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2007-01-26 Op amps claim near-zero drift and input noise
Noise level of ADI's AD8231 op amps is 32nV/rt-Hz, which the company documents as being just 1/5 the value of competing "zero-drift" instrumentation amplifiers.
2011-09-14 Op amp touts less than 250?V offset voltage
Linear Tech's high-speed amplifier drives 16-, 18bit SAR ADCs to 0V on a single 5V supply.
2013-02-01 Op amp touts 3pA bias current, 1.6mV offset voltage
Geared for high gain applications, Linear Tech's LTC6090 claims to deliver the precision required for high performance ATE, piezo driver, and DAC buffer applications.
2009-05-20 Op amp architecture aims for zero offset voltage
Microchip Technology Inc. has released the MCP65X series of operation amplifiers (MCP651/2/5) that uses on-chip, one-shot digital calibration to correct the input offset voltage.
2005-07-14 New CMOS amplifiers with voltage noise like bipolar amplifiers
Linear Technology announced a new class of CMOS amplifiers with voltage noise like bipolar amplifiers
2007-10-25 Low-offset op amp family suits portable apps
National Semiconductor has unveiled five new precision operational amplifiers designed for portable test and measurement, industrial and medical systems that require signal-conditioning.
2003-04-22 Dual comparator features on-board voltage reference
The TSM109 dual comparator IC from STMicroelectronics has an on-board voltage reference and is designed for power system apps
2005-05-04 Current sense amp mixes high voltage, fast response time
Linear Tech rolled out a high side current sense amplifier that combines very quick response times with an input voltage range of 4V to 60V
2007-07-26 Current sense amp has 10V offset, zero drift
Linear has begun full production of a zero-drift high-side current sense amplifier that provides a maximum input offset voltage of 10?V.
2005-06-22 A high voltage version of TI's THS3001 amplifier now available
Texas Instruments released a high voltage version of its THS3001 high-speed, current feedback amplifier, which is touted by the company to be the industry's fastest 33V amplifier of its kind
2013-02-18 50?V op amp supports 76V input range
Linear Tech's LT6016 and LT6017 claim to combine high precision with the ruggedness and versatility of the company's Over-the-Top architecture, and boast high voltage gain of 1000V/mV
2008-10-03 Wide input range earmarks current-sense amplifiers
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX9928/MAX9929 low-cost, current-sense amplifiers for monitoring charge and discharge currents.
2013-02-28 Understand perfect pseudo-differential input ADCs
Read about a practical application of the time realignment filtering technique.
2014-10-10 SAR ADCs aim to simplify high-voltage designs
TI's eight-channel ADS8688 and four-channel ADS8684 deliver the industry's lowest gain drift, offset voltage and offset drift, and the highest precision reference, to deliver outstanding accuracy
2007-06-04 Quad op amp delivers low offset
iC-Haus GmbH delivers its new unity gain stable quad op amp that features an offset of less than 1?V at 3.5MHz
2008-04-14 Precision amp claims 'lowest' input bias current
National has introduced the LMP7721, a precision amplifier that's said to have the industry's lowest guaranteed input bias current (20fA) at room temperature and over the extended temperature range of -40C to 125C
2009-06-26 Op amps feature 150?V offset voltage
Microchip Technology Inc. has added three new families of low-power high precision operational amplifiers that feature an offset voltage of just 150?V
2005-04-20 Low-noise precision amp targets low-voltage apps
Analog Devices is kicking off a new family of precision amps that are optimized for the low-noise requirements of instrumentation, audio, communications and medical apps operating at 5V and less
2002-10-24 Linear Tech comparator accepts 44V input
The LT1716 rail-to-rail comparator from Linear Tech has an input common mode range from 2.7V to 44V without false outputs or causing damage to the device
2006-05-16 JFET op amp achieves high input impedance
New Japan Radio announced a JFET input operational amplifier
2005-09-05 Designing with ultra-low voltage MOSFET arrays
The quest to achieve ever-lower operating voltage and lower power consumption levels in circuit design is a trend that has placed difficult challenges on electrical engineers
2005-09-05 Designing with ultra-low voltage MOSFET arrays
The quest to achieve ever-lower operating voltage and lower power consumption levels in circuit design is a trend that has placed difficult challenges on electrical engineers
2006-05-16 Audio amplifiers detect headphone input
Maxim's audio amplifiers combine a stereo 3W bridge-tied load audio amplifier, stereo headphone amp, headphone sensing, and a 2:1 input multiplexer in a thin TQFN package
2005-10-13 ADI's latest product families tailored for high-voltage apps
Analog Devices is rolling out four new product families (A/D converters, intelligent sensors, JFET op amps and voltage references
2014-04-16 Utilise audio amps for voltage splitting (Part 3
Here's a look at voltage splitters based on power audio amplifiers
2014-03-17 Utilise audio amps for voltage splitting (Part 2
In the second part of this series, we discuss some features of power audio amplifiers.
2005-07-04 The right voltage supervisor improves system reliability
When designing circuit boards, remember voltage supervisors to prevent unpredictable behaviors
2015-01-27 Measuring capacity vs bias voltage on MLCCs
How can you determine how much capacitance is lost under the conditions in your application? This article explains how to measure capacity versus bias voltage on multi-layer ceramic capacitors
2005-06-24 Linear Tech ADCs provide zero average differential input current
Linear Technology Corp.'s new series of delta-sigma analog-to-digital converters features a novel front-end design that is able to directly digitize a wide range of sensors
2003-10-29 Linear power detector has offset, gain adjustment
Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC5532, a precision RF power detector designed for monitoring and control apps in wireless comms transceivers.
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