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2003-03-26 Automation tool speeds physical-design flow
ReShape Inc. claims that its physical-design-automation system allows designers to turn around production layouts of multimillion-gate SoC in 24h.
2013-08-19 Auger chemical state analysis for leadframe issues
Read about the use of Auger Electron Spectroscopy chemical state analysis to evaluate the wirebond non-stick on leadframe issue.
2004-02-09 ATI commits to low-k for mobile GPU
ATI has released its Mobility Radeon 9700 notebook PC graphics processor.
2015-08-07 Apple rebuffs rumours on virtual network plans
While it isn't rare for Apple to be at the centre of tech's rumour mill, but it is strange for the company to directly repudiate industry speculation.
2009-02-04 Analysis: What's in store for IBM's chip unit?
IBM Corp.'s recent move to implement job cuts within its semiconductor unit follows a dramatic slump in sales, product setbacks and numerous false starts in the sector.
2015-01-12 Aluminium-air battery uses salt water to recharge
The battery from Fuji Pigment boasts a modified structure that controls anode corrosion and by-product accumulation, which results in longer battery lifetime.
2012-04-27 Advantages of coupled-inductor SEPIC
Understand the capabilities and subtleties of single-ended primary-inductor converter topology.
2009-07-23 Addressing the heat dissipation issue
Heat dissipation, which must be approached from the component and system architecture standpoint, is a recurring issue that OEMs and silicon vendors have attempted to find solutions for.
2002-09-24 ACT-RX cooling fans deliver 106.73cfm airflow
The FDXXX-AXXXXX series of CeraDyna DC cooling fans from ACT-RX Technology Corp. operate from 5, 12, 24, or 48Vdc supplies.
2014-02-03 A*STAR, China firm ink joint lab deal to push clean EV tech
A*STAR's Institute for Infocomm Research and BYD teamed up to develop electric vehicles with autonomous vehicle sensors to advance clean technology in Singapore's smart transport system.
2008-07-10 60GHz spec conflicts remain unsettled
Despite two meetings, the standards groups that aim to establish separate Gbit-class nets at 60GHzone for Wi-Fi and the other for high-speed personal area network (PAN) are apparently still at loggerheads.
2012-01-17 12-atom magnetic memory beats HDD
IBM Research scientists have created an atomic magnetic memory that cut number of atoms needed to store one bit of data from one million to only 12 atoms.
2009-11-23 10 technologies to look forward to in 2010
EE Times has compiled emerging technologies that have potential to change the electronics landscape in 2010.
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