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2005-02-28 Mentor Graphics, USG to simplify electromechanical development process
Mentor Graphics and UGS signed a joint cooperation agreement to deliver tight interoperability between their products, which provide solutions to meet the emerging needs of complex electromechanical platforms such as automobiles, airplanes and trains.
2007-06-01 Media processing architecture scales from MP3 to HD video
Since many audio and video coding standards exist, interoperability requires the underlying media architecture to be programmable. Programmability allows device manufacturers to further differentiate their products, use the SoC in different ways, reduce the risk of silicon respins and lengthen the product's market life.
2005-09-14 Marconi to launch WiMAX trials at Italy
Marconi Corp. plc will support the widest public trial of worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) to date, providing WiMAX connectivity in Italy's Piedmont and Sicily regions.
2004-10-29 Magma, LogicVision deliver integrated RTL-to-GDSII flow
Magma Design Automation Inc. and LogicVision Inc. have reached an agreement under which the companies will deliver complete interoperability between LogicVision's icBIST and Magma's Blast Create and Blast Fusion products.
2004-10-28 Magma teams with Mentor and Logic Vision for test tools
Magma Design Automation Inc. is ensuring its Blast RTL to GDSII tool lineup works with popular test tools, as the company announced interoperability partnerships separately with Mentor Graphics and Logic Vision.
2003-06-30 LSI Logic, Seagate push new interface infrastructure
LSI Logic Corp. and Seagate Technology have concluded early testing and validation of Serial Attached SCSI interoperability, further advancing the infrastructure which will support migration to the new interface.
2002-03-08 LSI Logic introduces 10Gb core solution for network apps
The company has announced the release of the System Packet Interface Level 4 Phase 2 IP core, allowing designers to design their ASICs with verified interoperability, simplifying interface design and reducing time-to-market of high-speed networking apps.
2015-07-29 LoRa Alliance designates Mulligan as chair
According to Geoff Mulligan, he wants to expand the use of the group's 900MHz networking technology and promote interoperability broadly in the Internet of Things.
2005-09-13 Key streaming media technologies packaged on TI silicon
Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has joined with software providers ANT and Orca Interactive to facilitate the interoperability of low-risk solutions that will hasten the design cycle of IP set-top-box products and services.
2004-05-31 K-Micro joins Wi-Fi Alliance
ASIC provider Kawasaki Microelectronics has joined the Wi-Fi Alliance, a nonprofit organization formed to certify interoperability of IEEE 802.11 products and to promote them as the global, WLAN standard across all market segments.
2001-09-14 Is your TMN fit for the future?
This application note takes a look at the interoperability problems posed by the Q3 interface (the interface between managers and agents in a TMN hierarchy), and shows how to use QMonitor to supervise TMN performance without costly simulation work.
2003-06-27 IPWireless test shows 3G standards can coexist
Mobile broadband specialist IPWireless has completed initial interoperability and coexistence testing between UMTS TDD (TD-CDMA) and UMTS FDD (WCDMA) networks at Nortel Networks wireless headquarters in Chbteaufort, France.
2003-04-16 Internet Protocol lands a role in SANs
With today's high demand for flexible, storage architectures such as SANs and NASs, IP-based storage is the best bet when interoperability and total cost of ownership is considered.
2010-11-01 Intel advises Open Data Center Alliance
Intel Corp. has helped to create the Open Data Center Alliance which is creating a roadmap to drive interoperability, flexibility and industry standards for cloud computing and data centers.
2007-03-05 Integrating uplink desubchannelization and ranging modules for WiMAX
Altera provides building blocks to accelerate the development of a worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) compliant base stations. All of Altera's WiMAX modules have I/O interfaces that ease integration into WiMAX systems with both Altera and non-Altera modules. This application note describes a reference design that demonstrates the integration of the Altera desubchannelization and ranging modules. The integration requires no glue logic, as the modules have been designed to seamlessly connect to one another.
2000-02-17 Innovative IEEE 1394 PHY Design Helps Speed Convergence
PC is converging with A/V platform to bring networked home using high-speed serial bus interface. The application note discusses major issues regarding the IEEE 1394 solutions: bandwidth, interoperability, and power-up.
2002-06-11 Infineon, Metalink launch QAM-VDSL solutions
Infineon Technologies AG and Metalink Ltd have conducted interoperability demonstrations of their respective standard-based, 4-band QAM VDSL solutions at Supercomm 2002.
2007-07-31 IMS Forum welcomes India's WiPro
Wipro Technologies has joined the IMS Forum, an industrywide body dedicated to the acceleration of IP Multimedia Subsystem application and service interoperability.
2009-05-08 IEEE to jumpstart smart grid standards effort
The IEEE 2030 group aims to gather computer, communications and power engineers to draft a design guide to smart grid interoperability issues that could spawn a family of standards.
2011-04-07 IEEE boosts cloud computing with design guide, standard
The IEEE P2301 working group will produce a guide for cloud portability and interoperability profiles while the P2302 group will define standards to ensure interoperability between cloud services.
2003-10-09 IEEE approves ALF, synthesis standards
Paving the way for greater library and EDA tool interoperability, IEEE has approved Accellera's Advanced Library Format and Verilog and VHDL synthesis subsets.
2002-11-15 IC allows continuous connection across 802.11 networks
TI's new multimode WLAN solution allows interoperability between 802.11a, 802.11b, and 802.11g PHY layers as well as provide continuous connection.
2007-02-19 IBM, Nortel raise devt of IMS infrastructure
IBM and Nortel Networks are expanding an existing joint development pact on IP multimedia subsystems to cover new software integration and new facilities to carry out joint interoperability testing.
2010-02-05 Huawei, Qualcomm achieve 42Mbit/s HSPA+ downlink
Huawei and Qualcomm Inc. have successfully completed one of the industry's first interoperability tests on dual carrier High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) technology.
2004-09-27 Hitachi, Agilent raise bar on Fiber Channel drive performance
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies and Agilent Technologies Inc. announced Tuesday (Sept. 21) that they have successfully achieved 4Gbps performance in the Fiber Channel Arbitrated Loop (FCAL) interoperability test, paving the way for 4Gbps Fiber Channel hard drives from Hitachi in early 2005.
2005-01-05 Hitachi to use VividLogic FireBus software for HDTV
Hitachi Ltd will deploy VividLogic Inc.'s premium FireBus software to provide digital connectivity and interoperability in its HDTVs in the U.S. and Japan.
2014-05-07 Growing NVMe support signals prospect for broader adoption
NVMe finds greater OS support, being featured in the latest OS releases including Windows. It also finds the same support in tests, with modules facilitating connections to ensure interoperability.
2007-08-16 Freescale platform ends remote control era
A networking protocol for controllers and controlled devices is claimed to enable wireless interoperability among multiple consumer electronics appliances from multiple manufacturers and may end the era of the remote control.
2011-07-07 FPGAs, PCIe IP core pass PCIe 2.0 compliance
Lattice Semiconductor's FPGA and PCIe IP core passed the PCI-SIG PCIe v2.0 compliance and interoperability testing for 1- and 4-lane configurations.
2009-10-08 FPGAs eases PCIe-compliant system design
Xilinx Spartan-6 LXT FPGAs have passed PCI-SIG compliance and interoperability testing for PCIe 1.1.
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