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2009-08-18 Oversupply to hurt solar market until 2012
iSuppli reduced its forecast and said that the solar panel oversupply problem will persist until 2012.
2003-01-07 Optical components market to plunge by 45 percent
The optical components sector has been devastated by the dramatic downturn in the networking industry, said a report by iSuppli Corp.
2008-09-17 Olympics dampens China DRAM market
The Olympics would have served well China's economic performance, but for the country's DRAM market, the event actually had the opposite effect, says iSuppli, as the Summer Games stunted demand.
2002-06-04 OLED display market to reach $2.3B in 2008
iSuppli Corp./Stanford Resources forecasts that the worldwide market for OLED displays will be valued at $112 million in 2002 and will grow to $2.3 billion in 2008, with an CAGR of 65 percent.
2007-08-27 ODMs, EMS providers ride on LCD TV market boom
Contract manufacturers are getting into the LCD TV market in a big way, as the global production of LCD TVs is expected to rise by more than a factor of five by 2011, iSuppli Corp. predicts.
2010-03-03 NOR flash markets posts sales rebound
The economic recovery has translated into a sales rebound for the long-suffering NOR flash memory market, similar to the momentum the overall memory market is enjoying, according to iSuppli.
2009-04-03 Nokia slashes $5B in contract manufacturing
Nokia Corp. will stop using external companies to assemble its handsets, cutting a whopping $5 billion in contract manufacturing business, according to an estimate from market watcher iSuppli Corp.
2010-01-13 Nexus One teardown reveals few surprises
A teardown analysis by iSuppli estimated Google Inc.'s Nexus One smart phone's BOM cost at $174.15, featuring chips from Qualcomm, Synaptics and Samsung Electronics, among others.
2007-12-18 New trends rebalance global manufacturing capacity
iSuppli is tracking a new series of strategic steps for electronics contract manufacturers that focuses on other factors beyond labor cost when it comes to selecting a location for production.
2008-06-26 New iPhone carries $173 tag, reveals virtual teardown
Apple Inc.'s second-generation iPhone is expected to carry an initial hardware BOM and manufacturing expense of $173, according to a preliminary "virtual teardown" conducted by iSuppli Corp.
2010-07-08 Netbook sales push Samsung up mobile PC race
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. climbed from ninth to seventh place in notebook PCs leaping over Apple and Sony, according to the latest quarterly figures from iSuppli Corp.
2007-11-05 Navigation industry plots rosy future for map makers
What is the allure of GPS suppliers such as TomTom that rumors are swirling that they are takeover targets for titan companies like Microsoft or Google? iSuppli thinks that with TomTom's acquisition of Tele Atlas, it will become one of the only two key GPS map makers.
2008-11-05 NAND deals with dwindling revenues
Worldwide NAND flash memory revenue will fall by 14 percent in 2008 and decline another 15 percent in 2009, according to a revised forecast issued by iSuppli Corp.
2007-04-10 Move over Intel, Spansion is the new NOR flash king
Spansion Inc. has leapfrogged Intel Corp. to take the lead in the NOR flash market, according to market researcher iSuppli Corp.
2009-07-14 More mobile phones to pack accelerometers in 2010
Accelerometers are expected to appear in one-third of mobile phones shipped next year, according to iSuppli Corp.
2009-03-16 MID shipments to hit 416M units by 2012
Shipments of mobile Internet devices (MIDs) are projected to grow at a CAGR of 50.6 percent between 2007 and 2012, reaching 416 million units, according to iSuppli Corp.
2010-05-13 Memory fever: DRAM is hot, NAND is not
Many DRAM parts are on allocation now, also global DRAM sales in Q1 10 exceeded the total for the initial six months of 2009, according to iSuppli.
2006-02-13 Memory Bulletin: NAND outperforms the market
Has all the hype regarding NAND flash caused the stock prices of suppliers to become overvalued? iSuppli analyst Nam Hyung Kim comments on why valuations of the suppliers are justified.
2009-11-30 Memory boost drives Samsung growth in '09
iSuppli's preliminary 2009 IC supplier rankings found that Samsung Electronics is the only top 10 chip supplier expected to show an increase in chip sales this year compared to 2008.
2013-04-04 Medical, industrial sector slowdown hits high-value MEMS
A report from IHS iSuppli found that the weakened medical and industrial sectors have decelerated the growth that the high-value MEMS market once enjoyed.
2012-09-28 Medical, industrial magnetic MEMS getting green boost
Accordong to IHS iSuppli's latest magnetic sensor report, the market for semiconductor magnetic sensors used in industrial and medical application has expanded by 6 per cent last year.
2008-07-25 Market growth for HDDs stays high despite setbacks
Despite a poor Q2 earnings performance from Seagate Technology LLC, the overall HDD industry is continuing to thrive in 2008 because of an insatiable demand for low-cost, high-capacity storage devices, according to iSuppli Corp.
2002-07-10 Local vendors find insufficient market for small LCDs
An analysis from iSuppli Corp./Stanford Resources reveals that, nearly two years after making a strategic shift to small-sized LCDs, Japan flat-panel suppliers are finding limited opportunity for such displays.
2007-05-03 LG.Philips, Samsung dominate large-sized LCD panel market
LG.Philips LCD topped the market for large-sized LCD panels in Q1 in terms of unit shipments, according to a preliminary estimate from iSuppli. Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics ranked first in the market in terms of revenue.
2012-06-01 LG, Samsung rule 2011 tablet display market
IHS iSuppli revealed LG Display and Samsung Display held 46 and 35 percent of the market, respectively, with the rest of the 81 million-unit market split by six other suppliers.
2005-07-07 Lenovo to enter top-10 2005 chip buyer ranks
A Chinese company, Lenovo Group, is set to enter the ranks of the world's top OEM buyers of semiconductors for the first time in 2005, according to iSuppli Corp., a market research company.
2009-01-22 LEDs shine bright in bleak IC market
The LED market is expected to be the rare bright spot in what is forecast to be an otherwise dismal year for the semiconductor industry in 2009, according to market research firm iSuppli Corp.
2011-03-01 LEDs boost DTV chip segment
IHS iSuppli reports that the 2011 revenue for DTV semiconductors will reach $15.5 billion, expanding by 16.5 percent, compared to only 4.1 percent without the LEDs.
2012-11-26 LED sales give industrial market a boost
A study by IHS iSuppli points to LEDs as the main driver in the industrial electronics market this year.
2007-05-04 LCD TVs squash display rivals in China
iSuppli reports that China is undergoing extreme price drops for LCD TVs, spurring a shipment increase of 32 percent in the Q4 2006.
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