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What is Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC)?
A Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) is a type of IC that operates at microwave frequencies (300MHz to 300GHz), performing such functions as microwave mixing, power amplification, low-noise amplification and high-frequency switching.
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2009-01-19 Highly-integrated PMICs fit OLED displays
Maxim Integrated Products has developed the MAX17065 highly integrated PMIC that includes a step-up DC/DC converter, an inverting DC/DC converter, regulated positive and negative charge pumps, and a low-dropout linear regulator (LDO).
2005-06-29 Highly-integrated 3D-Boomer audio amps tout amazing-sound
National Semiconductor Corp. unveiled two Boomer audio amps for cellphones and portable applications that are said to provide outstanding sound quality and high integration
2009-02-19 Highly integrated transmitter IC reduces BOM
Semtech Corp. is offering a high-performance integrated ISM-band transmitter IC dubbed SX1230 that integrates all the radio components on a CMOS die, minimizing the need for other passive components and reducing BOM by up to 40 percent.
2008-12-17 Highly integrated PON/SFP controller targets PON transceivers
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the DS1875 PON/SFP controller and monitor, which provides all the control and monitoring features required for PON transceivers, and the monitoring features for video control in triplexer applications.
2006-07-21 Highly integrated IP platform enables cost-effective Wi-Fi phones
Atheros Communications said its new wireless Internet Protocol (IP) platform implements the most cost-effective and compact Wi-Fi phones on the market.
2011-06-27 Highly integrated front-end module enhances AMI apps
The RF6555 ZigBee FEM is designed for battery operated smart grid and smart energy applications optimized for smart energy/advanced metering infrastructure applications.
2009-03-11 Highly integrated digicam processor unveiled
Zoran Corp. has unveiled its highly integrated COACH 12 digital camera processor with next-generation image processing and video compression technologies. The COACH 12 processor family members support stills, HD 720p and HD 1,080p video capture.
2000-06-14 Highly Integrated ASICs for CDMA Cellular/PCS Phones
This technical note discusses RF Micro Devices' strategy to simplify CDMA cellular transceiver design. This led to the development of the RF9957 CDMA/FM receive AGC/demodulator, the RF2667 CDMA/FM receive AGC/demodulator, and the RF9958 CDMA/FM transmit modulator/AGC/upconverter.
2001-04-05 High sensitivity applications of low-power RF/IF Integrated Circuits
This application note discusses four high sensitivity receivers and IF strips that utilize intermediate frequencies of 10.7MHz or greater. Each circuit configuration comes with an explanation of component selection criteria to allow adaptation to other frequencies and bandwidths.
1999-12-04 High performance control of ac servomotors using an integrated DSP
This paper describes the implementation of high-performance controllers for both the induction motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor using an integrated DSP controller that combines a powerful DSP core, flexible PWM generation, high resolution analog to digital conversion and an embedded encoder interface.
2006-04-12 Heat pipes integrated into thermal solutions
Vette Corp. has expanded its Asian manufacturing operations with the addition of heat pipe production.
2004-08-10 Harting unveils latest integrated solution
The ESC 67-30 TP05U from Harting is an integrated solution that combines an Ethernet Switch with a panel feed through.
2013-04-17 Handsets push market for integrated platforms
ABI Research announced that in 2012, 19 per cent of handsets shipped were based on an integrated platform, set to more than double to 46 per cent in 2018.
2004-12-03 GSM850/GSM900/DCS/PCS quad band PowerPlexer with integrated power control
This app note demonstrates an amplifier that can be designed into a GSM transmit front-end.
2004-12-03 GSM850/GSM900/DCS/PCS quad band power amplifier module with integrated power control
This app note demonstrates an amplifier that can be designed into a GSM transmit front-end.
2001-06-14 GS rectifiers in SMPS using the Topswitch integrated circuit
This application note lists the complete range of associated diode and rectifier components for the Topswitch SMPS chips.
2008-02-22 Gennum debuts integrated ROSA line for 10GbE
Gennum will debut a range of short- and long-wave ROSAs for 10GbE and Sonet applications spanning data center to ultra-longhaul distances.
2003-10-03 Fiber-Optic Component Inspection Using Integrated Vision and Motion Components
This application note outlines common fiber inspection and measurement techniques and describes the equipment needed to create an automated optical component inspection system.
2005-09-06 Extraction tool for package designs integrated with Allegro
Fluent has released the latest version of its Icemax circuit extraction tool for advanced IC package designs.
2002-01-08 Exar rolls out highly integrated octal T1/E1/J1 framer
The XRT84L38 offers eight integrated T1/E1/J1 framers, which provide framing, error-detection and performance-monitoring functions in accordance with ANSI/ITU-T specifications.
2006-04-07 Exar announces first integrated 8bit UART, RS-232 transceiver
Exar unveiled what it touts as the industry's first 8bit UART and RS-232 transceiver combination device family.
2015-07-16 EPC eGaN half bridge power ICs with integrated bootstrap FET
Geared for resonant wireless power transfer applications, the EPC2107 and EPC2108 promise to eliminate gate driver induced reverse recovery loses as well as the need for a high side clamp.
2009-09-10 Employ integrated solutions for motor driver applications
To enable future innovation, designers will continue to require a blend of turnkey and multichip solutions, allowing them to solve complex problems in new applications when required.
2001-09-21 EMI considerations for dc/dc converters and integrated switching regulators
This application note presents an EMI performance results summary of Power Trends' products tested in accordance with agency specifications.
2003-08-29 Embedded Wizard platform integrated unto Micronas MDE 9500
Tara Systems has announced that it has integrated its Embedded Wizard platform package unto Micronas GmbH's single-chip Digital TV Decoder MDE 9500.
2013-10-22 Elmos unveils safety chip with integrated pressure sensor
The E524.40 pressure sensor IC from Elmos is able to detect sudden changes in pressure independent of average ambient air pressure.
2011-09-22 Eliminating coexistence issues with integrated RF module
Find out how integrated RF modules can provide superior coexistence faster and more efficiently than discrete components.
2001-05-07 EDI's x32 MCM-L SRAM family: Integrated memory solution for TMS320C3x DSPs
This application note shows how the benefits of current memory modules can be taken advantage of in a system design using Texas Instrument's TMS320C3x DSP family.
2003-08-21 EASi products to be integrated into ESI portfolio
ESI Group, a software provider of virtual prototyping solutions, and EASi have formed a strategic partnership in software integration and engineering services.
2002-08-01 DVT, Veritec offer VeriCode integrated smart cameras
DVT Corp. and Veritec Inc. have agreed to integrate the latter's VeriCode symbol reading capabilities into DVT's Legend family of Ethernet-enabled SmartImage sensors.
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