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2008-11-26 Trio works on in-flight mobile broadband system
ZTE USA Inc. and Qualcomm Inc. will be teaming up with Aircell in the development of networking platform for Aircell's new Inflight Internet service.
2008-04-24 Shenzhen Airlines to offer in-flight GSM phone service
Shenzhen Airlines says that it will start running in-flight phoning service on some of its airplanes using OnAir's on board communication services, before the Beijing Olympic Games begin in August.
2007-03-27 In-flight phoning: FCC snubs, Europe replies
While the Federal Communications Commission is moving to kill the idea of cellphone service on commercial aircraft in the United States, European regulatory agencies remain positive on in-flight mobile phone calling.
2008-04-11 In-flight cellphone use allowed on EU airspace
The European Commission announced it has opened the way for air passengers to use cellphones to talk or text during flights throughout the European Union airspace.
2008-09-19 Connectors gear up for in-flight entertainment
ITT Interconnect Solutions has developed a custom ARINC 600 connector designed specifically for in-flight entertainment systems.
2004-10-04 Cirrus Logic ICs provide backbone to in-flight entertainment
Business air travelers are now enjoying in-flight entertainment and connectivity at a quality that may surpass even their home entertainment systems, with Lufthansa Technik's networked integrated cabin management and entertainment system based upon a wide variety of ICs from Cirrus Logic Inc.
2010-09-28 Wireless-in-the-Sky soon to take off
AP Avionx bagged production orders from Row 44 for server management units and modem data units for an in-flight broadband system that can provide wireless connectivity and other services to airline passengers.
2010-10-11 OnAir powers broadband at 35,000ft on Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines taps OnAir to provide SwiftBroadband's full suite of services
2009-09-03 More flight travelers want Wi-Fi
In-flight Wi-Fi access is more important for business travelers than meal service and free movies.
2002-05-06 MAS to use Microtune's RF technology for entertainment systems
Matsushita Avionics Systems has selected Microtune Inc.'s RF technology to enable video and data applications in MAS' in-flight entertainment systems.
2010-02-18 Increasing flight connectivity to boost airline revenue
The number of cellphone handsets, laptops and netbooks sold with Wi-Fi connectivity is forecast to exceed 300 million in 2010, a good sign for airlines that want to offer in-flight connectivity to passengers.
2012-02-01 Flight Focus, A*STAR team up on SDR-based comms system
Under the A*STAR Aerospace Program, Flight Focus and I2R will be developing a SDR-based cabin communications platform that will enable in-flight communications with different devices.
2002-02-23 Using the DaqBook/100
This application note explains how the DaqBook/100's cost and weight advantages have allowed the NASA research laboratory to maintain a cost-effective in-flight test program.
2008-10-29 Test option rolls for capacitors in aviation apps
Passive components manufacturer AVX Corp. now offers a DO 160 test option for capacitors intended for use in flight applications.
2009-10-27 Mentor, Aeroconseil partner for China aviation
The two companies are working together to ease DO-254 compliance, thus ensuring in-flight hardware safety.
2011-02-23 Intel's Poulson Itanium chip boasts 8 cores
Intel's largest general-purpose processor to date doubles to eight the number of cores and to 12 the number of instructions in flight in its pipeline, and revs up the CPU's interface to 6.4GTransfers/s.
2009-01-30 Embedded box computer aims at several apps
Taiwan-based Axiomtek Co. Ltd's eBOX530-820-FL fanless embedded box computer is targeted for applications such as car PC, digital signage, medical health care and in-flight infotainment.
2010-07-30 Bee study could improve micro air vehicle (MAV) agility
Researchers at Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland situate a bee colony and a wind tunnel at Campus Park to study bees in flight using high-speed videography. Study findings could help micro air vehicles (MAVs) when coupled with aerodynamic modeling principles.
2007-09-14 Windows CE adds richer multimedia sans cost to Ittiam's IP Videophone
Ittiam Systems decided to port the IP Videophone application to Windows CE, as the platform offered much better media application support and embedding within the OS.
2008-03-27 WiMAX takes off at airports
WiMAX is set to make its commercial debut at airports, updating manifests, flight plans and onboard entertainment each time a plane lands.
2009-01-07 Will home networks bank on Ethernet?
While the consumer electronics industry is yet to find a clear technology winner for digital home media distribution, some are clearly betting on Ethernet to become the answer for home networks by late 2009 and beyond.
2005-01-03 When disaster strikes
To gear-heads like me the history of engineering is rich in stories and lore, of failings and successes, and of triumphs and defeats of individual engineers.
2008-07-11 Trio renews Cell/B.E. deal with Georgia Tech
Sony Group, Toshiba Corp. and IBM Corp. have extended their Cell Broadband Engine (Cell/B.E.) technology collaboration with Georgia Tech College of Computing.
2012-06-13 The changing landscape of embedded software devt
Know the changes to the traditional assumptions that have shaped our thinking about software development.
2006-09-28 Technology enables "safer" notebook PC batteries
Zinc Matrix Power Inc. announced its new battery technology based on silver, zinc and water, that can be used to power notebook computers.
2007-01-22 Storage device offers 16GB in 1.8-inch form factor
Available in capacities up to 16Gbytes, SiliconSystems' SiliconDrive devices are designed as a replacement for hard drives and flash cards.
2005-10-24 Serdes chipset converts 24 bits of data over one differential pair
National Semiconductor's latest high-speed, LVDS serializer/deserializer chipset can serialize 24 bits of data over a single differential pair in flat-panel display applications.
2006-04-11 Security processor designed for IP storage networking apps
Hifn announced its next-generation FlowThrough security processor designed for IP storage networking applications.
2004-06-16 Security for storage networks is incremental
The following are some of the technology considerations involved in implementing a SAN security program.
2015-02-04 Researchers create vibration-powered pump
A team of New York University researchers introduce a saw-toothed water pump designed to move fluid using vibration, capture and convert vibration from machinery into a circulating coolant.
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