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2009-07-31 FPGAs are PCIe 2.0-compliant
FPGAs integrate a PCIe block that has passed PCIe 2.0 compliance and 1- to 8-lane interoperability tests.
2007-10-08 Forum to drive adoption of HD DVD interactivity
Toshiba and Microsoft have teamed up to form an open forum aimed to accelerate industry-wide adoption of advanced interactivity and interoperability across various HD DVD products, digital content and distribution scenarios.
2010-04-14 Firms join hands to drive WiMAX 2 adoption
WiMAX silicon suppliers, equipment makers and research organizations have formed a new initiative to accelerate interoperability of WiMAX 2 based upon the 802.16m standard.
2007-07-04 Femtocell pioneers form forum
In an effort to bring open standards, interoperability and low costs to an emerging technology, pioneers of femtocell technology have formed the Femtocell Forum.
2004-09-17 Evaluation platform enables next-gen SONET/SDH protocols
PMC-Sierra introduced its 10/100M Ethernet-over-SONET/SDH evaluation platform which enables multi-vendor interoperability for next-gen SONET/SDH protocols.
2015-07-07 Ethernet plugfest seeks to expedite tech advancement
The Ethernet Alliance and UNH-IOL hosted a plugfest to test interoperability of 40GbE and 100GbE, define the 25GbE standard, and help businesses deploy new Ethernet technologies more quickly.
2007-07-03 Ethernet platform eases migration to SFP+ form factor
Marvell launches its Prestera family of Ethernet switch solutions that has been validated for interoperability with the Applied Micro Circuits Corp. QT2035/35S 10GbE PHY IC.
2007-06-26 Ericsson rolls pinned version of DC/DC module
Ericsson Power Modules' PKR-PI is said to offer downgrade compatibility and full interoperability with the original through-hole version of Ericsson's MacroDens PKF module.
2008-09-17 Equalizer IC enables error-free transmission in copper cables
Phyworks has successfully completed system level interoperability testing of its 10Gbit/s active equalizer in an SFP+ active copper cable assembly.
2006-11-14 EDA panelists call for standardized process design kits
Standardization of foundry process design kits will provide major benefits for analog and custom IC designers, according to panelists at the Synopsys EDA Interoperability Developer's Forum.
2008-03-03 Drive an external display from handhelds
While adding a feature such as VGA or TV-out may seem as simple as adding the appropriate connector, its addition presents many system design challenges in the areas of power management, device interoperability, and user interaction. Judd Heape of QuickLogic discusses these issues and presents a solution to these technical system design challenges based on QuickLogic's programmable solution platform.
2007-03-05 Downlink subchannelization for WiMAX
Altera provides building blocks to accelerate the development of a worldwide interoperability for microwave access (WiMAX) compliant base stations. This application note describes a reference design that demonstrates the suitability of the Altera tools and devices for implementing the downlink subchannelization function.
2009-02-26 Digital intercoms keep cars connected
Harris Corp. has introduced the Falcon RF-7800I Tactical Intercom System, a modular platform for in-vehicle voice and data communication, tactical network connectivity, and battle management system interoperability.
2008-07-25 DFI initiative gets LSI, ST on board
LSI and STMicroelectronics have joined the collaborative technical working group for the industry standard DDR-PHY Interface specification, which simplifies the interoperability between the memory controller and PHY.
2015-03-02 Competition, product direction affect shifting IoT terrain
The IoT landscape is rapidly shifting, becoming more complex, and continuously changing. The industry is filled with competing platforms who are still evolving and seeking interoperability.
2002-01-13 Coalition offers OpenAccess source code
Marking a major milestone for EDA tool interoperability, the OpenAccess Coalition has announced the availability of source code for the OpenAccess 2.0 database.
2002-02-20 Co-Design, Novas ink multi-year OEM deal
Simulation products provider Co-Design Automation Inc. and Novas Software Inc. have signed a cooperative, multi-year OEM interoperability agreement.
2004-08-17 Chipmakers pitch for broadband WLAN proposal
Broadcom Corp., Conexant Systems Inc., STMicroelectronics NV and Texas Instruments Inc. have formally proposed a broadband wireless standard that achieves 540Mbps data rates while maintaining interoperability with existing 802.11 WLAN devices, the companies claimed.
2013-10-16 CDFP aims to promote, develop 400Gbit/s transceivers
The CDFP MSA will focus its efforts to increase customer choice, reduce end-user costs and ensure interoperability, allowing the copper cable and fibre optics transceiver market to rapidly expand.
2004-05-11 CATC system monitors Fiber Channel links at different speeds
CATC's analysis system provides a test platform that combines display, analysis, capture and reporting tools with the interoperability to capture traffic at 1-, 2- and 4Gbps signaling speed.
2004-05-05 Cameraphone makers address user issues
A handful of vendors banned together to address the interoperability glitches between cameraphones and printers at the Cameraphone Summit 2004.
2004-10-27 Cal Berkeley dean predicts server-farm-on-a-chip
Software configurable processors arranged in a sea-of processor configuration on silicon will soon enable designers to put a server farm worth of compute power on a single IC, said U.C. Berkeley's Dean of the College of Engineering Richard Newton in his keynote at the Synopsys EDA Interoperability Developers forum here Thursday (Oct. 21).
2012-07-20 Bluetooth, Zigbee to clash in connected home, wireless sensors
The two standards will compete in new and emerging markets that require low power wireless connections and interoperability with other devices.
2012-01-20 Bluetooth low energy vs proprietary RF for HID apps
Here's a comparison of the Bluetooth Low Energy technology with proprietary protocols in the HID market. It looks at interoperability, flexibility, complexity, power, and cost.
2008-10-20 Big news! OpenAccess enables new analog design solutions
For many years, OpenAccess had promised to bring interoperability to the industry via a common standard database.
2004-09-01 Backplane Ethernet standards push
Standardization efforts are underway to promote multivendor interoperability and broadening the selection of components in backplane Ethernet.
2006-03-10 Avaya, Microsoft team up to integrate business comm solutions
Avaya and Microsoft announced the intent to develop open standards, SIP-based interoperability between Avaya MultiVantage Communications Applications and Microsoft Office Communicator.
2004-09-21 Atmel joins WiMAX forum
Atmel Corp. has joined the WiMAX Forum, an organization that promotes the interoperability and certification of broadband wireless products based on the IEEE 802.16 standard.
2008-10-03 AT4 picks Azimuth emulator for mobile WiMAX testing
AT4 wireless has selected the Azimuth Systems Inc.'s ACE 400WB channel emulator for integration into AT4 wireless' automated WiMAX interoperability testing solution.
2009-08-06 Arria II GX FPGAs get PCIe-certified
Altera's 40nm FPGAs successfully passed PCI-SIG compliance and interoperability tests.
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