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2016-04-04 IoT to revolutionise biz industries
Have a look at the predicted trends for the Internet of Things and how it will affect the business world in the next few years.
2014-12-15 IoT to boost connectivity, sensor sub-systems
The sales generated by the connectivity and sensor sub-systems to enable this IoT will amount $48.3 billion in 2014 and grow 19 per cent in 2015 to $57.7 billion.
2015-01-06 IoT survey says privacy is top concern for US consumers
IDC, commissioned by IoTC, revealed that two-thirds of the respondents are concerned about privacy, highlighting the need for industry participants to mitigate privacy and security concerns
2014-12-11 IoT sees more action in 2015
Companies are always looking for ways to drive business transformation, and many are now realising that the Internet of Things can help them deliver against these goals.
2015-03-20 IoT seen to drive MediaTek's growth
Whilst MediaTek expects to grow its share of the smartphone business for the next few years, it's also looking ahead to the next big sales driver: Internet of Things applications.
2015-05-29 IoT opens up analogue opportunities
The Internet of Things could be a harbinger of a new golden age of analogue. These applications will definitely drive IC sales related to RF, power/energy harvesting, and signal conditioning.
2015-06-16 IoT growth depends on wearables, home devices
By 2015, 72 million wearable devices worth $17 billion will ship, with a compound annual growth rate of 18 per cent to 156 million units or $39 billion in 2019, predicts market research firm IDC
2015-05-05 IoT enhances manufacturing industry
Device makers are experiencing an unprecedented range of challenges as they compete in globalised markets, and they are pinning their hopes on the Internet of Things.
2014-07-23 IoT drives energy harvesting solutions for wearables
One of the more recent emerging market segments covered under the Internet of Things that is particularly interesting from an energy harvesting perspective is the wearable electronics category.
2015-03-09 IoT drives chip packaging innovation
The need for high performance multi-functional devices in a single package is pushing the industry to innovate in multi-chip packaging. This high level of integration has presented huge challenge
2012-07-31 Intel's RF solution enables lower-cost 3G designs
SMARTi UE2p simplifies product development and supply chain logistics.
2013-10-08 Intel teams with Arduino to prep for the next big thing
Intel's announcement of a microcontroller-class x86 called Quark and its collaboration with the DIY Arduino crowd mark efforts to make sure Intel doesn't repeat its smart phone miss
2013-06-04 Intel on same IoT ground as ARM
More than 25 billion intelligent systems valued at $4 trillion could ship in 2020, said an IDC analyst helping create a new trade group for the sector.
2014-10-16 Intel nullifies Microchip's gloomy forecast
The fears sparked by the prediction from Microchip's CEO of a broad industry downturn was eased by a record Q3 revenue from Intel
2015-07-20 Intel hits revenue target amid PC, mobile decline
Intel revealed that while PCs continue to slump, tablets remained a bright spot for the chip giant with sales of 9.9 million units, up 11 per cent YoY
2014-06-30 Intel highlights novel, future technologies
During this year's Intel Future Showcase, the company looked at how the combined capabilities of hardware for mobile devices and the Internet of Things will boost innovation.
2015-03-06 Infineon delivers pressure sensor for mobile, wearables
Infineon introduced the DPS310 pressure sensor that utilises capacitive sensing to measure vertical position for applications in navigation, health monitoring, gesture recognition in mobile devices.
2015-03-13 Infineon delivers energy-saving power MOSFETs
Implementing the new OptiMOS 25V from Infineon Technologies would lead to energy savings of 26.3kWh per year for a single 130W server CPU working 365 days
2015-05-27 Industry 4.0 spawns smart factories
Industry 4.0 marries the IoTs to the factories, making smarter objects, smarter machines and smarter products, but it is also making the humans smarter elements in the production process.
2015-07-09 Industry 4.0 grants clear path towards smart manufacturing
Industry 4.0 blends embedded systems and the Internet of Things into an intelligent and automated network that can run an intercontinental manufacturing operation.
2015-02-06 Industrie 4.0 modernises manufacturing processes
The integration of Internet of Things into the operational technology of manufacturing industries will have a very significant global economic impactto the tune of $3.88 trillion over the next decade.
2015-03-23 Industrial IoT steps into spotlight
The technology that enabled mobile devices or home appliances to 'talk' to one another has gone large-scale to accommodate industrial equipment and production-size machines.
2016-04-26 Industrial IoT software streamlines asset monitoring
The latest NI InsightCM Enterprise software aims to help companies gain insight into the health of capital equipment for machine maintenance and operations
2015-07-31 Improving industrial cyber security one layer at a time
Although Industrial Internet of Things affords improvement in efficiencies and optimisation, there still remains cyber security issues that need to be addressed.
2014-08-11 IC industry posts record sales in June, says analyst
WSTS said global semiconductor industry sales in June increased 10.8 per cent, to $27.57 billion from $24.88 billion in June 2013, and 2.6 per cent from $26.86 billion in May.
2016-03-18 i.MX 7 provides power-efficient processing for wearables
The new NXP applications processor enables Orcam's wearable personal assistant product to create an "augmented attention" experience that can be used for context-based applications.
2015-02-27 Hua Hong develops 0.2?m RF SOI process design kit
Hua Hong's 0.2m RF SOI PDK solution is developed from Cadence's IC5141 EDA software, and integrates RF modelling and simulation platform such as PSP SOI and BSIM SOI.
2015-12-24 How to prep your company for connected space
With the IoT market reaching $1.7 trillion by 2020, enterprises from all sectors are embracing the opportunity to cash in on connecting their products, services and devices of all kinds to the Internet
2014-05-06 How IoT is changing the component industry
A good way for the IoT idea to expand is to add intelligence to mainstream products in the form of MCU/MPU and sensor
2014-08-19 How Bluetooth LE drives IoT designs
With the ever increasing focus on wearable computing, the current version 4.0 of Bluetooth LE is enabling a wide range of new devices and form factors through low-power and low-cost modules
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