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What is an inverter?
An inverter is an electronic device for converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).
Inverters are used in a wide range of applications, from small switched power supplies for a computer to large electric utility applications to transpor
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2005-03-10 IGBT power module range extended to include six-pack, CBI configurations
IXYS Semiconductor extended its portfolio of IGBT modules with the MWI 30/50-12E6K and MWI60-12T6K in sixpack and Converter Brake Inverter configurations.
2005-11-18 IGBT modules screened to MIL-PRF-38534 test conditions
International Rectifier introduced two new near-hermetic, HiRel motor control inverter modules that combine the company's latest IGBT and soft recovery rectifier technology with its proprietary plastic package sealing method.
2015-02-05 How to prevent latchup in CMOS
Latchup is a reliability concern that plagued early CMOS processes. This article tackles this issue and lists several ways to minimise its occurrence.
2005-08-15 How power modules address unique appliance requirements
Thanks to the improved performance and efficiency they provide, the demand for inverterized drives and brushless DC (BLDC) motors continues to grow.
2013-10-24 H-bridge power modules feature high-speed IGBT H3s
The improved flowPACK 1 H modules have been engineered to satisfy the performance demands of high-frequency solar inverter, power supply and welding applications ranging up to around 17kW.
2013-09-06 Global PV shipments drop 5% YoY in 2Q13
According to IHS, PV inverter shipments in 2Q13 amounted to 8.3GW, down five per cent from 8.7GW during the same period in 2012.
2013-08-01 Global PV market to drop 5% to $6.7 B in 2013
Despite PV inverter shipments rising to 34.2GW in 2013, average global inverter prices will fall by 11 per cent this year, noted IHS.
2005-10-26 Generic inverters for backlighting serve in a pinch
Endicott Research Group's D series of (DC/AC) inverters used to power the cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) that backlight a LCD are generic off-the-shelf units that serve as a stand-in for virtually any general application.
2007-12-03 Full bridge flourescent backlight controllers suit LCD TVs
NXP's new full bridge fluorescent backlight controller ICs are designed specifically to address the trend toward growing display sizes, and the increased use of high-supply voltage backlight inverter solutions in LCD TV applications.
2013-07-29 FlowPIM 0 + PFC module from Vincotech boasts up to 4kW
The flowPIM 0 + PFC family covers input power ranges from below one up to four kW and features a boost switch, diode, shunt resistor, and DC link snubber capacitor.
2008-02-22 Flash-based 16bit MCUs tout 8bit power levels
NEC Electronics has released the 78K0R/Ix3 line of 'All Flash' MCUs with 16bit performance at 8bit power consumption levels for inverter control applications.
2007-10-05 First organic IC self-assembled from nanowires
Thin films of organic semiconductors have been cast into n- and p-type transistors separately, but the world's first gate to use both was recently fabricated at the University of Washington and Stanford University.
2007-06-01 Fast-diode MOSFETs incurrent commutation
A MOSFET with a fast-recover diode can improve the body diode performance in a three-phase inverter topology providing six-step current commutation.
2002-10-11 Fairchild voltage converter draws 1605A
Fairchild Semiconductor's FAN5660 monolithic charge-pump voltage converter is suitable for use portable devices such as laptops, cellphones, and MP3 players.
2012-03-30 Fairchild eases power conversion with 650V IGBTs
The Field Stop IGBT technology touts high current handling capability, featuring saturation voltage of VCE(sat) of 1.9V(typ) at 40A/60A rated current.
2005-05-31 ERG rolls compact solution for auto, industrial grade LCD panels
Endicott Research Group disclosed that its 10m Class dc-ac inverter provides a high power, low-profile standard solution for automotive and industrial grade LCD panels used in a variety of operating environments.
2002-12-02 ERG inverters power large LCDs
The 8mAD series of dc/dc inverters from Endicott Research Group are designed for powering 10.4-inch and 12.1-inch LCDS.
2001-05-14 Driving two three-phase inverters with deadband using the TMS320F240 DSP controller
This application note describes how Texas Instruments' TMS320F240 DSP controller can use PWM signals to drive a three-phase inverter with deadband.
2010-04-05 Driver IC features -Vs immunity for automotive apps
International Rectifier is offering the AUIRS2301S 600V IC tailored for automotive motor drives, micro inverter drives and general purpose three-phase inverter applications.
2013-02-20 Designing high-temperature differential amplifier
Here's a low cost and high performance design idea for dealing with current and next-generation control applications that require devices to function at temperatures greater than 200C.
2008-08-18 Design with IGBT modules for high power inverters
Many applications require the design of inverters with ratings close to or even beyond1MVA with 1,2000V or 1,7000V devices. Applications like variable speed drives, UPS systems, heavy-duty commercial vehicles or renewable energy systems like windmills or large solar farms often imply restrictions that don't allow to design with higher voltage levels.
2005-10-10 Cypress subsidiary debuts two high-efficiency inverters
SunPower Corp., a subsidiary of Cypress Semiconductor Corp., introduced two new high-efficiency inverters at last week's Solar Power 2005 show in Washington, D.C.
2006-04-20 Court rules in favor of O2Micro
O2Micro International announced that judgment has been entered and injunction granted in its lawsuit against Taiwan Sumida Electronics.
2012-03-26 CMOS logic ICs operate from 1.65-5.5V
Diodes' 74LVCxx logic ICs are designed for computing applications such as desktops and notebooks, hard disks and optical drives, routers and hubs.
2010-03-10 CCFL controllers ensure increased dynamic contrast
Microsemi Corp. is offering a new cathode fluorescent light (CCFL) controller featuring mega-contrast dimming for 24V CCFL inverter applications in small- to large-sized LCD displays.
2009-12-09 Backlight controller improves LCD TV contrast
From Microsemi Corp. comes a CCFL backlight inverter controller that improves black-level quality and dynamic contrast performance in 40-inch-and-larger LCD TV.
2008-07-17 AVX connectors deal with 15A, 650V
AVX Corp. has developed a series of 9177 insulated displacement connectors (IDCs) that can handle up to 15A and are rated for use at up to 650V.
2008-09-02 Avago updates gate drive optocoupler portfolio
Avago Technologies announced the latest additions to its intelligent gate drive optocoupler product family, the ACPL-333J and ACPL-330J series.
2013-07-16 Arc fault detectors prevent thermal events in PV arrays
The PVAF family is a series of UL 1699B recognised, pre-integrated arc detection solutions for use in inverters or combiner boxes on new arrays, or retrofit boxes on existing arrays.
2013-04-19 Analyst: Asia boosts market for PV inverters
According to IHS, the global photovoltaic industry expanded by five per cent despite poor market conditions, growing by five per cent and breaking the $7 billion level for the first time.
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