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2001-06-18 Performing computation functions with signal conditioners
This application note explains how to easily perform computation functions in order to provide pre-processed data for a control system by using Acromag's IntelliPack transmitter modules.
2001-06-18 Isolating software: Configured field devices for safety
This application note describes the importance of Acromag's IntelliPack serial port adapter in providing a safer isolation between the PC and the field I/O devices.
2001-06-19 Increasing pump efficiency for natural gas processing with high-accuracy frequency transmitter
This application note discusses the ability of Acromag's 841T-0500 IntelliPack Transmitter to monitor pump speed and keep tight control of pump efficiency for natural gas processing.
2001-06-19 Heat pressure detector provides quick analysis of failure
This application note describes the ability of Acromag's IntelliPack signal-averaging alarm module to provide quick detection of clogged heating ducts for coal dewatering process.
2001-06-18 Detecting mine explosions with rate-of-change alarms for quick emergency response
This application note reports the importance of Acromag's 812A-0200 IntelliPack alarm and MIE Industrial Dust Sensor (IDS-10) in detecting mine explosions with rate-of-change alarms.
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