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2006-11-17 TI op-amps tout breakthrough performance
TI touts its two new precision op-amps as breakthrough performers for test and measurement, instrumentation, imaging, medical, audio and process control applications
2006-04-24 THAs target UWB apps
Inphi claims to have set a new industry standard with the launch of its GigaTrack family of 2GSps track-and-hold amplifiers that deliver ultra-wide 18GHz analog bandwidth
2007-09-28 Op amps push the limits of precision
CMOS operational amplifiers (op amps) that push the limits of precision have been introduced by Linear Technology Corp
2008-04-28 Op amps promise ultralow noise
ADI has introduced the latest addition to its portfolio of low-noise operational amplifiers
2009-06-09 Op amps combine high precision, low noise
Maxim Integrated Products has released the MAX9943/MAX9944/MAX9945 family of high-voltage, low-power operational amplifiers
2011-04-19 Op amplifier boasts lowest-noise, zero-drift
Analog Devices has released the ADA4528 zero-drift operational amplifier designed for instrumentation and medical applications that require precision over time and temperature without system calibration
2007-04-30 Microchip unveils sub-microampere op amps
Microchip's new, sub-microampere op amps have a quiescent current of only900nA and a bandwidth of 10kHz, with a maximum voltage offset of just 150?V at 25C.
2001-10-04 Grounding and shielding
This application note explains grounding and shielding methods for amplifiers, transducers and other signal conditioners relative to instrumentation systems.
2006-10-10 Dual op amp lowers voltage noise by 80 percent
ADI has unrolled a dual op amp that lowers noise by 80 percent without sacrificing precision for medical, instrumentation, ATE and other industrial applications
2007-02-26 Audio Circuits Using the NE5532/34
The following will explain some of ON Semiconductors low noise op amps and show their use in some audio applications.
2011-07-08 Amplifier supports rail-to-rail operation
Analog Devices has unveiled an instrumentation amplifier that has a CMRR of 100dB while consuming 75uA of power
2014-03-12 ADI unveils low-power 18bit ADCs
The AD7989-1 and AD7989-5 PulSAR ADCs use up only 400uW at 100kSPS and boast ±1LSB and 98dB SNR at 1kHz to deliver high dynamic range with outstanding accuracy and precision, ADI stated.
2008-06-16 ADC driver touts distortion performance, low power
Analog Devices Inc. has extended its family of differential amplifiers by introducing a new device with the industry's best distortion performance at the lowest power consumption
2013-02-18 50?V op amp supports 76V input range
Linear Tech's LT6016 and LT6017 claim to combine high precision with the ruggedness and versatility of the company's Over-the-Top architecture, and boast high voltage gain of 1000V/mV.
2003-07-09 Vishay foil resistor network offers 1ppm/C TCR
Vishay Intertechnology has announced the release of the SMN series of surface-mount Bulk Metal Foil resistor networks suited for precision instrumentation amps
2002-04-04 Pentek VME board has four times more ADC channels
Pentek Inc. has announced the Model 6802 ADC 6U VME board that includes an on-board programmable gain instrumentation amplifier, AAF, and 32-channel of ADCfour times the number of channels of other VME solutions
2005-08-31 JFET in-amp housed in MSOP
Analog Devices' AD8220 JFET input instrumentation amplifier touts a 50 percent reduction in package size and improved performance, while reducing cost and power consumption
2002-03-12 Elliptic or linear phase 8-channel amplifier and low-pass filter module for the SCS-800 signal conditioning system
This application note presents how the SCS-812 provides 8 programmable channels of low-pass filtering and high-quality instrumentation amplifiers for front-end signal conditioning of low level signals.
2002-03-12 Butterworth or Bessel 8-channel amplifier and low-pass filter module for the SCS-800 signal conditioning system
This application note provides an overview on how the SCS-814 and SCS-815 provide 8 programmable channels of Butterworth and Bessel low-pass filtering, respectively, and high-quality instrumentation amplifiers for front-end signal conditioning of low level signals.
2005-10-10 TriQuint's new millimeter wave amps offer high output power
TriQuint introduced four new millimeter wave amplifiers designed for the demanding bandwidth needs of point-to-point radios, point-to-multipoint communications, and commercial or military satellite communications apps
2013-04-29 Supertex's MEMS driver tooled for high voltage drive apps
Running a base of 4 amplifiers, the HV264 will find use in a variety of MEMS and other High Voltage Drive applications, such as driving optical MEMS and piezoelectric transducers
2005-07-27 ST op amps deliver very-low noise, ultra-low power consumption
ST launched a family of high-speed operational amplifiers featuring very-low noise and ultra-low power consumption, designed for logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, video drivers, imaging systems and battery-powered instrumentation
2008-12-15 Space-saving precision amp is highly integrated
ADI has released the AD8295, a highly integrated precision instrumentation amplifier front-end that uses 50 percent less board space than competing amplifier solutions for industrial and instrumentation applications
2007-06-28 Small op amps have 5-16V operating range
ADI's AD8663 and AD8638 precision operational amplifiers deliver a combination of high accuracy, power efficiency and versatility with a wide 5-16V operating range for an assortment of industrial, medical and consumer applications
2009-03-06 RF mixers fit for high-dynamic range apps
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced a family of five single-channel RF mixers for high-dynamic-range applications within satellite communications, wireless base stations, point-to-point radio links, instrumentation and military equipment
2008-06-19 RF detector manages handset power
Analog Devices Inc. has introduced RF detector products for RF and analog engineers who need to improve power detection performance while simplifying the design of cellular handsets, wireless infrastructure equipment and communications instrumentation
2008-05-14 RF amplifier housed in ultrasmall CSP
Touted as the industry's smallest RF amplifier, Avago Technologies has unveiled its VMMK-2x03 amplifiers in a chip-scale package with 0402 package dimensions (1mm x 0.5mm x 0.25mm
2011-05-16 Resistor networks boast ultra-low CMMR rating
Linear Technology introduces the LT5400 resistors designed for high performance signal conditioning applications in difference amplifiers, precision dividers, references and bridge circuits
2009-11-18 Rail-to-rail op amps boast 180MHz at 1mA
The amplifiers offer input offset voltage specified at 500?V max and open loop gain of 45V/mV
2005-08-22 Op amps from ADI benefit power-constrained portable apps
Offering low noise and distortion and drawing just 1.1mA of supply current, Analog Devices Inc.'s op amps are intended for portable instrumentation, high-channel-count measurement and medical apps
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