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2009-06-05 Op amps equipped with power-saving features
STMicroelectronics has unveiled three new families of precision operational amplifiers targeting low-power and portable products, with power-saving features
2003-02-12 National Semi rolls out high-speed video, comm amps
National Semiconductor has launched 10 new high-speed LMH amplifiers that feature ultra-low distortion and wide bandwidth for HF apps
2007-03-19 MMIC power amps target military, space amps
Hittite Microwave announced five GaAs PHEMT 1W and 2W MMIC power amplifiers that cover the 6-13GHz range for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios, test instrumentation, military and space applications.
2010-05-26 MMIC power amps extend X-Band frequency range
Cree Inc. has launched five new GaN HEMT MMIC amplifiers that increase the range of frequencies available through X-Band
2005-04-20 Low-noise precision amp targets low-voltage apps
Analog Devices is kicking off a new family of precision amps that are optimized for the low-noise requirements of instrumentation, audio, communications and medical apps operating at 5V and less
2008-11-14 Low-noise amps deliver high accuracy for sensors
National Semiconductor has launched the LMP2021 and LMP2022 zero-drift op amps highlighting low input voltage noise11nV/Hz at a gain of 1,000V/Vand high DC accuracy for instrumentation and sensor interface applications
2004-03-24 Linear Tech releases lowest power zero-drift amps
Linear Technology has disclosed that its LTC2054 and LTC2054HV power zero-drift amplifiers are the industry's lowest for power sensitive apps
2010-05-11 Isolation amps boast high gain accuracy, low temp drift
Avago Technologies is offering three miniature precision isolation amplifiers with increased accuracy, bandwidth and high insulation made possible by proprietary optical isolation technology
2003-03-31 Intersil op amps target multimedia, industrial apps
The company's four rail-to-rail operational amplifiers are designed for high-performance requirements in multimedia and industrial systems
2003-10-13 Intersil fixed-gain amps suit portable apps
Intersil Corp. has introduced two fixed-gain amplifiers that are capable of operating at gains of 1, -1, and 2
2004-01-20 Intersil amps feature 0.3mV output offset voltage
Intersil has introduced six high-accuracy, high-speed amplifiers for measurement and data acquisition applications that require 0.01 percent accuracy or more
2003-05-06 Inphi amps consume up to 100mW
Integrated transimpedance/limiting amplifiers from Inphi Corp. target 10GbEs, SONET/SDH modules, and broadband instrumentation systems.
2007-12-03 Increased demand toughens resistors
Over the past few years, resistor manufacturers have seen a dramatic increase in demand for precision and ultraprecision discrete resistors and resistor networks, particularly for instrumentation, industrial, medical and telecommunications applications
2007-09-26 High-speed amps promise performance, low power draw
National Semiconductor has introduced three new energy-efficient, high-speed differential amplifiers that are well-suited for a wide variety of communications, test, instrumentation and defense and space applications.
2005-05-20 Have your cake and eat it too with these precision amps
While reviewing these amplifiers, the old adage about having your cake and eating it too came to mind
2009-01-22 FET op amp fit for medical, portable devices
Analog Devices Inc. introduced one of the industry's fastest FET op amp that operates at 1GHz. The ADA4817 was designed for high-performance medical diagnostic and portable devices, as well as instrumentation equipment
2011-05-02 Design tips for amplifier and video filter board
Learn how to protect amplifiers against unwanted oscillation
2005-09-15 CMOS amps deliver optimal balance of precision, low power
The new family of CMOS amplifiers from Linear Technology is touted to deliver extraordinary DC precision at the lowest possible supply current
2011-05-19 Automated testing tool features MIL-STD 461 requirements
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has introduced the AS18027, an automated system for conducting radiated susceptibility testing
2014-01-06 AMETEK expands test, measurement offering through Teseq buy
In a deal worth $92 million, AMETEK acquired Teseq, a maker of conducted and radiated EMC compliance testing systems and RF amplifiers aimed at aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, etc
2004-07-23 ADI op amps target communications apps
ADI announced that its latest family of operational amplifiers deliver the optimal combination of low noise and low power at the higher speeds
2008-12-09 ADC driver eases signal condition in industrial designs
Analog Devices Inc. has launched the AD8275 level-translating ADC driver, which simplifies signal conditioning for high-voltage industrial and instrumentation designs
2007-02-27 ADC differential drivers tout 'lowest' distortion
The ADA4937-1 and ADA4938-1 ADC drivers from ADI combine the low noise and distortion levels required to drive the high-speed ADCs found in today's wireless infrastructure and instrumentation equipment
2006-08-22 50MHz CMOS op amp offers low noise, high precision
With a gain bandwidth of 50MHz and input characteristics that challenge precision bipolar amplifiers, Linear Tech said its LTC6244 dual op amp offers breakthrough performance
2005-01-13 10W amplifier spans 4GHz to 10.6GHz
The RF/Microwave Instrumentation division of Amplifier Research Worldwide rolled out a new addition to its family of broadband low-power high-frequency amplifiers.
2009-02-10 Z-Foil resistors boast fast thermal stabilization
Vishay Intertechnology Inc. has launched two new ultrahigh-precision Z-Foil voltage divider resistors that feature a low typical TCR and a load-life stability ratio of 0.005 percent.
2008-05-16 Vishay tips ultrahigh-precision voltage divider
Vishay's new ultrahigh-precision SMT flip-chip voltage divider is built on the company's 'Z- foil' technology, which reduces the resistive component's sensitivity to ambient temperature variations and applied power changes.
2004-07-20 Vishay resistors have 0.01 tolerance
Vishay launched a series of thin-film high-value precision single in-line resistors with resistance tolerance down to an industry-low 0.01 percent.
2004-08-25 Vishay resistor networks with 0.01 percent ratio tolerance
Vishay said its two new thin film resistor networks extend the ratio tolerance of its MPM and ORN matched-pair and quad resistor networks to a new industry low.
2004-07-21 Vishay resistor arrays available in 1206, 0805, 0603 sizes
Vishay released its PR series of high-precision thin film resistor arrays in 1206, 0805 and 0603 case sizes with a profile of 0.4mm.
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