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What is an inverter?
An inverter is an electronic device for converting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).
Inverters are used in a wide range of applications, from small switched power supplies for a computer to large electric utility applications to transpor
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2013-12-09 Advantages of film, aluminium electrolytic caps
Know the benefits of a variety of film and aluminium electrolytic capacitors used for applications in power electronics and electrical engineering.
2001-07-02 A Whole New Way To Design Backlight Inverters For Mobile Computing Applications
This paper describes a new way to design backlight inverters, offering reference design solutions to overcome unwanted power dissipation, much improved power design simplicity, achieve much smaller total inverter solution size, and provide best in class display characteristics.
2003-08-22 A Rolling Code Scrambler using the FX224
This application discusses the process to integrate the FX224 Variable Split Band Scrambler into audio circuitry.
2010-03-09 32bit MCUs pack multifunction timer pulse
Renesas Technology has released the 32bit RX600 microcontroller family that features improved inverter control timers and analog functions required for inverter control applications.
2006-09-18 32Bit MCUs offer high integration
A new generation of 32bit MCUs is providing very high levels of integration, which along with increased processing power, provide high-performance and cost-effective solutions for home appliances, white goods, consumer electronics products and other applications.
2015-04-27 32bit MCUs boost energy efficiency for motor control apps
Based on the RX core, the MCUs are geared for high-performance inverter control systems for applications such as DC motor control in energy-efficient electric home appliances and industrial machinery.
2007-04-24 32bit MCU suits motor-control home appliances
FMA has introduced the newest addition to its MB91480 series of 32bit MCUs for high-performance control of home appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers.
2013-10-23 3-phase MOSFET bridge APM handles 2kW load
A three-phase bridge MOSFET automotive power module can be used to improve the system design for electrified automotive accessories.
2005-06-09 3 new inverters from SunPower
SunPower Corp., a Silicon Valley-based subsidiary of Cypress, introduced a new line of inverters, which are offered in three power ratings: 2,000W (120V), 2,900W (208V) and 3,200W (240V
2013-04-05 25A, 50A, 70A IGBTs for high power industrial apps
Microsemi released 1.2kV non-punch through IGBTs intended for arc welders, solar inverters, and uninterruptible and switch mode power supplies.
2015-01-20 15MW solar project in Japan uses Delta's 20kW PV inverters
Takara Leben selected Delta's 20kW PV inverters for the country's first large-scale distributed solar PV power plant connected to an extra-high voltage power transmission line using string PV inverters.
2000-06-16 1500W-440V power factor corrector preregulator
This application note supplies a three-phase inverter for motion control. To reduce the current in the switches of the inverter, the output voltage of the power factor has been held quite high.
2011-10-21 Torex develops dual output step-up/inverting DC/DC converter
Torex has announced the development of their XC9519 series converter, where the step-up can be set up to 18V, and the inverter can be set down to -15V.
2012-11-29 TI releases C2000 32bit Piccolo F2805x MCUs
The devices target three-phase inverter motor control applications that claim to enhance power efficiency and control performance of electric pumps, fans, traction drives and textile machines.
2008-06-27 Three-phase gate driver integrates op amp, bootstrap
International Rectifier has introduced the IRS233x(D) family of three-phase gate driver ICs for low-, mid- and high-voltage motor drive applications including permanent magnet (PM) motor drives for air conditioners, washing machines, pumps and fans, and micro, mini and general purpose inverter drives.
2000-06-16 The L6569: A new high voltage IC driver for electronic lamp ballast
This application note examines the L6569, a high-voltage driver IC that is capable of driving the floating transistor of a symmetric half-bridge inverter in electronic lamp ballasts.
2005-12-28 Stacked SRAM cells support programmable startup
Viciciv has been assigned a patent that appears to cover the construction of an SRAM inverter pair stacked vertically or with the SRAM laid out in single plane stacked on top of logic transistors.
2013-07-15 Smart power module offers thermal sensing, stable EMI
Fairchild SPM 5 smart power module series 3-phase MOSFET inverter solution aims to provide designers with an AC induction motor and Brushless DC motor inverter solution for motors up to 200W.
2000-05-08 Six-Output 600V MGDs Simplify 3-Phase Motor Drive
The application note provides necessary information on what it takes to drive the gates of an inverter and how the input logic and protection circuits work.
2003-05-27 Signal lamp (CCFL) application with the UBA2070
This application note details the use of the UBA2070 integrated half bridge driver IC to design a one lamp inverter with dim-function, operating at a typical input voltage of 200Vdc.
2013-10-24 Semikron, PCS team up for high efficiency converter system
During the course of the research project, Semikron was tasked with designing an inverter system with new modular phase components, which would then be integrated into a power converter by PCS.
2008-05-01 Save energy with next generation IGBTs
For industrial applications, with state-of the art inverters, special optimized types of power semiconductors are needed. The new 1200V IGBT4 generation combined with improved emitter control diodes from Infineon provides three optimized chip versions for low, medium and high power IGBT modules that are designed for the needs of modern inverter concepts for different applications.
2006-01-20 Resistor dividers deliver
Vishay announced the CDHV, a surface-mount chip resistor divider that is designed for use in high-voltage power supplies, power switching equipment and inverter controls.
2011-09-19 Power optimizer, microinverter market to grow by 2015
Although the market increased 500 percent last year, microinverters and power optimizers accounted for less than one percent of PV inverter revenues.
2009-06-02 Power modules fit solar, UPS systems
Power, GPS and hybrid modules provider Vincotech has released of two new product families featuring 3-level topologies dedicated to solar inverter and UPS applications.
2009-06-11 New CCFL power supply expands automotive applications for backlit LCDs
New backlight inverter features pioneered by Microsemi are solving major problems in automotive LCD backlighting applications. The problems and their solutions, along with actual laboratory data, are presented in this application note.
2013-02-20 Mitsubishi Electric readies super-mini DIPIPM
The super-mini DIPIPM features reduced power consumption in small-capacity inverter systems, a high-heat dissipation structure and cost reduction and miniaturisation of final product.
2004-10-21 Linear Tech dc-dc converter suits CCD imagers
The new dual channel (boost/inverter), 34V, 1.1MHz dc-dc converter from Linear Tech generates positive and negative outputs for biasing CCD imagers.
2005-09-26 IPMs take a walk in the sun
The newest series of intelligent power modules from Powerex, the PV-IPM, is targeted specifically for emerging photovoltaic (PV) inverter applications.
2008-03-19 IGBTs trim power dissipation by up to 30%
International Rectifier introduces a family of 600V insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) that reduces power dissipation by up to 30 percent in UPS and solar inverter applications up to 3kW.
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