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2003-04-03 Teradyne ships smaller ICT system
The company's Assembly Test Division has announced the immediate availability of the TestStation LH in-circuit test system.
2007-04-27 Low-cost in-circuit test system targets CE, PC motherboards
Agilent has introduced a low-cost in-circuit test system for original design manufacturers that need "just enough test" for high-volume digital consumer and personal computer motherboards.
2005-10-20 Design-for-test analyzer validates boundary-scan
A product called DFT Analyzer from ASSET InterTech promises to reduce manufacturing and test costs when it debuts early next year
2014-07-07 The cost of overlooking design-for-test
To prevent costly printed circuit board rework, it is important to have an effective DFT strategy based on a close partnership and working relationship between PCB design and test engineering
2002-09-03 Teradyne ICT system targets high-volume assembly
Teradyne's Assembly Test Division has made available the TestStation SE ICT system, targeted towards manufacturers of high volume electronics assemblies
2010-07-23 Seica test systems suit military and aero apps
Test and production solutions provider Seica Inc. demonstrates its Valid Integrated Functional Test System
2006-03-06 Seica flying probe system eases PCB test programming
Seica announced a new addition to its line of flying probe test systems to address the growing demand to provide cost-effective test solutions that will further enhance ease of programming, high fault coverage and fast throughput for PCB test
2010-11-08 One-step PCB test system unveiled
JTAG Technologies merges boundary scan option with Digitaltest's combinational test system for easy PCB testing
2005-02-21 Lattice Semi in-system configuration engine goes into JTAG system
ASSET InterTech is integrating into its existing ScanWorks boundary-scan environment Lattice Semiconductor's ispVM System
2007-08-01 JTAG unrolls CFM for Teradyne in-circuit testers
JTAG Technologies has announced the availability of the JT 2147 Custom Function Module (CFM) for use with its Symphony 228xPLUS integration package for Teradyne's TestStationT in-circuit testers
2008-04-01 Innovative flying probe test, soldering solution debut
Seica has announced its new Pilot V8 flying probe test system and the Firefly selective soldering solution, which will be exhibited at this week's IPC Printed Circuits Expo, Apex and the Designers Summit
2005-03-15 In-system programming board targets Atmel MCUs
Data I/O now has an in-system programming system for use in automated test systems, as well as during production runs
2014-10-21 In-circuit test automation: Replacing the human touch
Which is better when it comes to automating in-circuit test: a robotic pick and place arm, or an inline system? This article tackles the pros and cons of these two popular deployment options.
2013-11-18 Checksum, ECT unveil universal-probe test system
The Tilt 12KN claims to deliver in-circuit coverage and increased throughput using Tilt fixturing at a low bed-of-nails tooling cost of about $2 per pin
2011-10-04 Boundary scan test debug
Read the about the characteristics of a good boundary scan test setup
2012-07-23 Boost electronics system quality through IC supplier-customer cooperation
Know the ways through which IC manufacturers may address EOS/ESD/NTF issues by working closely with customers.
2011-03-16 Acculogic probe test system handles large boards
Acculogic's FLS940Sxi Flying Probe Test System, a solution offered as a lower cost alternative to the company's Scorpion Flying Probe Tester line, can be equipped with up to ten variable or fixed-angle probe modules
2008-01-31 Voltage sequencers/monitors ease system troubleshooting
Maxim's new voltage sequencers/monitors/marginers use non-volatile fault registers to store system voltage and fault information upon a critical system failure
2013-06-21 MIPI-protocol VIP provides exhaustive stress test
Mentor Graphics' MIPI VIP enables the use of stimuli generated by modern simulation testbenches, including SystemVerilog/UVM, and SystemC-based environments.
2009-05-28 In-circuit programming for the MAX16046-MAX16049 EEPROM-programmable system managers
The MAX16046-MAX16049 system managers can be programmed after being soldered to the application circuit board. This means that only unprogrammed devices need to be stocked, and that the latest version of the configuration information can be written to the device during manufacturing test
2008-11-06 Improved adapters, VIP comply with system app needs
Cadence has introduced its new system verification IP and SpeedBridge adapters' portfolio focusing on transaction-based acceleration and in-circuit emulation use models
2010-07-21 Hitachi implements Cadence verification system
Transaction-based acceleration technology is being used to implement the system-level verification environment for Ethernet routing/switching products
2002-10-09 Agilent, Xilinx team on in-system debug of FPGAs
Xilinx Inc. and Agilent Technologies Inc. have teamed up to make in-system debugging of Xilinx FPGA designs a bit easier
2004-06-18 Agilent, ASSET partner on high-volume 3070 test systems
Agilent Technologies Inc. and ASSET InterTech Inc. have collaborated on two new JTAG test systems
2002-02-16 SoC complexity demands new test strategies
This technical news article describes an overview of how with the complexity of new methods in testing and verifying SoC designs, engineers should learn to tweak their strategies to accommodate a more versatile SoC production run.
2007-09-03 Perform hassle-free test for safety-critical apps
Safety-critical products can now be manufacturing-tested using ICT or MDA with full accuracy at high speed, directly followed by a functional testall of which can be done on one test system
2000-05-01 Design for Testability guidelines in a combined x-ray, in-circuit environment
The technique allows engineers to build assurances in testing complex PCBs during the design phase. By enabling shorter development cycles, DFT offers optimum production speeds resulting in faster time-to-market.
2007-08-02 Vertical, compact PCB tester takes flight
Seica SpA has unveiled the AERIAL M4 flying probe test to meet high fault coverage, speed, ease of use, flexibility and cost-effectiveness
2011-04-18 Teradyne, JTAG team up for boundary scan solution
Teradyne Inc. is collaborating with JTAG Technologies to design a boundary scan test option for manufacturers
2012-02-09 Agilent Medalist i1000D with JET board handler
Learn about Agilent Medalist i1000D with JET board handler touted to enable in-circuit test in a fully automated environment
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