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2009-06-19 Eighth-brick DC/DC converter delivers up to 240W
Ericsson Power Modules has introduced BMR454, a DC/DC converter that delivers double the power of most conventional eighth-brick modules
2008-07-08 Bus converter outputs 300W at 42A
Ericsson Power Modules' eighth brick sized PKB-NG DC/DC bus converter provides an output power of 300W at 42A
2012-02-21 Advantages of sine amplitude converter
Know how a new circuit technique using the sine amplitude converter architecture could offer gains in power density, switching frequency and output power
2005-01-21 Vishay boost converter a 'versatile solution
Vishay expanded its FunctionPAK family of single-package dc-to-dc converters with a new synchronous boost converter that works with efficiencies of up to 95 percent
2002-04-24 Tyco full-brick converter targets 12V intermediate bus environments
The FHW500B full-brick dc/dc converter from Tyco Electronics Power Systems provides a regulated output of 12Vdc, and is designed for use in intermediate bus architectures, enabling OEMs to use downstream, non-isolated dc/dc converters to generate additional logic.
2004-07-14 SynQor bus converter provides wide telecom input range
SynQor has announced the release of a wide input, regulated dc bus converter in a standard half-brick package
2009-11-23 Semi-regulated bus converters tip 96% efficiency
SynQor expands its BusQor family of isolated semi-regulated DC/DC converters for intermediate bus architecture applications
2005-04-26 Quarter-brick bus delivers 400W
Tyco Electronics Power Systems' QBK033, the latest addition to the company's QBK series, is among the industry's first 400W quarter-brick bus converters
2003-05-15 Power-One dc/dc converter eyes point-of-load apps
Power-One Inc. has jumped into the multichip-module arena with its maXyz family of non-isolated dc/dc converters aimed specifically at POL systems.
2005-11-25 New DC/DC converter module with higher power to space ratio
Ericsson Power Modules' new DC/DC converter module addresses all new applications using a 48V input that require a stable 12V, optimizing the efficiency of intermediate bus conversation applications.
2008-05-23 High-power density promise from bus converter
Vicor's brick business unit has added the VI BRICK BCM bus converter to its new VI BRICK family that provides an advanced modular power platform for power solutions
2005-03-18 Half-brick delivers tight, high-efficiency bus power
Power-One's HKS48T30120 half-brick delivers a tightly-regulated as well as high-efficiency output for powering the intermediate bus as well as computer, networking and wireless communications equipment
2015-12-14 Get 500W in converter with GaN (Part 2
In Part 2, we tackle the key details of physical and electrical design, including layout, key waveforms and losses. We also summarise key potential improvements.
2015-12-07 Get 500W in converter with GaN (Part 1
Part 1 covers brick technology, a comparison of eGaN FETs to silicon MOSFETS, a basic overview of the GaN-based eighth-brick design, and experimental results.
2007-03-23 Emerson unveils 300W, 642W bus converters
Emerson Network Power launched two intermediate bus converters (IBCs) that can deliver high levels of output power with a conversion efficiency of 97 percent
2004-06-28 DOSA establishes sixteenth brick dc/dc converter standard
The Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) has announced its standard sixteenth brick dc/dc converter footprint
2004-12-08 Digitally set dc-dc converter/controller boosts portables
Summit bills its SMB120 nine-channel dc-dc converter/controller as the first power-with-power-management IC for portable apps that's digitally programmable
2008-03-03 DC/DC converters suit intermediate bus, distributed power architectures
FDK's new Senpai series DC/DC converters are designed for intermediate bus architecture and distributed power architecture applications that require high efficiency, tight regulation and high reliability in elevated temperature environments
2009-11-10 DC/DC converter powers 12V intermediate bus
Ericsson Power Modules has launched the PKB4513PINBLC is 50W eighth-brick DC/DC converter that powers 12V intermediate bus architectures.
2006-08-25 DC/DC converter delivers 43A for 9.6V bus apps
SynQor's BQ55090QPA40 quarter-brick DC/DC converter delivers up to 43A at 6.5-11V for nominal 9.6V intermediate bus applications.
2008-06-20 DC/DC converter achieves high power density, accuracy
Ericsson Power Modules' BMR453 series of DC/DC converters uses a digital control platform contained within the modules themselves, which offers up to 400W output power or up to 33A with 2 percent accuracy.
2004-07-05 Celestica bricks extend intermediate-bus options
Celestica's HUS42-096 half-brick and QUS20-120-NVDR quarter-brick dc-dc converters are designed to optimize intermediate-bus architectures
2010-04-29 Brick converter sustains 250Vdc input to output isolation
Ericsson's eight-brick PKB-A brick converters are optimized to deliver 30A or 125W with high efficiency throughout the operating range for applications requiring an average power of 100W.
2004-02-05 Alliance seeks establishment of dc-dc converter standards
Tyco Electronics Power Systems Inc. has joined forces with SynQor to form the Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA).
2012-03-23 80A bus converter promises 850W output power
Vicor's VI BRICK module operates from 36-60V with 2,250VDC isolation from input to output while claiming to achieve 98 percent peak efficiency.
2007-09-28 POL converter delivers 30A from DOSA footprint
SynQor Inc. has expanded its NiQor family of non-isolated point of load (POL) converters with the introduction of the NQ15W50SGA30 device that delivers up to 30A.
2005-09-12 No-bus digital POLs cut designers a break
Power-One bills its three new No-Bus point-of-load (POL) converters as cost-effective digital alternatives to analog POLs
2006-02-09 DC/DC converter eliminates need for cooling
C&D Technologies introduced a series of non-isolated point-of-load DC/DC converters that is said to eliminate the need for additional components includingin most applicationsheatsinks and external filter circuits.
2012-05-10 IBCs get new mounting options
Vicor's IBC050 series of quarter-brick intermediate bus converter modules are now offering multiple pin-length options and an integral baseplate for improved thermal performance.
2006-04-26 IBC delivers 475W/inch3 power density
Designed for absolute maximum power density and high efficiency, Ericsson Power Modules' PKM4402NG is an intermediate bus converter useable with a narrow input range.
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