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2007-04-23 Use of the LMV112 to reduce reference clock interaction in handheld device
This article discusses how the LMV112 clock buffer amplifier can resolve clock interference issue among different chipsets.
2013-05-30 ToF measurements pave the way for user-interaction
Discover how time-of-flight measurements open up user-interaction scenarios.
2002-09-19 Three-Five signs Visual Interaction as European partner
Three-Five Systems Inc. has established Visual Interaction as an authorized Three-Five Development Partner for Europe.
2014-09-19 Passive sol'n allows NFC interaction with electronic devices
The NXP NTAG I2C solution combines a contactless NFC interface with a contact I2C interface and on-board non-volatile memory to enable advanced device pairing and personalisation of electronic devices.
2015-02-18 Nanoscale light-matter interaction opens door for Si-photonics
Ghent University and imec scientists managed to confine both light and sound to silicon nanowires that could pave the way for enhanced signal processing on mass-producible silicon photonic chips.
2003-11-03 Interaction scenarios for real-time systems
To understand an embedded system, diagramming interactions with the environment is useful not only during system design but also for diagnosis.
2012-01-25 GaAs nanomembrane cooling by laser interaction
Researchers at the Niels Bohr Institute has cooled a semiconductor membrane from room temperature down to -269C and presents prospects for replacing expensive cryogenic cooling.
2008-03-14 UI must go beyond skin deep
Dan Dodge of QNX Software Systems notes that designers must work closely with users to gauge which mode of interaction (or which combination of modes) works best and then fine-tune the interface accordingly.
2008-04-16 The redefinition of automotive HMI
Human machine interfaces (HMIs) traditionally consist of multiple systems which allow drivers to interact with their vehicle. In today's automotive designs, the HMI also displays any feedback from the vehicle to the driver.
2012-05-04 ST outs MEMS microphone for voice-enabled homes
The devices will play a major role in 'Distant Speech Interaction for Robust Home Applications' project that proposes solutions for natural voice-enabled interaction between humans and machines.
2007-04-16 Sneak peek at the future of CMOS imaging
This fourth-generation CMOS imager concept is already being applied to many markets. This article discusses HMI and MEI applications with CMOS imagers.
2012-12-27 Significance of flash memory to the smart home
Understand why flash memory is becoming more critical to the connected home and smart energy sectors.
2003-01-07 IT makers to offer IP-based contact center solution
An OEM agreement will enable Hitachi IT to offer a new IP-enabled contact center product based on Interactive Intelligence's multichannel interaction management software.
2005-06-16 Imaging solutions for emerging applications
Emerging human-to-machine interaction and machine-to-environment interaction applications require low-cost image sensors and powerful DSPs
2012-01-31 How touch screen improves user experience
Here's an overview of the recent advances in touch-screen technology.
2004-03-02 Hitachi develops omnidirectional 3D display
Hitachi has developed a prototype 3D display that can show an object from any and all directions, a full 360.
2006-06-13 Azimuth unveils 'first' tester for 802.11n devices
Azimuth's latest product is touted to be an industry-first functional tester for draft 802.11n-based products.
2001-10-03 Using the ST7 universal serial bus microcontroller
This application note describes an example firmware for interaction with the USB interface hardware and support interactions between a USB device and a host system.
2000-06-05 Using the CCP Modules
This application note discusses the operation of a Capture Compare and PWM (CCP) module, and the interaction of multiple CCP modules with the timer resources.
2006-12-01 Typewriter teaches timeless lesson
Consistency and keeping the feedback quick and meaningful are still design goals to embed into whatever you design, if it has any sort of user interaction, as was the lesson of the typewriter.
2002-04-24 TI touchscreen controllers have built-in processing units
Designed to address the needs of handheld computing applications, the TCS2000 and TSC2200 programmable analog interface circuits from Texas Instruments Inc. feature built-in processing units that allow them to perform touchscreen processing tasks without microprocessor interaction.
2003-12-15 TI conference to feature hottest apps
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has announced the Texas Instruments Developer Conference (TIDC), a three-day event that will focus on learning through hands-on interaction with the latest technological advances in the high-performance analog and DSP areas of video, imaging, control, telecom, audio, and security.
2013-05-17 Taiwan amplifies microelectronics strength
Taiwan, long recognised for design automation, is pioneering innovations in human-computer interaction, medical electronics and resolution of pressing social issues with novel semiconductors.
2014-11-11 Semiconducting polymers enable efficient solar cells
The size scale of the clumps within the donor layer and the aggregationor interaction between neighbouring molecules within the layerswere the main drivers of solar cell efficiency.
2016-01-06 Samsung's GearVR packs gesture recognition capability
gestigon teamed up with pmdtechnologies to bring pmd's CamBoard pico flexx depth sensor and gestigon's Carnival AR/VR interaction suite to Samsung's GearVR for touchless interaction.
2014-01-08 Processor line geared for always-on mobile devices
The Audience eS700 Series is a family of always-on intelligent voice and audio solutions that claims to enable new levels of voice interaction with smart devices.
2008-07-16 Predicting real-world wireless performance
Scalability and the interaction of applications with each other have always made real-world wireless performance unpredictable in the lab. An additional challenge emerges with the introduction of 802.11n-complaint devices along with the existing a/b/g equipment.
2011-09-16 NFC tech supports Windows 8
NXP Semiconductors has introduced its NFC technology that allows convenient interaction of a variety of use cases and other passive devices.
2005-06-20 Next-gen Bluetooth software enables wireless streaming of music
The new version of Broadcom's Widcomm BTW Bluetooth software adds several features designed to simplify the interaction between PCs and other devices such as cellular phones, PDAs and printers.
2011-04-28 Mobile apps give education a new face
Mobile apps, digitization, and smartphone penetration have provided new approaches to learning through high degree of interaction and personalized education.
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