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2004-05-25 China promoting its own interoperability spec
China is moving ahead with an effort to promote a homegrown standard for interoperability among electronics devices in the home, apparently undeterred by its latest clash with the U.S. concerning a proprietary wireless networking standard known as WAPI.
2004-04-14 CEVA reveals interoperability of sub-80mW SATA solution
DSP provider CEVA Inc. has announced that its Xpert-Connect Serial ATA platform achieved interoperability with all SATA-compliant products of vendors at the serial ATA (SATA) Plugfest 2004 in Longmont, Colorado.
2008-06-11 Bluetooth automotive kit tackles interoperability challenges
Mindtree Ltd. has unveiled a Bluetooth automotive software development kit addressing the dual challenges of interoperability and dynamic specifications in automotive infotainment and personal navigation devices.
2002-07-03 Belden launches networking interoperability lab
Cable maker Belden Electronics Division has established its networking interoperability lab which will house the company's R&D, including product development programs and facilitate research projects with other networking industry leaders.
2002-09-09 Bay Micro, IBM work out system interoperability
Bay Microsystems Inc. has announced that it is working with IBM to demonstrate system interoperability between the IBM PowerPRS Q-64G Packet Routing Switch and its Montego OC192c/10G Network Processor/Traffic Manager.
2004-06-14 Auto vendors seek better Bluetooth interoperability
Auto makers, while embracing Bluetooth, warned at the Wireless Connectivity World here this week that the wireless standard has yet to be fully developed as a stable short-range wireless interface in cars.
2004-03-30 Artisan, Cascade to validate PCI Express IP interoperability
Artisan Components Inc. and Cascade Semiconductor Solutions Inc. have collaborated to jointly verify interoperability between each companies' IP.
2013-09-06 Altera, Micron demonstrate FPGA and HMC interoperability
The demonstration provides an early proof point that production support of HMC will be delivered with Altera's Generation 10 portfolio and includes both Stratix 10 and Arria 10 FPGAs and SoCs.
2010-02-24 Altair, ZTE partner on LTE interoperability testing
Altair and ZTE are cooperating on LTE interoperability testing, performing extensive system level Interoperability Development Testing on their respective products
2011-10-31 Alliance pushes SEP 2 interoperability
The consortium signed by HomePlug Alliance, WiFi Alliance and ZigBee Alliance will develop a test suite for smart grid interoperability.
2004-02-10 Alcatel to solve interoperability issues using DSL Xpert
Alcatel Belgium has acquired TraceSpan Communications' "DSL Xpert" multi-layer analyzer to resolve ADSL/ADSL2 interoperability issues.
2011-01-24 ADCs, DACs offer wireless interoperability
NXP Semiconductors's CGV series of data converters are now interoperable with Nujira's OpenET envelope tracking and digital pre-distortion solutions for 3G and 4G wireless infrastructure apps.
2013-04-04 Accellera launches EDA, IP interoperability standardisation
The company formed a multi-language working group to create a standard and functional reference for interoperability of multi-language verification environments and components.
2002-08-16 Accelerating Bluetooth interoperability testing
This technical article discusses some of the important issues in using interoperability testing to accelerate Bluetooth design.
2002-06-01 Abstraction tackles interoperability
Applying abstraction methodologies can help developers of network-based devices match speed requirements with the rapid evolution of interoperability products.
2010-07-19 6U module facilitates interoperability for surveillance, reconnaissance systems
The Ensemble 6000 6U SBC6521 from Mercury Computer Systems is specifically designed and optimized for high-density processing, high memory bandwidth, and I/O in a single OpenVPX slot within intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaisance (ISR) subsystems.
2011-09-22 Wireless communications to boost test market
The proliferation of mobile devices and wireless networks raises the demand for wireless test solutions.
2010-07-22 Windows 7 boosts UPnP, DLNA
In-home media sharing will get easier as more devices feature support for DLNA and UPnP, following the lead of Windows, market analyst In-Stat reports.
2005-11-02 WiMAX Forum to run 'Plugfest' in Beijing
The WiMAX Forum has announced that it will be running the
2006-06-26 Vendors working to make WUSB a standard
Wireless USB solutions are being developed by a number of vendors to eliminate USB cable tethers.
2004-09-01 Using test sets, systems for handset development
Mobile phones have evolved into complex voice and data mobile devices requiring extensive, yet efficient, testing during development to meet the fast time-to-market goals.
2011-10-28 UPnP compliance testing skyrockets
Device certifications for the home networking standard exceeds 900 while a new test tool streamlines interoperability testing.
2013-05-23 Understanding MIFARE Ultralight as Type 2 Tag
The Type 2 Tag Operation technical specification has been developed to describe how the reader/writer device can store/retrieve NDEF data on a Type 2 Tag platform.
2010-08-02 UK smart meter makers to work on standards
UK smart meter manufacturers Elster, Landis+Gyr and Secure have agreed to work together for the development of communication standards needed for the interoperability of equipment in the UK market.
2003-08-21 Ubiquity, Convedia collaborate on SIP apps
Two of the bigger players in embedded Session Initiation Protocol software announced plans to offer joint SIP solutions for wireline and wireless systems.
2011-08-09 TI's Smart Energy solution receives Zigbee certification
TI's Z-Stack 2.5.0 is now ZigBee certified for its Smart Energy 1.1implementation that will aid developers in creating interoperable, consumer-friendly HAN technologies.
2011-04-01 The unfulfilled dream of a grand, unifying EDA database
Conceptualized as the solution to the problem of tool interoperability over a decade ago, the idea of a unifying open-source database for EDA has yet to be realized.
2015-09-28 The lowdown on MIPI D'PHY RX
MIPI D'Phy, a physical serial communicating layer connecting the application processor to the display device or the camera, offers advantages as the physical layer. Learn more about it.
2007-04-16 Test systems spell 3G LTE future
The test-and-measurement community must help ensure a smooth migration to LTE so that pitfalls associated with past rollouts of next-gen cellular networks can be avoided.
2005-06-01 Templeton advocates more dynamic collaborative design
ARM president Mark Templeton told a group of EDA executives and chip designers that interoperability and collaborative design can ultimately be of great benefit to the industry as a whole.
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