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2009-01-16 Wide-input range DC/DC converters tout 91% efficiency
XP Power has expanded its low power DC/DC converter product line-up with the release of the12W JTF12 and 20W JTM20 series.
2006-06-20 Ultrawide regulator handles varying input voltages
Allegro's A8498 3A buck regulator is especially suited to consumer and industrial applications where the range of input voltages vary widely.
2007-10-17 Ultrawide input DC/DCs come in small packs
XP Power has released the JTH15 series of 15W DC/DC converters that fit into a 50.8mm x 25.4mm metal cased compact footprint and are suited to low power, board mounted designs.
2016-04-21 Switching regulator flaunts 3V to 42V input voltage range
The LT8608 from Linear Tech flaunts a unique synchronous rectification topology that promises 93 per cent efficiency while switching at 2MHz to target automotive and industrial applications.
2005-02-28 SMPS controller reduces input capacitance requirements
Maxim rolled out a dual step-down, interleaved, fixed-frequency, switch-mode power-supply controller.
2005-09-02 Sipex LED driver drives multiple LEDs from 16V input voltage rail
Sipex unveiled a linear constant current LED driver that is designed to drive multiple LEDs in series from a high input voltage rail (16V max
2008-10-03 Rouse future digital input designs
Modern digital input module designs require high-channel count, small form factor, low-power consumption and high data rates. Conventional designs using discrete resistor-diode networks are unable to match requirements due to high-power use and extensive component count. Instead, new innovative circuit designs such as digital input serializers exceed requirements and thus, lay the groundwork for future digital input designs
2006-07-06 Regulator features wide input range
Allegro MicroSystems expanded its current family of step-down regulators by adding a 3A fixed off-time, current-mode-controlled buck-switching regulator.
2011-12-01 Power IC supports 3.5-6.5V input voltage
The TPS75005 features two low-noise, 500mA low-dropout linear regulators for TI's real-time control MCUs.
2007-09-26 Minimizing FET losses for a high input rail buck converter
At lower input voltages it is often possible to use the same HS and LS FETs, yet for higher input voltages the selection criteria for these FETs are different.
2002-01-28 Maxim limiting amplifier features 15mV input sensitivity
Operating from a single 3.3V supply, the MAX3272 2.5Gbps limiting amplifier features a 15mV input sensitivity and 220mVrms input-referred noise, while consuming only 110mW of power
2010-12-14 LDOs adjust output voltages down to 0.5V
Micrel's MIC61150 and the MIC61300 offer highly flexible solutions for low V(IN)/V(OUT) applications
2009-12-11 Integrated Driver-MOSFET handles 20V input voltage
Renesas Technology Corp. has introduced the R2J20653ANP Integrated Driver-MOSFET for use in voltage regulators for the CPU, memory of notebook PCs.
2012-06-05 Ideal diode controller tips negative input protection
The LTC4359 high voltage ideal diode controller targets harsh automotive environments such as during load dump, cold crank, two-battery jumps, and reverse battery connections.
2009-07-06 DC/DC converters tout extra wide-input range
XP Power has launched the IM and IT series of 2- and 3W board mounted regulated DC/DC converters.
2009-11-06 DC/DC converters pack five input voltage choices
The series offers five input voltages from 5V to 48V and output voltages of 5V, 9V, 12V or 15V.
2008-06-11 DC/DC converters fully charge for unregulated input voltage apps
Aimtec continues to build upon its low output power AMxG-Z series with the new 2W AM2GW-NZ series of ultrawide input (4:1) DC/DC switching power supplies
2009-10-21 DC/DC converters boast ultrawide input range
The 15W and 30W converters feature an input to output isolation of 1,600VDC for up to 1 minute
2013-02-14 DC/DC controller supports 2.8-80V input voltage range
The LT8705 from Linear Tech operates from input voltages above, below or equal to the regulated output voltage, and has four feedback loops to regulate the input current/voltage.
2010-10-05 DC-DC step-down regulator controls input down to 0.8V
AOS has expanded its synchronous EZBuck portfolio with the launch of the AOZ1110low input voltage DC-DC step-down regulator which controls input voltages from 2.7V to 5.5V down to 0.8V, and drives up to 4A of output current.
2013-09-27 Controller works down to 1.6V input voltage
The LT3759 operates over an input voltage range from 1.6V to 42V and controls either positive or negative outputs using the same feedback pin
2006-08-18 Buck regulator delivers up to 250mA from 1.6V input
Linear Technology has released a 2.25MHz synchronous buck regulator that promises up to 250mA of continuous output current from input voltages as low as 1.6V.
2010-10-08 Battery chargers output 2A from up to 32V input
Linear Technology's new battery chargers boast active current limit, host of features
2008-04-09 Battery charger guards against faulty input voltages
Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc. has rolled the AAT3783, a 1A linear Li-ion/polymer battery charger IC with an integrated overvoltage protection (OVP) switch.
2005-10-17 7.5W DC/DC converters with wide input range, dual outputs
C&D Technologies introduced a new generation of wide input DC/DC converters that will save space, reduce component count and minimize emissions in apps requiring dual positive/negative voltage outputs and up to 7.5W of output power
2014-12-24 50A digital PoL DC/DC converters support 4.5-14VDC input
The 50APoLs from Murata can be configured and monitored using industry-standard PMBus commands and provides a configurable output voltage from 0.6-3.3VDC.
2005-10-28 VLDO voltage regulator with input voltage capability down to 0.9V
Linear Technology announced a new I-grade version of its LT3020 LDO regulator for industrial and automotive applications.
2005-10-19 Ultrawide-input POL delivers 45W
NetPower Technologies' NAS2030x10 is one of the industry's few point-of-load converters that can work from a 9V to 36V input and, with an output of up to 45W, lays claim to the one that delivers the highest power
2002-03-22 Tyco dc/dc converter sets core voltages down to 0.8V
Designed to power ICs and DSPs, the JHW050xx series of dual output 50W half-brick dc/dc converters allows core voltage to be set to as low as 0.8V, and I/O voltage modified to within 5 percent, providing flexibility and future-proofing against migration to lower voltages
2004-07-14 SynQor bus converter provides wide telecom input range
SynQor has announced the release of a wide input, regulated dc bus converter in a standard half-brick package
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