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2002-05-09 A miniature Fabry-Perot interferometer with a corrugated silicon diaphragm support
2005-02-24 Turn-key instrument enables pulsed or CW optical pickup head testing
4D Technology is rolling out a turn-key instrument to test the next generation of Blu-ray, DVD, and CD pickup heads.
2001-09-03 Testing cylindrical surfaces with computer-generated holograms
This application note describes the use of a CGH (computer-generated hologram) designed for cylinder surface testing in conjunction with a Zygo GPI (Growth Potential Interferometer) and MetroPro software.
2001-09-03 Testing cylindrical optics
This application note describes and evaluates strategies for testing cylindrical components using a Zygo interferometer with standard Zygo interferometer accessories.
2001-09-04 Subtraction of transmission sphere reference data
This application note describes using absolute testing data to reduce systematic errors in Mark or GPI (Growth Potential Interferometer) measurement due to the quality of the Transmission Sphere reference surface.
2001-09-03 Silver overcoat spray
This application note provides a source for optical-quality high-reflective spray used for testing optics with rough surfaces.
2001-09-03 PV versus RMS
This application note debunks the concept that peak-to-valley (PV) and RMS results have a fixed relationship and indicate general characteristics.
2002-08-01 Polymer microring tackles WDM
This technology article introduces a novel wavelength-sensitive modulator based on a microring resonator to integrate and minimize the cost of DWDM systems.
2001-09-03 Pentaprism testing
This application note provides an overview of test setups and analysis for testing pentaprisms using a Fizeau interferometer.
2006-02-16 Optical modulator leaps size, power bars
Electrical engineers at the University of Texas have demonstrated what they claim is the world's smallest silicon modulator.
2003-05-05 Newport opens new systems test, metrology lab
Newport Corp. has launched its newly-enhanced systems test & metrology lab located at the company's global headquarters in California, U.S.A.
2001-09-03 MetroPro cylinder tools
This application note summarizes the MetroPro features and provides an introduction to their use.
2014-03-05 MEMS interferometric sensor boasts sensitivity at -1?N/m
Toyohashi University of Technology researchers leverage a Fabry-Perot interferometer, combining it with a photodiode to develop a label-free biosensor.
2001-09-03 Interferogram scale factor
This application note describes the function of the scale factor and what values are applicable for a given interferometer setup.
2001-09-03 Generating 7- and 13-bucket ramps
This application note describes how to generate 7 and 13 bucket ramps for GPI (Growth Potential Interferometer) systems that predate the change in high-voltage power supply.
2001-09-03 Fringe analysis versus phase measuring interferometry
This application note explains the analytical and practical difference between fringe analysis and phase-shifting interferometry.
2014-03-05 Fabry-Perot interference boosts biosensor sensitivity
Toyohashi University of Technology researchers created a label-free biosensor that overcomes the weakness of conventional MEMS-based biosensors for medical and pharmaceutical applications.
2012-11-02 Caltech researchers develop microscale optical accelerometer
Researchers at Caltech and the University of Rochester created a type of motion detector that work by using a sensitive displacement detector to measure the motion of a flexibly mounted mass.
2001-08-29 Time of flight measurements
This application note describes how to use time of flight to make skew measurements in ribbon cable, to match optical lengths of interferometer arms and to make strain measurements.
2003-03-28 Avanex obtains U.S. patent for dispersion technology
Avanex Corp. has received U.S. Patent no. 6,487,342, issued under the title "Method, system and apparatus for chromatic dispersion compensation utilizing a Gires-Tournois interferometer.".
2005-02-09 UK group readies tuned optical amp for 40Gb networks
The Center for Integrated Photonics has begun sampling a semiconductor optical amplifier that is targeted at optical networks operating at 40Gbps.
2008-02-27 Startup unrolls low-power 10G optical module
Lightwire is sampling out an optical transceiver based on a novel CMOS design, claiming lower power and size than competing alternatives.
2014-05-15 Start-up arises from VTT MEMS-based tech
Fabry-Perot interferometers consist of two parallel Bragg reflectors whose spacing can be modulated to tune the transmission peak at selected frequencies of interest.
2012-12-26 Silicon photonics paves the way for 100G networks
Learn how silicon photonics can enable widespread adoption of 100G networks.
2008-02-29 Silicon photonics move to rule networks
Developments in silicon photonics have moved the technology into the mainstream, according to presenters at the 2008 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition.
2011-08-16 Photonic chip to replace electronic chips
Researchers at the California Institute of Technology and the University of California, San Diego have discovered a way to prevent light signals on a silicon chip from reflecting backwards and interfering with its operation.
2004-07-06 KLA-Tencor offering delivers surface planarity process control
KLA-Tencor unveiled what it claims as the first true line monitoring solution for trench depth and surface planarity process control based on AFM.
2009-08-21 Fujitsu, Furukawa push optical networks
Fujitsu Optical Components Ltd and Furukawa Electric Co. will jointly develop 40- and 100Gbit/s integrated receivers for optical networks.
2003-04-03 FEI offers system to modify 90nm chips
The company has announced the development of a new focused ion beam system capable of accessing and rewiring the metal stacks on 90nm ICs.
2012-07-19 FARO launches all-new, compact laser tracker
FARO has introduced a laser tracker that boasts improved range and efficiency.
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