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2001-09-20 Using the EFA240D-89 as a high-intercept 2GHz linear power amplifier
This application note outlines the behavior and circuit layout of the Excelics EFA240D-89 high-power MESFET.
2014-02-04 Intercept, Moss Bay EDA reveal low-cost EMC sol'n
The software solution pairs the EMSAT post-layout EMC and SI design rule checkers with a customized Pantheon EMSAT Viewer that displays each violation on the board in real-time.
2003-03-14 Intercept spins entry level PCB tool
Intercept Technology is demonstrating a new entry-level configuration of its Pantheon Express PCB design tool.
2007-03-12 Two-tone vs. single-tone measurement of 2nd-order non-linearity and IP2 performance of direct conversion receivers
This application note describes how to find the Second Order Intercept Point (IP2) from 1-tone and 2-tone tests of Direct Conversion Receivers. It also presents measurement results for the GSM900 receive path, as used in the AMPS band, for Skyworks first-generation of DCRs.
2000-03-07 Pantheon installation notes for Windows 95/98/NT
This application note describes in detail the installation of the Pantheon software for PCB, Hybrid, and MCM design applications.
2003-01-16 Direct conversion: No pain, no gain
The benefits of direct conversion require the designer to carefully consider the non-ideal world, or receiver design, and to conquer the issues one at a time.
2005-08-23 Mixer targets 2.5 and 3G apps
WJ Communications introduced the MH205A mixer for 2.5G and 3G wireless apps that delivers up a 35dBm input third-order intercept point (IIP3), L-I isolation of 50dB and operates from 800MHz to 960MHz
2005-07-21 LNAs offer 20dB gain up to 1.5GHz
The HILNAV1 from NuWaves Engineering is a low noise amplifier designed to deliver an extremely low noise figure while offering high gain and a high intercept point across a very wide frequency band
2008-12-17 FAQs: Amplifiers (Part 3)
Part 3 answers questions likes what is a closed loop buffer? What is a open loop gain, voltage feedback op amp? What is an amplifier's intercept point?
2004-11-23 Dynamic performance requirements for high-performance ADCs and RF components in digital receiver applications
This app note identifies the demands in signal chain components such as high dynamic performance ADCs, variable gain amplifiers, mixers and local oscillators; and details their use in a typical BTS application; and how they meet the stringent requirements for high dynamic performance, high intercept performance and low noise.
2008-12-18 Broadband IF amp promises improved signal integrity
From Linear Technology Corp. comes the LT5554, a broadband digitally programmable gain IF amplifier, featuring a 48dBm OIP3 (output 3rd order intercept) at 200MHz.
2006-02-24 Amp handles modulation levels up to 64 QAM
Mimix Broadband announced the XP1003 GaAs MMIC power amp optimized for linear operation. This device is well suited for modulation levels up to 64 QAM and has a typical third-order intercept point of 34dBm.
2003-02-10 Acterna beefs up network analyzer security functions
The company has added lawful intercept and intrusion detection functions into its DA-3600 data network analyzer.
2008-12-25 Accurate measurement of LT5514 third order intermodulation products
Accurate measurement of the third order intercept point for low distortion IC products such as the LT5514 requires certain precautions to be observed in the test setup and testing procedure.
2007-02-16 Zetex revamps LNB design with new IF switch
Zetex Semiconductors' 4:2 IF switch features integrated gain and control functions that dramatically improve IF signal reliability, eliminate false switching and reduce circuit complexity.
2002-08-16 Zarlink RF tuner replaces double-conversion tuners
The SL2610 RF silicon tuner is claimed to be the first tuner chip that allows compact, single-conversion tuner designs to achieve the same level of performance as double-conversion tuners.
2003-01-02 Wireless ICs call on integration
Makers of ICs for Bluetooth and 802.11, or Wi-Fi, WLAN connectivity are readying a new generation of chips for volume delivery in Q1 of 2003.
2009-06-09 Wireless groups team to develop WiMAX femtocell spec
The Femto Forum and the WiMAX Forum have agreed to collaborate on the development of WiMAX Femtocell Access Point (WFAP) specifications that will address topics such as end-to-end QoS, provisioning, network entry and authentication, power optimization, and mobility management.
2011-04-11 What's behind TSMC's 450mm move?
Aside from reducing production costs and keeping the company ahead of its rivals, TSMC's move into 450mm would allow it to hire 7,000 fewer engineers over a 10-year period.
2004-12-27 VoIP pioneer predicts a roiling 2005 for IP telephony
Open source software communications will begin to influence the VoIP market in a big way next year, according to VoIP pioneer Jeff Pulver.
2012-12-19 Virtual prototype for Android HW-SW dev't (Part 3)
Know how to combine the use of the Synopsys VDK with Android's Hardware Abstraction Layer to aid in integrating the sensor further up the device software stack.
2011-02-07 Verification design flow connects third-party PCB tools
AWR has released an ODB++ PCB layout verification design flow for connecting third-party tools with its software solutions.
2006-01-18 Variable gain amplifier takes aim at wireless infrastructure
ADI announced an analog-control variable-gain amplifier that is optimized for linearity in wireless infrastructure applications, such as cellular base station radio transceivers.
2014-08-28 Using LMH2110 evaluation board
Learn about the board designed to help the evaluation of the Texas Instruments LMH2110, a 45 dB Logarithmic RMS power detector particularly suited for accurate power measurement of modulated RF signals.
2013-11-27 Using BGU8019, BGU8019W GNSS LNA evaluation board
Here's a look at the BGU8019 and BGU8019WGNSS LNA evaluation board.
2012-10-05 Understanding LMH2121 evaluation board
This application note focuses on Texas Instruments LMH2121 power detector/RF envelope detector.
2013-06-19 Understanding deep packet inspection (Part 1)
Here's a look at the use cases and common requirements for DPI applications.
2011-04-08 TSMC chief tackles 7 points in keynote
Morris Chang discusses key points concerning TSMC and the industry, among them, the Japan quake's impact on the IC business, industry growth drivers, and TSMC's 28nm, 3D chip and 450mm efforts.
2005-10-10 TriQuint's new millimeter wave amps offer high output power
TriQuint introduced four new millimeter wave amplifiers designed for the demanding bandwidth needs of point-to-point radios, point-to-multipoint communications, and commercial or military satellite communications apps.
2002-02-28 TriQuint HPA targets broadband wireless, VSAT apps
With an operating frequency of 27GHz to 32GHz, the TGA4501 high power amplifier is designed for use in VSAT ground terminals and millimeter-wave digital radio applications that require high linear power.
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