technology is announcing two input/output expanders for 8bit ports.
2005-11-15 I/O expanders control up to six power functions in portables
The AAT4296 and AAT4298 I/O devices from Analogic Tech allow designers to quickly expand general purpose input/output resources in battery-power systems.
2006-08-01 How to make a PI controller on an 8bit MCU
This article shows you how to implement a classical PI (proportional-integral) controller on a simple 8bit microcontroller. To implement the PI controller, we developed specific libraries that make it possible for the microcontroller to perform arithmetic operations with 16- and 32bit precision.
2007-04-26 High-speed digital I/O modules offer connector type options
Adlink Technology announces the High Speed Link (HSL) U series digital I/O slave module, a compact-size distributed I/O module with connector type options.
2004-12-01 Hearing, seeing the sound of change: From analog to digital audio amplifiers
Digital amplifier systems keep audio signal in the digital domain virtually all the way to the speaker; analog-based systems convert the signal to analog early in the process.
2006-01-11 FPGAs embed secure digital I/O for faster product development
To help consumer electronics designers accelerate product design, QuickLogic is embedding an SDIO host controller IP core in its Eclipse II microwatt FPGAs.
2006-01-19 FPGAs embed SDIO for faster product development
QuickLogic is embedding an secure digital input output host controller IP core in its Eclipse II microwatt FPGAs.
2011-06-06 EMC Basics #5: I/O as crucial circuits
Here's a discussion on input/output circuits during EMI circuit board reviews.
2004-11-16 Designing low leakage current power supplies
Reducing the Y-capacitor's size results to low leakage currents and still meet conducted EMI limits with adequate margin.
2006-02-21 Connectors support up to 500 I/Os
Samtec has expanded its high-density product portfolio with the introduction of its SEARAY (SEAM/SEAF series) interconnects that support up to 500 I/Os.
2003-07-22 Artisan opens development center in India
Artisan Components Inc. has opened a new product development center in Bangalore, India.
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